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Horace Mann School - Beloved and Abandoned in Gary, Indiana

Horace Mann School, once teeming with thousands of students, now sits abandoned and rotting, another monument to the lost prosperity of Gary, Indiana.I parked beside a crumbling brick apartment building in downtown Gary, Indiana. In the cold ...

The Ruins of a Gothic Masterpiece: Abandoned City Methodist Church of Gary, Indiana

City Methodist Church of Gary, Indiana is arguably the most beautiful example of urban decay in the Rust Belt. The Gothic Revival structure, which stands in ruins after decades of neglect, arson and vandalism, is stunning to behold.After exploring ...

The Abandoned Wyman-Gordon Power Plant of Dixmoor, Illinois

The abandoned Wyman-Gordon power plant towers above an overgrown industrial lot in Dixmoor, Illinois, the sole remaining structure of a century-old steel foundry.I'd just gotten a rare opportunity to explore the majestic Abandoned Prison of ...