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58-Year Old Man Killed in a Pedestrian-Vehicle Accident

04/04/2017 00:52:51 AM

25-Year Old Woman Killed After Two-Vehicle Crash

04/04/2017 00:41:57 AM

8-year Old Boy In Critical Condition After Two-vehicle Crash in Miami-Dade County

04/03/2017 21:43:33 PM

50-Year Old Woman in Critical Condition Following a Multiple-Car Collision

04/03/2017 21:26:19 PM

24-year old Woman Succumbs to Injuries Following a Single-Vehicle Crash

04/03/2017 21:08:25 PM

53-year Old Bicyclist In Severe Condition Following A Vehicle Crash

04/03/2017 21:04:58 PM

41-year Old Woman Facing Multiple Charges After Hitting a Florida Trooper Vehicle

04/03/2017 21:01:52 PM

Single-Vehicle Crash Leaves One Man Dead

04/03/2017 11:15:31 AM

29-Year Old Man Killed After Striking A Tree

04/03/2017 11:02:44 AM

67-Year Old Man Dead After Two-Vehicle Crash

04/03/2017 10:30:12 AM

63-year Old Bicyclist Remains In Intensive Care After Vehicle Collision

04/02/2017 21:18:09 PM

Deadly Motorist Crash on Pleasant Hill Road and Knowles Boulevard in Osceola County

04/02/2017 20:47:57 PM

Fatal Car Accident on Montura Avenue and South Coral Street in Hendry County

04/02/2017 20:45:29 PM

A 22-year Old Charged With DUI Manslaughter After Killing a 54-year Old Motorcyclist

04/02/2017 19:27:11 PM

A 25-year Old Woman and 6-year Old Girl In Critical Condition After Single-Car Crash

04/02/2017 19:08:18 PM

A Fatal Car Crash on US-231 North and State Road-8 Westbound Entrance in Jackson County

04/02/2017 18:48:56 PM

Man in Critical Condition After Vehicle Overturns

04/02/2017 10:45:35 AM

20-Year Old Motorcyclist Dead After Two-Vehicle Accident

04/02/2017 10:08:32 AM

A Deadly Car Accident on Woodville Highway Just North of State Road-267 in Wakulla County

04/01/2017 23:27:11 PM

18-Year Old Motorcyclist Killed In Crash

04/01/2017 20:06:35 PM

Motorcyclist Airlifted To Hospital Following A Crash into A Sign

04/01/2017 19:53:31 PM

26-year Old Man Dead Following A Pedestrian-Vehicle Collision

04/01/2017 19:39:36 PM

ATV Crash Leaves Teenager In Critical Condition

04/01/2017 19:09:56 PM

A Deadly Vehicle Crash on Martin Highway and Southwest Berry Avenue in Martin County

04/01/2017 09:01:01 AM

Pedestrian Killed on Florida’s Turnpike Indentified

03/31/2017 23:04:41 PM

63-Year Old Woman Killed After Car Crash

03/31/2017 22:53:51 PM

A Deadly Motorist Accident on US-19 and 50th Street West in Manatee County

03/31/2017 21:20:15 PM

Severe Crash Leaves Two People in Critical Condition

03/31/2017 11:03:13 AM

Lethal Motorist Collision on North Florida Avenue and West Country Club Boulevard in Citrus County

03/31/2017 10:34:41 AM

A Fatal Vehicle Crash on Old Dixie Highway 2850 and Pine Tree Drive in Volusia County

03/31/2017 10:32:09 AM

Deadly Car Accident on Interstate-295 East Belt Southbound and Philips Highway in Duval County

03/31/2017 10:29:28 AM

Fatal Crash After A Panama City Department Officer Struck A Pedestrian

03/30/2017 20:46:37 PM

A Deadly Vehicle Collision on Florida’s Northbound Turnpike and Mile Maker-142 in St Lucie County

03/30/2017 20:16:29 PM

A Lethal Car Crash on West 11th Street and Grace Avenue in Bay County

03/30/2017 20:13:07 PM

An 83-year old Woman Killed in a Pedestrian-Vehicle Crash

03/30/2017 16:35:56 PM

56-year Old High Springs Man was Killed in a Motorcycle Crash in Alachua County

03/30/2017 16:21:52 PM

A Deadly Car Collision on US-221 and Bippus Road in Jefferson County

03/30/2017 16:00:58 PM

A Lethal Car Collision on Southeast Cove Road/Southeast 57th Drive and Southeast Riverboat Drive in Martin County

