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Added: November 22, 2010
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Kakum National Park

Kakum is a very popular tourist destination in Ghana.  We did the canopy walk, which was a scream.  The other people on the walk treated it more like a school outing, and the last thing you’re likely to see when there’s so much noise ...

Hans Cottage Botel

After the hot and harrowing visit to Cape Coast Castle, Kat drove us to Hans Cottage Botel, which has a pool, and several crocodiles in the nearby lake. As the sun went down, I sat by the lakeside and watched many weavers returning to their ...

Cape Coast Castle

I wasn’t looking forward to the tour around Cape Coast Castle, but it’s one of those things you have to do.  The castle is the site of great inhumanity to man – it was one of the largest slave-holding sites in the world, where mill

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