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A UK-based blog about raising three house rabbits and one human baby.
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Making mummy friends

I feel like I’ve lost quite a few friends since getting married and becoming a mother. I’ve talked about it before. So I’d really like to make some mummy friends. The only trouble is, how exactly do you make friends as an adult? When you’re ...

Babywearing and us

Like most expectant parents, we dutifully went out and bought a travel system before the baby was born. But now that she’s here, I find that I’m actually babywearing more than I thought I would! We have two carriers at the moment. My husband ...

Wardrobe Wednesday: pretty in pink

I admit, I love buying clothes for my baby girl. She has far too many, probably, but it does mean I don’t need to do laundry multiple times a day! I also get pretty much all of her clothes in the sale. She has a Nana who buys lots of clothes ...

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