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‘Will and Grace’ wants Jack on American Ninja Warrior and we can see it

02/14/2020 13:53:54 PM

What changes do you expect from the new season of American Ninja Warrior?

02/13/2020 14:06:00 PM

Guess how many people it takes to make American Ninja Warrior

02/11/2020 16:05:35 PM

Here’s an update on the 2020 walk-on line process

02/11/2020 14:52:52 PM

Parents, how did your little Ninjas get started?

02/10/2020 13:16:48 PM

Vote: Which Oscar nominee would make the best American Ninja Warrior?

02/07/2020 13:51:01 PM

Check out Ninja Warrior’s Washington, D.C. home

02/06/2020 13:58:01 PM

Los Angeles region calls in a strong roster of Ninja Warriors

02/05/2020 13:04:28 PM

What do you want to know about American Ninja Warrior and its competitors?

02/04/2020 13:29:20 PM

Matt Iseman rallies the Ninja Warrior community for one young fan

02/03/2020 12:38:04 PM

Hunter Guerard is pretty much a real life video game character

01/31/2020 15:58:10 PM

Watch Karsten Williams run Stage Two in USA vs. the World

01/31/2020 12:22:13 PM

The Ninjas are training hard as season 12 approaches

01/30/2020 10:56:27 AM

Australia Team Captain Olivia Vivian shows why she’s a top Ninja on USA vs. the World

01/29/2020 12:25:21 PM

Watch Jesse Labreck destroy Stage One in USA vs. the World

01/28/2020 13:04:42 PM

Adam Rayl on the USA vs The World competition: ‘I had to give it everything I had’

01/26/2020 23:03:23 PM

Get to Know the Ninja Warriors of Team Europe

01/24/2020 14:05:33 PM

Ninja Warrior Champion Drew Drechsel is back on Stage Three

01/24/2020 13:00:00 PM

USA vs. the World is back on January 26!

01/22/2020 12:03:35 PM

Watch these super fast runs from American Ninja Warrior Junior

01/21/2020 12:35:20 PM

Abel Gonzalez helps kids “gain knowledge and experience in movement and mindset to awaken the warrior within.”

01/17/2020 16:26:33 PM

Drew Drechsel felt confident going into season 11

01/17/2020 11:35:46 AM

#ThrowbackThursday: Watch Grant McCartney’s season 7 submission video

01/16/2020 11:51:52 AM

Who is faster — the Ninja dad or the Ninja son?

01/15/2020 09:31:00 AM

Ninjas keep life entertaining while staying strong

01/10/2020 15:48:24 PM

#ThrowbackThursday: Watch Mathis “The Kid” Owhadi’s season 10 submission video

01/09/2020 13:17:17 PM

The Ninja community rallied for one of its own when Mike Cook got in a serious car accident

01/08/2020 17:15:40 PM

Michelle Warnky and Joel Buurma got married last weekend!

01/07/2020 10:18:41 AM

Ninjas Making a Difference: Nick Hanson

01/03/2020 10:18:00 AM

6 Must-Read Ninja articles from 2019

12/31/2019 09:28:00 AM

What our #Top9of2019 tells us about the ANW community

12/27/2019 15:00:20 PM

The top 10 American Ninja Warrior Nation articles from 2019

12/27/2019 09:55:00 AM

Nick Hanson talks about how he’s grown as a person and competitor in his season 10 submission video

12/26/2019 09:26:00 AM

What’s your favorite Ninja Warrior moment from 2019?

12/24/2019 11:41:58 AM

Here’s your chance to run the American Ninja Warrior course—no tryouts required!

12/23/2019 11:33:45 AM

Holiday gift ideas for the Ninja on your list

12/20/2019 17:06:57 PM

POLL: What’s your favorite Ninja challenge?

12/17/2019 16:58:11 PM

What is lock-off strength and why is it important for Ninjas?

12/16/2019 14:31:31 PM

Looking for a Ninja gym or competition near you?

12/13/2019 18:25:36 PM

POLL RESULTS: Who could be the next American Ninja Warrior Champion?

12/12/2019 12:01:06 PM

7 ANW Junior finishes that were almost too close to call!

12/05/2019 16:54:03 PM

Get a first look at American Ninja Warrior Junior season 2

12/04/2019 13:11:09 PM

Nick Hanson offers inspiration to American Ninja Warrior hopefuls 

12/03/2019 09:30:00 AM

What makes a good Ninja shoe?

12/02/2019 10:21:00 AM

Ninjas send turkey day tributes, expressing their thankfulness

11/29/2019 12:45:29 PM

Both new and OG Ninjas participated in the #10YearChallenge

11/27/2019 19:13:02 PM

#TrainingTuesday: Get Ninja abs with Tiana Webberley

11/26/2019 15:30:24 PM

Every Ninja needs a training group

11/25/2019 20:37:25 PM

Ninjas Making a Difference: Nate Burkhalter

11/22/2019 14:20:30 PM

American Ninja Warrior applications for season 12 are rolling in!

