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NBC News: CDC Estimates Covid-19 Mortality Rate is 0.4%

05/29/2020 07:01:00 AM

"...the risk of death from COVID for people under 65 is 0.006 per cent".

05/28/2020 15:40:00 PM

Tracking the load put on Ontario's hospitals

05/26/2020 01:17:00 AM

We're not all in the same boat, millions are in the water....

05/25/2020 21:39:00 PM

One Christian's opinion on churches being closed, and those that have gathered....

05/25/2020 05:36:00 AM

Bellwood or no Bellwood the coronavirus is not going away anytime soon - It may never go away

05/24/2020 21:37:00 PM

Large gatherings at Toronto's Trinity Bellwood park - Now we'll see what happens....

05/24/2020 02:14:00 AM

Not afraid of Covid-19? That's okay.....

05/24/2020 00:44:00 AM

Michael Jackson's 2009 death now listed as due to Covid-19

05/23/2020 20:19:00 PM

Long term sustainable pandemic measures need to be decided upon now....

05/23/2020 02:46:00 AM

To mask or not to mask, that is the question....

05/22/2020 04:54:00 AM

What is an acceptable level of death?

05/22/2020 02:33:00 AM

Now is the perfect time for Canadian governments to ban smoking....

05/22/2020 00:13:00 AM

Time to stop ridiculous comparisons between Covid-19 and the Spanish flu

05/21/2020 23:26:00 PM

Shuttering schools is not how you keep children safe....

05/21/2020 18:40:00 PM

Are U.S. hospitals boosting Covid numbers? It is possible

05/21/2020 01:35:00 AM

The Politics of a Pandemic - Everyone is doing the right things.....

05/20/2020 18:28:00 PM

Are we ready to be locked down for another 12+ months?

05/19/2020 13:45:00 PM

Are we ready to move past panic mode now?

05/18/2020 23:41:00 PM

Those opposed to opening the economy need to up their game....

05/15/2020 23:12:00 PM

Lockdown measures are like having a "no peeing" section in a swimming pool.

04/24/2020 15:42:00 PM

A Not So Modest Proposal - An excercise in creative writing...

04/22/2020 22:12:00 PM

Accepting lockdown measures is like First Nations accepting blankets...

04/20/2020 23:03:00 PM

Overcomer - Better than 'The Blind Side'

09/03/2019 22:28:00 PM

Ontario's Conservatives looking like a Multi Level Marketing scheme....

03/12/2018 22:52:00 PM

If Ontario's PCs really want to win, then Elliott is the obvious choice.....

03/01/2018 23:10:49 PM

Ontario's Progressive Conservatives - Let's Get Ready To RUMBLE!!!

03/01/2018 00:24:21 AM

Why does Vic "Feel Her Up Fedeli" still have a job? Bombshell news...

02/26/2018 01:20:47 AM

Conservatives need to rally around something simple - Tax cuts

02/25/2018 16:11:56 PM

Fair minded Ontario PC members should vote for Patrick Brown...

02/24/2018 10:44:14 AM

Caroline Mulroney - Burning down the PC house?

02/22/2018 19:57:06 PM

Am I still standing with Patrick Brown? Read and find out...

02/22/2018 01:55:16 AM

Welcome to Canada, where Omar Khadr has more rights than Patrick Brown....

02/20/2018 02:27:59 AM

Patrick Brown cleared his name and joined the leadership race...

02/19/2018 23:16:00 PM

I stand with Patrick Brown - Here's why I'll be voting for him...

02/16/2018 22:15:56 PM

CTV News - The Donald Trump of Canadian journalism

02/15/2018 11:36:14 AM

Steve Paikin and Patrick Brown - Why the double standard? #MeToo

02/14/2018 12:30:43 PM

Why Caroline Mulroney must be removed fom the PC leadership race...

02/13/2018 00:23:55 AM

Is Trudeau next? The future is female and the politics of anything goes

01/30/2018 23:57:58 PM

Patrick Brown and Omar Khadr both victims of injustice....

01/29/2018 01:23:56 AM