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Added: November 06, 2015
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The Abandoned Rubber Bowl Stadium of Akron, Ohio

Rubber Bowl Stadium of Akron, Ohio hosted crowds of cheering football fans and concert goers for nearly seven decades. Made obsolete by the newly built InfoCision Stadium – Summa Field in 2009, the Rubber Bowl now sits empty and rapidly decaying ...

Abandoned Rolling Acres Dead Mall - A Retail Graveyard

Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio was once a gleaming modern retail space bustling with life. The community could not have foreseen the desolate symbol of urban decay it would become only a few decades after it opened.After exploring the overgrown ...

Haunting Images of the Abandoned Otto's Greenhouse Reclaimed by Nature

Ever wonder what happens to a greenhouse when it is no longer tended and the plants are left to fend for themselves? The results can be truly spectacular, as I discovered when I happened upon the wild and overgrown ruins of Otto's Greenhouse ...

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