Best Divorce Lawyers in Chicago

Last Updated: 17/09/2023

Having one of the top divorce lawyers in Chicago on your team makes the divorce process easier.

They can take an aggressive stance or collaborate amicably based on your needs.

Whether you need zealous advocacy or constructive mediation, these top-rated Chicago divorce attorneys have you covered.

The 16 Best Chicago Divorce Lawyers

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List of the Top 16 Chicago Divorce Attorneys

The Walters Law Group, Ltd.
9700 W 131st St, Palos Park, IL 60464, USA

The Walters Law Group is a boutique divorce and family law firm in Palos Park, Illinois. Attorneys Todd Walters and Nicole Milovich handle high net-worth divorce cases in Chicago.

Women’s Divorce & Family Law Group by Haid and Teich, LLP

Women's Divorce & Family Law Group in Chicago helps women through divorce. The award-winning lawyers focus on women's and mothers' rights during divorce. They can help with child custody and other family law issues.

Anderson & Boback
20 N Clark St Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Anderson & Boback is a Chicago law firm focused on divorce and family legal issues. Their experienced lawyers guide clients through the divorce process. They advocate to protect your interests. Known for skilled negotiation and litigation.

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The Law Office of George J. Skuros
166 W Washington St ste 400, Chicago, IL 60602, USA

The Law Office of George J. Skuros handles divorce and family law. It serves clients in Chicago's suburbs. Attorney George Skuros has over 30 years of legal experience. He helps with divorce, child custody, dividing property, spousal support, and prenuptial agreements.

Weiss-Kunz & Oliver
77 W Wacker Dr Ste 4500, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

The Illinois family law attorneys help clients across Chicagoland. The lawyers handle complex divorce cases, property division, and child custody. They provide solid legal advocacy, whether negotiating settlements or litigating in court. Contact Weiss-Kunz & Oliver to schedule a consultation.

Arami Law, Inc.
53 W Jackson Blvd #1021, Chicago, IL 60604, United States

Arami Law: A Chicago divorce law firm founded in 2004 by Kourosh Arami, offering expert legal representation and tailored solutions. M.B.A., and a law degree from Chicago-Kent. Experienced in family law, finance, and trial. 24/7 availability, personal attention, fair and reasonable approaches. Serving a diverse community in Cook County. 312-584-6355.

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Law Offices of Gretchen Schrader
20 N Clark St Suite 3300, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

The Law Offices of Gretchen Schrader is a family and divorce law firm in downtown Chicago. The experienced attorneys handle Cook, Lake, and Will Counties family law cases. They provide legal services related to divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and more.

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Taege Law Offices
1415 N Dayton St Suite 3D, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

Expert family law services for Chicagoland. Trusted lawyers for divorce and custody battles. Complex cases handled, from high-asset divorces to custody disputes. Tough representation for settlements and trials. Get results with Taege. Phone 872-777-9946.

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Taradash Given, P.C.
161 N Clark St Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60601, United States

The Taradash Group, P.C. is a Chicago law firm specializing in family law. With over 35 years of experience, their dedicated lawyers help families navigate legal complexities with expertise and compassion. Founder Dean Taradash advocates for his clients with extensive trial and negotiation expertise. The firm handles all family law issues, from divorce and custody to prenups & paternity. They offer free consultations and legal rights info. Get trusted legal guidance from The Taradash Group, P.C. - Illinois Family Law experts.

Mehta Law Group
121 W Wacker Dr #1404, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

The Mehta Law Group, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a law firm with decades of experience in family law. They assist hundreds of clients in divorce, child custody, and other areas of family law. Their team includes several skilled attorneys who handle complex cases and get the best outcomes for their clients. The firm serves individuals and families in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.

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Michael Craven
333 W Wacker Dr Ste 1700, Chicago, IL 60606, USA

Divorce Lawyers Chicago offers expert legal help in family law. Led by acclaimed attorney Michael C. Craven, the firm specializes in high-conflict divorces and child custody. They handle complex financial issues and prenuptial agreements. With decades of experience, they serve Cook, Lake, and nearby counties from downtown Chicago and suburban offices. Recognized for excellence, they ensure strong representation in domestic violence cases.

O'Connor Family Law
30 North LaSalle Street suite 3216, Chicago, IL 60602, USA

O'Connor is a reputable Chicago-based family lawyer. The firm handles complex divorce cases, prioritizing clients' rights, future, and family relationships. Their seasoned attorneys provide compassionate service to protect assets and resolve custody issues. They offer divorce mediation to reduce costs and stress for clients. The empathetic team tailors their approach to each client's unique situation.

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The Law Offices of John A. Conniff
77 W Wacker Dr Suite 4500, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

The Law Offices of John A. Conniff is a divorce and custody law firm in downtown Chicago, Illinois. John A. Conniff provides legal services related to divorce, child custody, child support, and other family law matters. He has received many awards and positive reviews from clients over the years. The law firm assists hundreds of clients with complex divorce and custody cases across Chicagoland.

Law Offices of Thomas P. Miller, P.C.

Expert family & immigration law services in Chicago. Over 20 yrs experience. No matter the case, we offer personalized solutions & payment options. Prenups, divorces, custody, child support, visas & more. Heart of Chicago's Loop, free intake. Solutions for everyone.

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Family Law Solutions Chicago
180 N La Salle St Suite 2930, Chicago, IL 60602, United States

Family Law Solutions, P.C. specializes in divorce and family law cases. Led by Janet Boyle, the Chicago team has been providing client-centered solutions since 2022. Get expert help today – call 312-332-1344. With two office locations in Chicago and Arlington Heights, you're never far away from quality legal advice.

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A Cross Law Firm PLLC
111 W Jackson Blvd suite 1700, Chicago, Illinois 60604, USA

A Cross Law Firm PLLC specializes in bankruptcy and estate planning. Founded in 2020, this Chicago firm tackles debt, foreclosures, and tax issues. It offers affordable legal services, including wills, trusts, and family law matters like divorce. The experienced attorney has served hundreds over a decade. The firm is committed to helping people navigate complex legal challenges.

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