WHAT MEL DID - Sincerity & sarcasm - a journal of sorts Melinda (‘Mel’) is a successful blogger (What Mel Did, HerMelness Speaks), newspaper columnist for the UK’s largest regional newspaper (The Eastern Daily Press), editor-in-chief of midlife online magazine (Post-40 Bloggers), enthusiastic amateur photographer (Melinda Fargo), a mentor and public speaker. To pay the bills, she is a project management professional. A widowed mother to four young people, she will marry Denzel Washington after the sudden and unexpected disappearance of any of his wives. She is also a Freelance Writer for hire.
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Falling in love with boredom

After last year’s medical dramas which, thankfully, are now behind me (fingers crossed and a zillion Hail Marys to all the saints), I am...

Let’s name this day spring

My favourite season, spring, is upon us, and I get why it is often compared to youth with all its newness and budding young...

May we see our children grow old

­My text this week is changed from that originally intended. Being a birthday weekend for me and my twin, there was contemplation aplenty to be had...