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Guinness Chili con Carne ReMake

A few years ago, I got ambitious and made a huge pot of chili con carne. It was amazing. I used a couple of bottles of Guinness stout as the liquid, and oh, my! This Guinness Chili con Carne filled my large crock pot to the very top with go ...

Chicken Tikka on my Menu

I have made all kinds of Indian dishes over the last many years, but had yet to get around to Chicken Tikka Masala. I made it once quite a lot of years back with my daughter. I had gotten her a huge cookbook, and the Chicken Tikka recipe looked ...

An Unusually Delicious Breakfast

I love breakfast. Most often, I eat traditional "breakfast" foods: eggs, toast, bagel, bacon, muffins, pancakes, French toast, oatmeal, and others. This is pretty evident, if anyone looks at my Index and the breakfast items that are listed there. ...

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