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Creating a modern masterpiece

07/30/2020 21:47:58 PM

National contractor hands over Milton Keynes medical centre

07/28/2020 20:35:01 PM

Green cycle shelter benefits Belgian college students

07/15/2020 18:42:47 PM

How to Create an Inspirational Home Office

07/15/2020 15:08:07 PM

Ventilation a Vital Step to Gyms Reopening in Government COVID-19 Guidance

07/15/2020 13:27:31 PM

Södra welcomes Swedish Wood and Wood for Good’s Wood Co₂ts less campaign

07/15/2020 12:11:00 PM

Renovation and restoration of 1930’s Len House in Maidstone moves closer

07/15/2020 11:45:47 AM

SAS ceiling brings colour and personality to Wix European HQ, Dublin

07/10/2020 20:52:54 PM

Vicaima launches new website strengthening the user’s experience

07/10/2020 19:52:56 PM

Endurawood: new range of aluminium building products

07/09/2020 17:50:40 PM

Opening the door to flood resilient buildings

06/30/2020 18:06:00 PM

Plug-in and switch on to quality outdoor teaching spaces

06/30/2020 17:40:50 PM

The future of health and safety in construction

06/28/2020 19:36:15 PM

Shape of things to come – The flexible alternative to square access panels

06/28/2020 18:38:23 PM

Ventilation is the First Step to Prepare Pubs for Reopening in Government COVID19-Guidance

06/24/2020 19:02:33 PM

Clegg Construction picks up the pace at £10m Hertfordshire care home

06/23/2020 23:03:13 PM

Swedish, stylish and sustainable: one of Europe’s largest office and warehouse building completes

06/18/2020 20:17:29 PM

Housing and modern methods of construction post COVID-19

06/11/2020 13:47:07 PM

‘Road Safety Must Be a Priority’ States Charcon Amid £2bn Govt Cycling Boost

06/04/2020 20:54:46 PM

Leeds-based OHS expands into Greater Manchester to kick-start major growth

06/04/2020 20:11:17 PM

Vicaima collaborates on modular mental health clinic

06/04/2020 16:42:06 PM

Towns and cities to work together on home retrofit as calls for green recovery mount

06/04/2020 16:16:37 PM

Trending: 2020 windows and doors

01/17/2020 18:01:05 PM

Painting made easy with innovative new interior door

01/17/2020 14:04:46 PM

VitrA launches WC Smart Panel Flush Plate

01/17/2020 13:09:33 PM

Vent-Axia Welcomes ‘Indoor Air Quality at Home’ Guidance from NICE

01/17/2020 07:45:08 AM

How to utilise mezzanine floors safely

07/25/2017 17:23:08 PM

SpecMaster now features Geberit Bathroom Collection

07/25/2017 16:44:29 PM

EJOT Opticore Delivers Black and White Benefits for Membrane-faced Composite Panels

07/25/2017 12:28:13 PM

Introducing FlexiSet® by SureSet Permeable Paving

07/09/2017 08:35:53 AM

‘Eastern promise’ with Gerflor

07/08/2017 17:33:36 PM

Fawcetts Yard taps into rich seam of Neaco style

07/03/2017 16:03:07 PM

Cupa Pizarras roofing slate for a prestigious development located in a conservation area

06/29/2017 20:02:27 PM

SI-Modular: Sustainable building system with timber I-beams

06/29/2017 14:53:15 PM

Building services can help everyone be lean, mean and green

06/25/2017 09:03:38 AM

New Technical Brochure for Optigreen

06/24/2017 14:28:33 PM

Vent-Axia Helps the UK Green Building Council Beat Records

06/23/2017 15:23:30 PM

VEKA reservist soldier celebrates Reserves Day with Certificate of Commendation

06/21/2017 13:33:54 PM

Metsä Wood launches ‘Open Source Wood’

