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Revisiting the Sine Wave for Tactical Training

I practice a version of Taekwondo that was exported out of Korea in the mid '50s.That is, exported out of Korea before the formation of the ITF and WTF. Our patterns are done in long stances, we stress an equal emphasis on feet and hand strikes, ...

Talking About One Technique

Sensei Johannes Regell, Kissaki-Kai, SwedenI don't know Johannes.I just happened on some of his videos on FaceBook group Passai/Patsai/Bassai Dai-Sho. What I like about this sensei and what he has produced - is the passion he exudes, and the ...

JDK's Longstanding Christmas Gift Idea Challenge

This Christmas Gift Idea challenge was first issued in 2008.We have now modified it to extend all year around. The idea is: you drop a relatively small deposit of $600 for two people to train, and if you make it to all our classes without missing ...

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