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Interior Teak .. Renewed!

A few months ago (I'm a bit behind on the blog with our projects), I finally tackled the job of cleaning & sanding Nirvana's interior teak.  The teak was in bad shape .. dirty, dull and water-stained.  This would be okay for weekend sailing, ...

2016 .. A Review!

Another year has whizzed by, and as I've done in the past .. I'm looking back at 2016 and summing it up.  This is my SIXTH year in review .. this has gotta be the year we leave right?  Bahamas or Bust in 2017!  The picture above shows Nirvana ...

Christmas on the Bayou & New Year's in Austin!

Where has the time flown?!  Other than my Christmas wish list, I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving!  With the holidays & poor weather, the boat projects have taken a brief pause and we spent both Thanksgiving & Christmas day in the ...