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Why chamber a kick when we can throw it faster without chambering?

A question was posed to me about the issues between how traditionally we are taught to chamber a kick, and then what you have in sparring where kicks are thrown without the chamber. This was my reply, edited to be read on this blog.From a historical ...

How Traditional Taekwondo grows yet stays the same

The Traditional Taekwondo instructor - very much keeping it alive ... and real.A traditional art is a collection of wishes from long dead masters.The Traditional Taekwondo system - any system - however inspiring or epic in proportion and tale ...

You can have friends in the Martial Arts industry?

Whilst reading the interview on the back cover of Time Magazine, I had this brilliant idea to do a blog post if an interview of myself - yeah, written by myself! LOL. But then I thought anyone who knew what was going on would see right through ...

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