11/21/2019 15:00:27 PM

Get stronger with these full-body workouts from Ninja Natalie

11/20/2019 17:47:11 PM

Got a need for speed? Watch these Power Tower match-ups from ANW season 11

11/19/2019 17:19:28 PM

A group of Ninjas from the U.S. competed on Ninja Warrior Germany’s Four Nations Special – and won!

11/18/2019 17:18:54 PM

Adam Rayl and Olivia Vivian came out victorious at the Colorado Ninja Challenge

11/15/2019 18:43:43 PM

Let us count the ways American Ninja Warriors inspire their fans

11/14/2019 17:36:31 PM

We can’t get enough of these Akbarisms

11/13/2019 20:00:06 PM

Find inspiration for your ANW submission videos here

11/08/2019 16:39:38 PM

Watch Barclay Stockett’s first aired ANW run

11/07/2019 15:47:55 PM

How Quest O’Neal learned to love herself

11/06/2019 17:30:39 PM

Chris Warnky on his Ninja book series, competing on ANW, and being the parent of a popular Ninja

11/05/2019 08:51:03 AM

Need some #MondayMotivation? Check out the Wolfpack Ninjas

11/04/2019 15:26:37 PM

#ThrowbackThursday: Watch Joe Moravsky’s first ANW submission video

10/31/2019 16:32:49 PM

5 behind-the-scenes stories about the ANW community

10/30/2019 19:45:50 PM

Halloween is coming…bring on the Ninja costumes!

10/29/2019 16:04:12 PM

#MondayMotivation: 4 Ninjas who pushed through the pain in season 11

10/28/2019 21:17:09 PM

Ninjas Making a Difference: Roo Yori

10/25/2019 18:10:44 PM

Throwback Thursday: Watch Lance Pekus’ first ANW run ever

10/24/2019 16:45:00 PM

What Mady Howard’s ANW runs can teach us about gratitude

10/23/2019 19:40:50 PM

Advice from The Anxiety Guy on how Ninjas can perform at their best

10/22/2019 16:19:54 PM

Watch some of Matt & Akbar’s best reactions from Ninja vs. Ninja

10/21/2019 18:10:44 PM

Ninjas Making a Difference: Kyle Schulze

10/18/2019 17:51:54 PM

Throwback Thursday: Watch Drew Drechsel’s first submission video for ANW

10/17/2019 18:01:19 PM

Philip Scott on how he got started, who he looks up to, and preparing for season 12

10/16/2019 18:25:04 PM

Watch Sandy Zimmerman make history in season 11 as the first mom to hit a buzzer

10/15/2019 14:12:25 PM

Ninjas come together to launch UNX NOW, a sports network and competition series

10/14/2019 23:57:32 PM

Jamie Rahn has a Ninja challenge for you…

10/11/2019 17:35:00 PM

Producer of The Ellen Show tries ANW obstacle

10/10/2019 22:46:41 PM

The top two moments from ANW season 11

10/09/2019 18:44:12 PM

Talking with Cara Poalillo from Ninjababes about ANW season 11

10/08/2019 16:20:03 PM

Michelle Warnky got engaged to Joel Buurma over the weekend!

10/07/2019 16:26:00 PM

Going from Ninja fan to Ninja athlete is a pretty tall order

10/04/2019 16:37:00 PM

Daniel Gil and wife Abby published a children’s book together

10/03/2019 17:02:00 PM

Watch Chris Wilczewski play the American Ninja Warrior video game

10/02/2019 16:48:59 PM

A quick note on ANW Nation’s management

10/01/2019 16:00:00 PM

Look back at season 11: Stages Three and Four of the National Finals

09/30/2019 14:34:27 PM

Help us pick the top 10 moments of season 11

09/26/2019 14:21:12 PM

Look back at season 11: The Baltimore Qualifiers and City Finals

09/25/2019 16:55:21 PM

Look back at season 11: Oklahoma City Qualifiers and Finals

09/24/2019 15:10:25 PM

What does an American Ninja Warrior winner mean to you?

09/23/2019 15:45:31 PM

Watch Drew Drechsel hit six buzzers this season

09/18/2019 14:12:35 PM

The smallest error ended Joe Moravsky’s fifth time on Stage Three

09/17/2019 15:48:24 PM

Take a first look at a brutal Stage Three with this preview of Michael Torres’ run

09/13/2019 16:36:56 PM

Tyler Smith’s third season sends him to Stage Three

09/12/2019 14:28:28 PM

Watch Daniel Gil’s Stage Two run

09/11/2019 14:17:38 PM

Mathis ‘Kid’ Owhadi looked shaken, but not distracted, on his second run

09/10/2019 14:58:27 PM

National Finals Stage Two: Full results and all competitors

09/09/2019 22:03:01 PM

Stage Two brings us the new Grim Sweeper

09/06/2019 18:44:44 PM

Casey Suchocki on his ‘bittersweet’ path to the National Finals

09/05/2019 11:33:40 AM

Watch Jessie Graff’s Stage One run

09/04/2019 12:57:26 PM

Allyssa Beird faced Stage One and a finicky Tire Run

09/03/2019 14:43:35 PM