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Village Life – Tweet Tweet Talking Birds

05/30/2016 03:59:52 AM

This month village life got a lot noisier. A high volume of tweets now reverberate around our garden. Not Twitter tweets, bird ones, and a mixed bag of chirps they […] (Visited 26 times, 5 visits today) The post Village Life – Tweet Twe ...

Nam Pan Lake – Sang Khom’s Pride and Joy

04/18/2016 05:02:12 AM

Nam Pan Lake, one of Udon Thani’s best attractions is in Sang Khom District. It’s only recently that the town of Sang Khom has had a makeover. For years and […] (Visited 20 times, 6 visits today) The post Nam Pan Lake – Sang K

Thailand Photos – Bridging the Gap

02/29/2016 03:39:04 AM

My Thailand photos that I publish on Beyond the Mango Juice have always been a mixed bag of quality. The reason for that is I’ve always used point and shoot […] (Visited 37 times, 9 visits today) The post Thailand Photos – Bridging the ...

Tinglish Conversation – Talking Birds and a Sciuridae

02/17/2016 01:45:39 AM

Thai and English Tinglish Conversation – Time Difference is a post I wrote way back in November 2012. It’s a popular one having received just short of 1,000 hits. Not a […] (Visited 50 times, 6 visits today) The post Tinglish Convers ...

Fry Day Fish and Chips Pattaya

02/11/2016 15:38:07 PM

Fry Day Fish & Chips is a place I stumbled upon on a Christmas trip to Pattaya. Twice I called in for a fish supper and on both occasions the fish and […] (Visited 73 times, 1 visits today) The post Fry Day Fish and Chips Pattaya appeared ...

Thai Girls – Attitude and Latitude

01/26/2016 02:28:00 AM

Thai girls can be the most beautiful creatures on Earth sometimes. Strange animals other times too. You can usually see a sulk coming a mile off and it’s then wise […] (Visited 171 times, 1 visits today) The post Thai Girls – Attitu

Village Mystery Solved – Six and Two Threes

01/14/2016 01:19:32 AM

Village mystery solved. There’s a drainage pipe (circled above) at the bottom of the path that leads to our village house front door. I’ve always wondered what lurked inside there. […] (Visited 112 times, 1 visits today) The post Vi

Thai Dogs – Some Dogs Do Some Dogs Don’t

01/12/2016 15:41:43 PM

I bought a Christmas present for two of our Thai dogs. Tang Moo and Pepsi.  A red hoodie jacket for Tang Moo and a green one for Pepsi. Thailand’s winter […] (Visited 100 times, 1 visits today) The post Thai Dogs – Some Dogs Do Som

samuay & sons udon thani 13

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samuay & sons udon thani 12

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samuay & sons udon thani 11

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samuay & sons udon thani 10

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11/30/-0001 00:00:00 AM

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11/30/-0001 00:00:00 AM


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