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This blog is dedicated to all those warrior cysters who fight an uphill struggle against pressure from society, pressure from family and pressure from themselves to fit into a typical feminine role of family creator. We are told as women that we must look a certain way or act a certain way and if we do not we are to be ridiculed until we bow under the pressure and conform. Well not this cyster, I am proud of the scars I have gained in my battle with pcos and I will continue to use my mach 3 so I do not look like an extra in ZZ Top. The vegan portion of this blog is aimed at everyone who has a compassionate heart and an open mind. Veganism is the belief that every living creature on the planet has as much right to live in peace as the next. I do not consume dairy, egg,s honey or meat and I will not be posting any recipes that contain these ingredients. I am more than willing to have a civilised debate with people who are willing to listen and not throw hatred and anger towards the unknown.
Added: September 24, 2018
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