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Liverpool need success to cope with the pressure put on their best players!

03/21/2018 07:32:06 AM

Is the season a bad one for Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United?

03/19/2018 12:24:25 PM

EFL Championship Predictions: Fulham, Aston Villa and Reading to win?

03/16/2018 08:01:09 AM

Who has the best chance to go to the Champions League semi-finals?

03/16/2018 06:11:50 AM

FA Cup and Premier League predictions: Last chance for Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea to win something

03/15/2018 08:16:03 AM

Championship Predictions: Aston Villa, Cardiff and Wolves to win?

03/13/2018 05:26:29 AM

Premie League predictions: United and Liverpool to draw. Chelsea and Arsenal to win

03/09/2018 09:28:39 AM

A match about history and future at Old Trafford?

03/08/2018 15:33:22 PM

Championship Predictions: Middlesbrough and Fulham to win? Aston Villa and Wolves to split points?

03/08/2018 14:00:38 PM

Championship Predictions: Wolves, Aston Villa and Derby County to win?

03/05/2018 14:15:19 PM

Premier League predictions: The week when West Brom found themselves relegated?

03/01/2018 20:58:30 PM

Championship Predictions: Leeds and Fulham to win? Cardiff and Brentford to split points?

03/01/2018 14:49:56 PM

This Arsenal side has another chance to prove they worth?

02/27/2018 19:54:22 PM

Championship Predictions: Birmingham, Aston Villa and Middlesbrough to win? Wolves to lose?

02/24/2018 01:49:13 AM

A win at Old Trafford can change the season for Chelsea?

02/22/2018 15:45:46 PM

Premier League predictions: Chelsea to draw at Old Trafford, Man City to win in London?

02/22/2018 10:18:01 AM

Championship Predictions: Fulham and Derby to win? Draw in Ipswich?

02/20/2018 02:16:42 AM

Championship Predictions: Cardiff to win? Preston and Wolves to split points?

02/16/2018 00:02:58 AM

Are West Bromwich destined to the EFL Championship?

02/11/2018 05:43:09 AM

Tottenham vs Arsenal: a season defining derby?

02/08/2018 16:55:45 PM

Premier League predictions: Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle to win

02/03/2018 02:55:10 AM

Championship Predictions: Aston Villa and Derby to win? Nottingham Forest to lose?

02/02/2018 05:36:23 AM

Are Black Cats really going to League One?

02/01/2018 00:23:07 AM

Premier League predictions: Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea and Leicester to win

01/30/2018 01:20:41 AM

Championship Predictions: Reading and Sunderland to win? Draw in Sheffield?

01/30/2018 01:15:26 AM

Tottenham vs Manchester United: a game which is much more than just three points?

01/30/2018 01:08:02 AM

Battle for straight promotion: Who can finish second in EFL Championship?

01/23/2018 05:49:16 AM

How would Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang fit in at Arsenal?

01/22/2018 10:07:14 AM

Premier League predictions: Chelsea And Man United to loose points, Everton to win

01/20/2018 03:57:11 AM

Championship Predictions: Cardiff to win? Derby and Bristol City to split points?

01/18/2018 17:55:43 PM

Alexis Sanchez – a hired gun, who cannot save their season?

01/15/2018 14:25:16 PM

Premier League predictions: West Ham, Brighton and Liverpool to win

01/13/2018 03:55:11 AM

Liverpool vs Manchester City: Superb offensive-lines go head-to-head on Sunday

01/12/2018 02:01:19 AM

Championship Predictions: Sheffield United to win? Norwich and Sunderland to lose?

01/10/2018 02:33:35 AM

Will Liverpool’s Season be damaged by the Philippe Coutinho sale?

01/07/2018 06:36:48 AM

Philippe Coutinho to Barca? Again?

01/01/2018 04:53:29 AM

Premier League Predictions: Burnley, Everton and Arsenal to wn

12/28/2017 18:36:06 PM

Championship Predictions: Leeds and Fulham to win? Draw in Bristol?

12/28/2017 15:53:47 PM

Merengue crisis in Madrid

12/28/2017 04:00:02 AM

Van Dijk’s transfer means that Liverpool set an eye on the Premier League’s title

12/28/2017 03:25:17 AM

Is Birmingham going down to League One?

12/27/2017 04:19:02 AM

Premier League predictions: West Ham, Leicester and Everton to win. Arsenal to draw

12/25/2017 09:32:47 AM

Championship Predictions: Derby County to continue their good run? Sheffield Wednesday to lose?

12/25/2017 05:41:31 AM

How the top side or the Premier League table would look like at the end of January?

12/24/2017 07:32:09 AM

Championship Predictions: Leeds to win? Aston Villa and Sheffield United to split points?

12/22/2017 00:56:10 AM

Tottenham must use January transfer window to improve!

12/20/2017 03:38:51 AM

Carabao Cup preview: Leicester City vs Manchester City

12/18/2017 06:39:25 AM

Injuries are the biggest threat for Cardiff City season?

12/17/2017 15:47:04 PM

How far will Leicester go this season?