03/30/2017 15:59:24 PM

A Fatal Vehicle Crash on US-441 and Northwest 212th Avenue in Alachua County

03/30/2017 15:56:32 PM

Deadly Motorist Accident on Hickory Tree Road and US-192 in Osceola County

03/30/2017 15:53:27 PM

73-Year Old Motorcyclist Killed Following a Car Accident

03/25/2017 22:41:02 PM

36-Year Old Motorcyclist Killed in Car Accident

03/25/2017 22:30:41 PM

24-year Old Pedestrian Killed After A Vehicle Accident

03/25/2017 22:17:04 PM

A Deadly Vehicle Collision on State Road 52 and Ehren Cutoff in Pasco County

03/25/2017 08:47:29 AM

Lethal Motorist Crash on International Drive 8815 and Austrian CT in Orange County

03/25/2017 08:41:26 AM

Fatal Car Crash on South Tamiami Trail and Sanibel Boulevard in Lee County

03/25/2017 08:33:27 AM

Deadly Vehicle Accident on US-41 8100 North Tamiami Trail and Braden Avenue in Manatee County

03/25/2017 08:28:12 AM

Eight People Taken to the Hospital Following a Two-Car Accident One in Critical Condition

03/25/2017 08:05:42 AM

Young Motorcyclist Dies After a Fatal Vehicle Collision

03/25/2017 00:38:32 AM

A Severe Vehicle Crash on Northeast 255th Avenue and Northeast 348 Highway in Dixie County

03/24/2017 22:08:42 PM

A Serious Motorist Accident on Quail Roost Drive Eastbound and Southwest 134th Avenue in Miami-Dade County

03/24/2017 22:06:26 PM

A Severe Car Accident on State Road-826 Northbound South of Southwest 8th Street in Miami-Dade County

03/24/2017 22:04:01 PM

A Grave Motorist Collision on Florida’s Northbound Turnpike and Mile Maker 27 in Miami-Dade County

03/24/2017 21:58:05 PM

Serious Vehicle Accident on State Road-826 Northbound South of Southwest 8th Street in Miami-Dade County

03/24/2017 21:56:16 PM

Severe Motorist Accident on 21st Street East and 63rd Avenue East in Manatee County

03/24/2017 21:54:39 PM

A Grave Vehicle Crash on Lewis Turner Boulevard and Hospital Road in Okaloosa County

03/24/2017 21:51:59 PM

A Serious Car Accident on North Pine Hills Road 1414 and Indialantic Drive in Orange County

03/24/2017 21:49:28 PM

A Severe Motorist Crash on MT Plymouth Road and Haas Road in Orange County

03/24/2017 21:46:49 PM

Severe Car Accident on Log House Road and Lakeshore Drive in Lake County

03/24/2017 01:43:36 AM

Two-Vehicle Crash Leaves Seven People Injured, One Critically Injured

03/24/2017 00:05:56 AM

A Fatal Vehicle Accident on 34200 US-19 North and Nebraska Ave in Pinellas County

03/23/2017 23:08:19 PM

Identity Of Driver In Severe Accident On State Road 417 and Rinehart Road Released

03/23/2017 22:54:33 PM

Erie Firefighter Succumbs to His Injuries In A Fatal Vehicle Crash

03/23/2017 22:28:38 PM

Motorcyclist Driver Killed in Tragic Accident in Davie

03/23/2017 21:57:32 PM

Seriously Injured Wesley Chapel Man After a Hit-and-Run

03/23/2017 21:35:10 PM

A Grave Motorist Accident on Welch Road East and North Thompson Road in Orange County

03/23/2017 20:02:39 PM

A Serious Car Crash on Racetrack Road Northeast and Lois Street in Okaloosa County

03/23/2017 20:00:54 PM

A Severe Motorist Accident on Interstate-10 Westbound and US-301 in Duval County

03/23/2017 19:59:08 PM

Serious Vehicle Accident on Interstate-75 Northbound and MM195 in Sarasota County

