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Money Minute: Received a Credit Limit Increase? Here Are the Pros and Cons

Credit limit increases are not given by credit card companies lightly. They are a deliberate decision made based on a history of making your payments on time. If a company feels a credit increase would hinder your ability to make payments, they ...

Money Minute: Buying and Selling a House at the Same Time – What’s the Best Way to Do It?

  Closing on a new home can be one of the most exciting times of your life. So exciting, in fact, that it’s not hard for people to get wrapped up in the moment and forget about the other side of the coin — selling the home you already have! ...

Money Minute: Should I Check My Credit Score?

Most big decisions in your life involve — and even depend on — your credit score. The rates on your car loan, mortgage, and new credit card all depend on this number. However, despite its significance, most of us rarely think, “I should ...

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