12/17/2017 15:13:42 PM

Premier League predictions: Leicester, Watford, Liverpool and Everton to win

12/15/2017 10:57:23 AM

Championship Predictions: Cardiff to win? Draw in Ipswich?

12/15/2017 06:23:05 AM

What are Arsenal missing?

12/14/2017 08:22:54 AM

?Jose’s United do not look like Manchester United. It is a team built to pick up points

12/11/2017 09:03:59 AM

Why have Tottenham slumped?

12/09/2017 04:49:24 AM

Premier League Predictions: Liverpool and Arsenal to close the gap to the top?

12/08/2017 11:07:15 AM

Championship Predictions: Sheffield United and Bristol City to split points? Cardiff to win again?

12/08/2017 03:20:48 AM

Sam Allardyce’s Everton blueprint

12/06/2017 17:20:49 PM

Everton are off to a good start under Allardyce. Where will he take them to?

12/03/2017 10:11:45 AM

Premier League Predictions: Everton, Chelsea and Leicester and Liverpool to win

12/01/2017 08:55:30 AM

Sheffield United go for a straight promotion?

12/01/2017 07:32:51 AM

Championship Predictions: Draw in Bristol? Derby County to win?

12/01/2017 06:02:15 AM

Premier League and EFL Championship Midweek: Man City to reach 40 points, Derby County get closer the top-flight

11/28/2017 10:35:13 AM

Premier League predictions: Terriers to stop Man City, Spurs to enter the top 3

11/24/2017 04:49:25 AM

What will decide Liverpool’s game with Chelsea?

11/24/2017 02:23:40 AM

Championship Predictions: Wolves to keep winning? Sheffield United to get their second place back?

11/23/2017 10:57:44 AM

EFL Championship Predictions: Aston Villa. Wolves and Cardiff to win

11/20/2017 07:50:42 AM

What did we learn as Arsenal overcame rivals Tottenham?

11/19/2017 04:52:12 AM

Will Sunderland bounce back under Chris Coleman?

11/18/2017 05:34:06 AM

Premier League predictions: Spurts to take all points at Emirates, Burnley and Huddersfield to keep winning

11/17/2017 05:04:22 AM

Championship Predictions: Can Reading stop Wolves from winning? Will Middlesbrough find a win against Leeds?

11/17/2017 04:54:42 AM

How would Arsenal and Tottenham play the Emirates?

11/17/2017 04:41:33 AM

David Moyes – the right man for West Ham?

11/13/2017 06:57:51 AM

Norwich City on the minus?

11/13/2017 04:43:56 AM

Burnley to stay level on potions with the Top 6 clubs?

11/13/2017 00:57:25 AM

Brighton players’ vigour is turning the club’s fortunes around?

11/12/2017 08:08:52 AM

It is all about defence for Ireland against Denmark

11/09/2017 19:05:08 PM

S. Aguero – one of the few in a dying breed of football players?

11/09/2017 08:24:57 AM

Attacking is the name of the game for Northern Ireland against Switzerland

11/08/2017 14:52:42 PM

What’s right and what’s wrong for Everton?

11/06/2017 19:15:10 PM

It is all about defence for Ireland against Denmark

11/06/2017 17:05:08 PM

Is Steve Bruce on course to bring Aston Villa back to the Premier League?

11/05/2017 04:58:20 AM

Is Newcastle’s squad a problem?

11/03/2017 11:32:03 AM

Premier League predictions: Chelsea and Man United to share points, Bournemouth and Palace to stay at the bottom

11/03/2017 06:02:53 AM

Heading facing a knock out blow

11/02/2017 11:19:33 AM

Can Bristol City get into the play offs?

11/02/2017 10:58:55 AM

Championship Predictions: Derby and Aston Villa to keep winning, Nottingham to finally split points?

11/02/2017 10:29:25 AM

Chelsea vs Manchester United: a tale of two defences?

11/01/2017 20:22:00 PM

The Gunners’ game of the season?

11/01/2017 19:21:02 PM

A chance for Spurs to become a bigger club?

10/31/2017 15:18:26 PM

What must Manchester United do to improve?

10/30/2017 15:31:45 PM

Championship Predictions: Sheffield United to stay on top, Sunderland to win?

10/30/2017 10:43:30 AM

Huddersfield Town’s unexpected story of success

10/30/2017 10:25:54 AM

Who are the next Arsenal stars?

10/29/2017 20:39:49 PM

What has gone wrong for Everton this season?

10/29/2017 20:23:04 PM

2017/18 – one of the most competitive EFL Championship seasons

10/29/2017 12:10:48 PM

The Premier League’s top 6 is starting to shape up

10/29/2017 11:24:00 AM

Luka’s Championship Predictions: Draw at Leeds, Fulham to win?

10/26/2017 18:27:56 PM

Are believers being turned into doubters?

10/26/2017 17:54:29 PM

Can Tottenham beat Manchester United at Old Trafford?

10/26/2017 16:55:59 PM

Crystal Palace vs West Ham: The game neither can afford to lose

10/26/2017 16:45:38 PM