03/23/2017 00:13:39 AM

A Grave Motorist Crash on Gulf Beach Highway and West Sunset Avenue in Escambia County

03/23/2017 00:11:39 AM

A Severe Car Collision on South Tamiami Trail and Jamaica Bay Boulevard in Lee County

03/23/2017 00:09:37 AM

A Serious Motorist Crash on US-90 and Watkins Streets In front of PetSmart Parking Lot in Santa Rosa County

03/23/2017 00:07:33 AM

A Grave Car Collision on Interstate-75 Southbound and MM53 in Collier County

03/23/2017 00:04:24 AM

A Severe Motorist Collision on State Road-826 Westbound Exit and Northwest 57th Avenue in Miami-Dade County.

03/23/2017 00:02:14 AM

A Grave Motorist Collision on State Road-826 Northbound Ramp and Northwest 25th Street in Miami-Dade County

03/22/2017 23:59:38 PM

Severe Car Collision on Southwest 8th Street Westbound and Southwest 122nd Avenue in Miami-Dade County

03/22/2017 23:57:37 PM

Serious Vehicle Accident on Southwest 40th Street Eastbound and Southwest 87th Avenue in Miami-Dade County

03/22/2017 23:55:03 PM

Severe Car Accident on State Road-5 Southbound and Southwest 141st Street in Miami-Dade County

03/22/2017 23:52:35 PM

Driver Of A Severe Accident On State Road 417 and Rinehart Road Exit Succumbs To Wounds At Hospital

03/22/2017 01:44:31 AM

One Person Killed and Another Injured After A Car Accident On Florida’s Turnpike at State Road 417 and MM251

03/22/2017 01:39:42 AM

A Grave Car Accident on Northwest 57th Avenue Southbound and Northwest 186th Street in Miami-Dade County

03/22/2017 00:59:55 AM

A Severe Motorist Collision on North Young Parkway and West Carroll Street in Osceola County

03/22/2017 00:57:23 AM

A Grave Motorist Accident on Open Brown Road and North Poinciana Boulevard in Osceola County

03/22/2017 00:54:39 AM

Serious Car Collision on North Hiawassee Road and John Alden Way in Orange County

03/22/2017 00:51:52 AM

Severe Vehicle Crash on Via De Luna Drive and Casino Beach Boulevard in Escambia County

03/22/2017 00:48:50 AM

A Serious Motorist Accident on Interstate CIR Just East of Pine Forest Drive in Escambia County

03/22/2017 00:45:47 AM

A Grave Vehicle Crash on Northbound Interstate-95 South Of Hypoluxo Road in Palm Beach County

03/22/2017 00:42:35 AM

A Severe Car Collision on Conroy Windermere Road and Apopka Vineland Road in Orange County

03/22/2017 00:38:25 AM

Deadly Vehicle Crash on US-1 One-quarter of A Mile from Cemetery Road in Flagler County

03/20/2017 23:47:48 PM

Severe Vehicle Crash on North Annapolis Avenue and East Norvell Bryant Highway in Citrus County

03/20/2017 23:27:12 PM

A Serious Car Crash on Summerlin Road and Gladiolus Drive in Lee County

03/20/2017 23:25:50 PM

Vehicle Accident on 2663 Avalon Boulevard and San Jose Street in Santa Rosa County

03/20/2017 23:24:23 PM

Severe Motorist Crash on State Road-54 and Oak Stead Boulevard in Pasco County

03/20/2017 23:22:42 PM

Nathan E. Rusell killed in Alachua County on Interstate-75 This Weekend

03/20/2017 23:12:52 PM

Valentina Martinez and Antonio Mesa Died on South of Leesburg and North of Groveland

03/20/2017 23:10:27 PM

John Leonard White Jr Died while Riding his Bike

03/20/2017 23:07:00 PM

Joe Steven Vincent Wagner in Critical Condition After an Accident

03/20/2017 22:51:09 PM

Serious Motorist Crash in Broward County on Northbound Interstate-95 and Davie Boulevard

03/20/2017 22:47:49 PM

Car Collision on Westbound Interstate 10 and MM24 in Santa Rosa County

03/20/2017 00:05:20 AM

Serious Motorist Crash on US-441 And SR-326 In Marion County

03/20/2017 00:03:28 AM