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Added: November 06, 2015
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Haunting Images of the Abandoned Otto's Greenhouse Reclaimed by Nature

Ever wonder what happens to a greenhouse when it is no longer tended and the plants are left to fend for themselves? The results can be truly spectacular, as I discovered when I happened upon the wild and overgrown ruins of Otto's Greenhouse ...

Industrial Ruins of South Bend, Indiana

South Bend, Indiana once thrived as a major industrial city. Since the 1960s, manufacturing jobs have steadily disappeared, leaving the Rust Belt city riddled with abandoned factories and homes.After stopping in Buchanan, Michigan to see the ...

The Old Clark Equipment Plant in Buchanan, Michigan

Clark Equipment Company of Buchanan, Michigan produced industrial and construction equipment for most of the 20th century and was a major contributor to the US wartime industry during WWII. After the plant closed in the '80s, nature and the ...

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