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Added: November 06, 2015
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Close-up of an Abandoned Optics Factory

Witnessing the decrepit state of the former Warner & Swasey Company factory complex, it is difficult to imagine that it once supplied cutting-edge equipment for observatories across the US and overseas. After a hundred years of business, the ...

Inside the Ruins of an Abandoned Electronics Factory: Victoreen Instrument Company

Victoreen Instrument Company once supplied equipment for the Manhattan Project. The former electronics factory is now a ruined shell awaiting the inevitable wrecking ball.A short drive from the incredible abandoned Newburgh Masonic Temple lies ...

Secrets of an Abandoned Masonic Temple

A century-old masonic temple sits abandoned and heavily decaying. Decades since the departure of the Masons, the walls and ceilings of the ornate halls slowly fall in upon themselves and the many artifacts that remain.North of Akron, Ohio, home ...

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