Best Denver Divorce Lawyers

Last Updated: 02/02/2024

Find top Denver divorce lawyers! Expert attorneys in family law are ready to guide you through the divorce process. Trust these skilled divorce attorneys to protect your best interests. Get the best possible outcome with Denver's family law pros.

The 21 Best Denver Divorce Lawyers

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List of the Top 21 Denver Divorce Attorneys

The Harris Law Firm
8310 S Valley Hwy #280, Englewood, CO 80112, USA

The Harris Law Firm specializes in Denver divorce and family law. Services include high-conflict divorce, child advocacy, and property division. The firm also covers LGBTQ+ and military divorce. The attorneys guide clients going through a divorce with wisdom and compassion.

Petrelli Previtera, LLC
180 N Stetson Ave Suite 3500, Chicago, IL 60601, USA

Petrelli Previtera tackles divorce in Denver. We handle child custody and high net worth cases. Also, we are experts in military and international family law. Recognized by Super Lawyers. Decades of experience. We fight for the best outcomes. University of Colorado alumni on team.

Shapiro Family Law
8751 E Hampden Ave Ste B5, Denver, CO 80231, USA

Shapiro Family Law tackles Colorado family law issues. Expertise in divorce, child custody, and property division. The lawyers offer strong, compassionate representation. Focus on mediation and amicable solutions. Handles high-asset divorces and financial complexities.

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Goldman Law, LLC
1873 S Bellaire St #1105, Denver, CO 80222, USA

Goldman Law tackles divorce in Denver. Experts in high-conflict divorce guide through marital property division. Help in child custody battles. Graduates from the University of Colorado Law School lead the firm. Decades of experience. Hundreds of successful cases. Top ratings on AVVO. A+ from Better Business Bureau. Personalized, aggressive representation. Committed to efficient, compassionate counsel.

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Griffiths Law PC
10457 Park Meadows Dr, Lone Tree, CO 80124, USA

Griffiths Law PC handles high-asset divorces and custody, focusing on the child's best interests. The firm offers mediation and collaborative divorce but fights hard in court if necessary. Their lawyers are among the top in Colorado, recognized for excellence. Griffiths Law protects your finances, business, and family with decades of experience. They aim for solutions that minimize harm, always prioritizing your peace of mind.

Hogan Omidi, P.C.
3773 Cherry Creek N Dr Suite 950, Denver, CO 80209, USA

Hogan Omidi, P.C. specializes in Denver family law. Kathleen Hogan, a renowned author, co-founded it. They handle divorce, child custody, and property division. The firm serves executives, entertainers, and business owners. They offer negotiation, mediation, and litigation. Recognized for creative solutions in complex cases. The firm is located near the University of Colorado.

Jones Law Firm PC
14202 E Evans Ave, Aurora, CO 80014, USA

Jones Law Firm tackles Denver divorce cases with expertise. They guide clients through no-fault divorce complexities. Services encompass child custody and support. With decades of experience, they protect families' futures. Their team resolves hundreds of cases across Denver and nearby counties. They blend aggressive representation with compassion in legal battles. Trust them for top-notch family law counsel.

Littman Family Law
1772 Emerson St, Denver, CO 80218, USA

Littman Law is a leading Denver divorce and family law firm. Attorney David Littman heads a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals. They handle child custody, support, alimony, asset protection, and family-building matters. The firm collaborates with clients to find optimal solutions, often through mediation. Recognized by Super Lawyers, Littman Law prioritizes children's well-being. They guide clients through the legal process, serving the Denver metro area.

The Law Office of Stephan E. Uslan
1663 N Humboldt St, Denver, CO 80218, USA

Stephan E. Uslan stands out in Denver for family law. This firm in Colorado tackles complex divorces, child custody, and asset division. Stephan E. Uslan brings decades of family law expertise. Services cover high net asset divorce and parenting time changes. Known for personalized, effective representation. Protects interests and secures favorable outcomes. Experienced in court, knows local judges.

Colorado Legal Group
1777 S Harrison St Suite 1050, Denver, CO 80210, USA

Colorado Legal Group excels in Denver divorce law. We guide clients through tough times. Our attorneys specialize in property division, child custody, and support. We tailor strategies to each case, cutting costs and stress. Recognized for our expertise, we ensure fair outcomes. Our focus: your family's well-being. Serving Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction.

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Gendelman Klimas Ltd.
517 E 16th Ave, Denver, CO 80203, USA

Gendelman Klimas Ltd. provides comprehensive family law services. They handle divorce, child custody, and LGBTQ matters. The firm offers protection from domestic violence. They also draft premarital agreements. Wills, trusts, and probate litigation are managed.

