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simple and surprising recipes for everyone. I am looking for the different combination. The original version is in dutch, called Due to a lot of international friends, I also made an engllsh version
Added: November 13, 2017
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oven dish with chicory and leek

During this cold and unpleasant winter weather, a hot and tasteful oven dish may bring some energy to survive these dark days. Though it is simple, it requires some preparation. But besides that, it is super easy. Ingredients: 2 pieces chicory ...

smoked chicken with avocado

I made this starter long ago, back in 2007, for the first time. Meanwhile it is quite easy to buy an avocado you can use immediately.  I remember back then I always bought them one week in advance so they could get ready for usage. You can ...

2017: most visited surprising recipes

Most often, I look forward. But with a new year on the counter, I wanted to look back to see which recipes had a lot of visits, certainly as the blog was intensified in the 2nd half of the year. So, please have an overview here of the 10 most ...

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