Best Dallas Divorce Lawyers

Last Updated: 02/02/2024

The best Dallas divorce attorneys handle child custody, property division, and more. These pros are board-certified, top-rated, and know Texas law. They'll fight for your interests in tough times. Find your advocate for a smooth divorce proceeding.

The 16 Best Dallas Divorce Lawyers

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List of the Top 16 Dallas Divorce Attorneys

McClure Law Group
8115 Preston Rd #270, Dallas, TX 75225, USA

McClure Law Group specializes in divorce and family law in Dallas. Kelly McClure leads with decades of experience. They handle divorces, child custody, and prenups. Protecting clients' best interests is their priority. They prefer mediation but fight hard in court if necessary. Recognized for excellence, they ensure privacy and compassion. Their goal: the best outcomes for clients.

Law Office of Michael F. Pezzulli
12655 N Central Expy # 920, Dallas, TX 75251, USA

Michael F. Pezzulli, a Dallas trial lawyer, tackles high-stakes civil litigation. His law firm wins big, handling cases from catastrophic injury to complex business disputes. Board Certified in Civil Trial Law for decades. Pezzulli's skills shine in courtroom battles and mediation. He's a go-to for tough cases, securing massive verdicts. A master in dispute resolution.

Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza, P.C.

The Law Offices of Lisa G. Garza specializes in family law in Dallas. Lisa G. Garza, a board-certified family law attorney, leads the firm. She tackles divorce, child custody, property division, and child support. Garza offers personalized services for complex cases, including high assets and parental alienation.

Scroggins Law Group, PLLC
5851 Legacy Cir Ste 600, Plano, TX 75024, USA

Scroggins Law Group specializes in family law in Dallas. They tackle complex divorces and custody cases. Mark L. Scroggins is a leading family lawyer in Texas. The team offers skilled representation in high-net-worth divorces and child disputes. Their expertise and personalized approach guide clients through legal challenges.

Hargrave Family Law
4201 Spring Valley Rd Suite 1210, Dallas, TX 75244, USA

Hargrave Family Law specializes in Dallas divorce cases. They handle child custody, support, and prenups. Decades of experience in collaborative divorce. The team boasts board-certified attorneys. Members of the Texas Academy of Family Law Specialists. Recognized by U.S. News Best Lawyers, Texas Super Lawyers. They focus on asset division and client advocacy.

Powell Law Offices, P.C.
1235 S Main St #270, Grapevine, TX 76051, USA

Powell Offices, P.C. is a family and bankruptcy law firm in Dallas, Fort Worth. Attorney Lauren Powell has over 20 years of experience. The firm serves clients in Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, and Denton Counties. It specializes in divorce, child custody, child support, and bankruptcy. Powell Offices provides personalized legal services and creative solutions.

Alexandra Geczi PLLC
12801 N Central Expy #550, Dallas, TX 75243, USA

Alexandra Geczi PLLC helps women in divorce cases in the Dallas area. They handle high net-worth divorces, child custody, and marital agreements. With decades of experience, they focus on the child's best interests. Their all-female team offers personalized, strategic legal guidance.

Adam L. Seidel, P.C.
8150 N Central Expy Suite 1255, Dallas, TX 75206, USA

Adam L. Seidel, P.C. specializes in divorce and criminal defense in Dallas. They handle divorce cases, ensuring clients' best interests. Their team navigates child custody with expertise. Decades of experience across Texas back their success. They focus on client rights and futures. Their approach combines compassion with aggressive representation. They serve high-profile and everyday clients.

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Epstein Family Law PC
5949 Sherry Ln Suite 1070, Dallas, TX 75225, USA

Epstein Family Law tackles complex divorces in Dallas. Specializes in high net worth cases. Handles prenuptial agreements, child custody, and property division. Robert Epstein, a board-certified family law expert, leads the firm. Known for honesty and strategic solutions. Manages high-conflict divorces and straightforward cases. Tailors approaches for each client.

Thornton Law, PLLC
6301 Gaston Ave West Tower, #1501, Dallas, TX 75214, USA

Thornton Law in Dallas specializes in divorce, child custody, and property division. Our founder, Robert Thornton, ensures personalized attention for every client. We aim for favorable outcomes. Clients praise our professionalism and compassion. Trust us for straightforward, effective representation of your family law needs.

Wilson, Lake & Savage
8150 N Central Expy Suite 260, Dallas, TX 75206, USA

Wilson, Lake & Savage, a Dallas family law firm, excels in divorce and child custody disputes. Charlie Wilson is Board Certified in Family Law. The team crafts personalized legal strategies. They protect clients' finances and futures. Known for expertise and integrity.

Law Office of Ify Ononogbu
1111 W Mockingbird Ln Suite 812, Dallas, TX 75247, USA

The Law Office of Ify Ononogbu specializes in Dallas family and immigration law. They tackle divorce issues, child custody, and immigration cases. Ify Ononogbu leads, offering multilingual English, Spanish, and Igbo support. Services include family-based immigration and deportation defense. The firm boasts a strong success record in legal battles. They stand for uniting families and supporting marginalized communities.

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Law Offices of Amber Shemesh
12222 Merit Dr Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75251, USA

Shemesh Family Law in Dallas tackles family legal issues across Texas. Amber Shemesh leads the firm, focusing on divorce, adoptions, and custody disputes. Services include parental rights terminations, paternity disputes, and prenuptial agreements. Known for compassion and deep Texas family law knowledge. They mediate and fight for clients' rights.

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Katie L. Lewis, P.C.
10440 N Central Expy #1100, Dallas, TX 75231, USA

Katie L. Lewis P.C. Family Law specializes in divorce and family law in Dallas. They handle collaborative divorce, no-fault divorce, child custody, and support. Katie Lewis, a board-certified expert, leads with decades of experience. Recognized as a Texas Super Lawyer for years, she champions client rights. The firm simplifies legal processes, ensuring clients' interests. They turn divorce into opportunities for growth.

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BrunemanLaw, PC
5400 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #1200, Dallas, TX 75240, USA

BrunemanLaw PC is a law practice in Dallas, TX. The firm helps clients navigate divorce and family law issues. Steven W. Bruneman, a highly respected attorney, leads the firm. He provides skilled representation in child custody and property division matters. Bruneman also handles post-divorce modifications and enforcements. With nearly 40 years of experience, he is board-certified in family law. Bruneman's personalized approach focuses on long-term solutions for his clients.

Law Office of Kenneth R. Moore, PLLC
8150 N Central Expy Suite 1000, Dallas, TX 75206, USA

Law Office of Kenneth R. Moore, PLLC, specializes in divorce and family law in Dallas. Kenneth Moore, board-certified in family law, tackles divorce issues with expertise. Services include child custody and complex family cases. Moore's background as a former police officer adds unique insight. He's recognized for his dedication to families. The firm ensures personalized, supportive legal solutions. Moore's accolades highlight his commitment. Trust the attorney for all family law needs in Dallas.