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Denver Family Lawyers
3801 E Florida Ave Suite 102, Denver, CO 80210, USA

Denver Family Lawyers, based in Denver, Colorado, specializes in family law. They handle divorce, child custody, and fathers' rights. With decades of experience, they offer personalized legal strategies. They're among the best divorce lawyers in Denver. They navigate no-fault divorce state laws. Their approach balances aggressive representation with compassion. They serve the University of Colorado community, too. Their goal is to protect Colorado families' interests.

Law Offices of Randy B. Corporon PC
2821 S Parker Rd Ste 555, Aurora, CO 80014, USA

Denver Divorce Lawyers specialize in family law and divorce, aiming for the best outcomes. Services include divorce, custody battles, and more. They guide clients through tough times. The team fights for your rights and aims for fair solutions. Trust them for family law needs.

Thomas Law Group, PC
1401 Lawrence St #1600, Denver, CO 80202, USA

Thomas Law Group P.C. specializes in divorce and family law in Denver. They represent clients in divorce, child custody, and more. Known for securing favorable outcomes. Decades of experience in litigation. Skilled in both settlements and court trials. They ensure solid contracts and no surprises. Recognized among the best divorce lawyers in Denver.

Halligan LLC
2535 17th St suite c, Denver, CO 80211, USA

Halligan LLC tackles tough divorce cases in Denver. They handle high net worth splits, business, and real estate issues. With decades of experience in Colorado, they're fair asset division experts. They secure child support and spousal maintenance. They aim for fair outcomes and protect client interests. Halligan LLC is known for clear communication and support. They guide hundreds through divorce each year, turning heartache into hope.

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Front Range Family Law
4175 N Harlan St #210, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033, USA

Front Range Family Law is a full-service Wheat Ridge, Colorado firm. Attorney Rebecca Gumaer handles divorce, child custody, and complex family law matters in the Denver metro area. With over 15 years of experience, the firm takes a holistic approach, providing legal and emotional support. It aims to resolve issues through mediation but is prepared to litigate when necessary. Front Range belongs to the Colorado Bar Association and offers free case consultations.

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Miller Family Law, LLC
950 S Cherry St # 918, Denver, CO 80246, USA

Miller Family Law, LLC specializes in divorce and family law in Denver. They guide clients through divorce, ensuring their interests are protected. Offerings cover custody agreements, property division, and support modifications. The firm aims for amicable resolutions. They represent clients in divorce, focusing on what matters most.

Altitude Family Law
2546 Main St Suite 200, Littleton, CO 80120, USA

Altitude Family Law in Littleton, CO, offers high-quality legal services for divorce and family issues. Attorney Daniel Zarnowski, a Navy veteran, provides personalized representation to each client. He graduated with a "Magna Cum Laude" award and is an active member of the Colorado Bar Association. Zarnowski has been recognized as a top attorney and Rising Star.

The firm handles child custody, support, protection orders, and enforcement cases. They also provide a DIY divorce option for clients. Many clients praise Zarnowski for his dedication and excellent representation during stressful times. With Altitude Family Law, you can expect strong support and top-notch legal services.

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The Law Office of Emily Jones
3900 E Mexico Ave Suite 300, Denver, CO 80210, USA

The Law Office of Emily A. Jones tackles family law issues in Denver, Colorado. They handle divorce, child custody, and support. Emily A. Jones offers personalized representation in Colorado divorce cases. They fight for clients' rights. Hundreds have benefited from their dedicated service.

Grimaldi and Kinde PLLC
3401 Quebec St #4000, Denver, CO 80207, USA

Grimaldi & Kinde Law Offices specializes in Colorado family law. Based in Denver, they offer expert divorce and child custody services. They also handle protection orders and represent police officers and crime victims. With decades of experience, attorneys Mark Grimaldi and Laura Kinde navigate complex legal issues. They leverage insights from the University of Colorado Law School. Their focus includes officer misconduct, domestic violence, and estate planning. The firm ensures clients' rights are protected. They're known for compassionate support and strong advocacy. Grimaldi & Kinde earns top ratings for their legal excellence.

5280 Law Group
600 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203, USA

5280 Law Group specializes in family and criminal defense in Denver. They handle divorce, child custody, and DUIs. Decades of experience back their services. Laurie Schmidt leads the firm, offering expert representation in Colorado divorce cases. Known for reasonable fees and tailored advocacy. They protect clients' rights effectively.