06/20/2017 17:34:20 PM

Keeping Safe(site) in the sun

06/20/2017 16:30:42 PM

Heradesign® offers multi-functional versatility on a grand scale

06/18/2017 19:43:51 PM

Red Elm is on the menu at Itsu

06/18/2017 08:11:28 AM

Class War on Woodberry Down: A National Strategy

06/17/2017 12:04:32 PM

Redland Craftsman Albury crowns eco-home with period twist

06/17/2017 09:38:05 AM

Extra style focus on acoustic flooring for education

06/17/2017 08:15:52 AM

Marshalls Provide Water Management Solution for Derriford Hospital Interchange

06/13/2017 15:54:13 PM

A model company; VEKA UK invests in BIM for commercial convenience

06/13/2017 14:50:18 PM

Glazed doors, the clear choice

06/13/2017 10:48:54 AM

The Green Eyed Monster

06/12/2017 15:55:07 PM

New design-led concrete product launches in the UK

05/31/2017 15:32:10 PM

Mr Slim R32 models bring advanced benefits at the same price

05/30/2017 12:30:16 PM

Neaco balustrade specified for ‘gold standard’ care home

05/26/2017 14:21:21 PM

Introducing the new Geberit tap system

05/26/2017 12:23:13 PM

Yegin Industries Designs New Floor to Score Sales and Employee Satisfaction

05/18/2017 16:09:16 PM

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic – more than a ceiling – at CDW 2017

05/17/2017 15:25:22 PM

Inta launches ActivFlo range of water conditioners

05/17/2017 13:13:46 PM

Altro’s first adeshive-free flooring for low slip risk areas is tough time-saving solution at Warrington Hospital

05/16/2017 16:20:24 PM

Why Hotels should specify Living Walls to communicate Green Credentials?

05/12/2017 11:24:29 AM

Reynaers promises bigger, better, breathtakingly beautiful this FiT show

04/27/2017 13:45:16 PM

Double Success for Vent-Axia Winning Two Major Awards on One Night

04/27/2017 06:40:34 AM

Mark this renewable day in your diary and celebrate

04/25/2017 13:57:02 PM

H+H and SIG Offsite collaboration helps meet housing demand

04/25/2017 12:56:48 PM

Neaco supplies blend of styles for prestigious development

04/20/2017 08:42:31 AM

Latest Schöck BBA Certification raises the bar

04/19/2017 19:07:52 PM

Old Masters Protected By Histoglass

04/10/2017 11:13:41 AM

Meet the new SL25 lightweight flood barrier from IBS

04/07/2017 13:55:27 PM

Osmo revives aged wood with highly effective power gel

04/06/2017 14:38:35 PM

Galvanised Kee Fittings v Fabricated

04/05/2017 15:30:16 PM

The history of home heating and the rise of renewables

04/04/2017 19:11:34 PM

The environmental lessons to be learnt from Dr Seuss

04/04/2017 17:33:51 PM

London’s Riverwalk incorporates Passivhaus standard Schöck Isokorb

04/03/2017 15:38:50 PM

Find Everything Aluminium in AluFoldDirect’s New Brochure

04/03/2017 13:47:36 PM

P C Henderson Products Specified for High-End Hotel in Tianjin, China

03/31/2017 14:17:27 PM

Sustainable Building Designs Take Over

03/30/2017 17:39:26 PM

New innovations and market-leading products on show at FIT

03/29/2017 17:49:34 PM

It’s unpack and go with the new Knauf Sliding Door Kit

03/28/2017 16:11:30 PM

Neaco glass balustrade maximizes view

03/22/2017 21:08:05 PM

Washroom design for the well educated

03/22/2017 12:41:42 PM

Bespoke ceiling adds unique touch to university refurbishment

03/21/2017 01:34:59 AM

The VEKA UK Group first to ‘steal a March’ with PAS 24:2016

03/20/2017 21:17:46 PM

Kitchen surfaces are all white now

03/20/2017 19:52:45 PM

First FiT show appearance for Reynaers

03/20/2017 18:25:51 PM

The Accoya® cladding that’s exciting architects

03/20/2017 13:49:55 PM

Ahmarra supply and install doors for COMO Metropolitan London

03/20/2017 11:27:49 AM

Tameside Council goes au naturel at Ashton Market

03/18/2017 19:15:42 PM

Why you need to tread carefully on fragile roofs

03/16/2017 23:26:04 PM

Organowood® makes timber cladding sustainable

03/16/2017 21:58:00 PM

All hands on deck for refurbishment of The Ship

03/16/2017 15:50:02 PM