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News: Style v Style Fight in Vietnam

Xu Xiaodong a Chinese MMA fighter recently knocked out a Taichi Master and went viral for issuing a challenge to other traditional stylists whom he claimed were 'frauds' has sparked other 'style v style' fights. This particular one seemed to ...

Self-Control, Aggression, and De-escalation of Violence

The Tenets, Nijukun, and various other martial precepts call for self control of all who walk the path. Self-control seems to be a core theme for those trained to inflict violence on others.What is the relevance of such self-control in this ...


Etiquette Guidelines for the DojangGeneral Guidelines: You show respect for the art, to the instructors, to your fellow students, and to yourself by coming early for class, warm up in preparation for class, having a clean and presentable uniform, ...

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