Rent luxury and sports cars in Europe with Lurento. Available in Italy, Spain, Germany, Monaco, Switzerland, Austria.
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Rental guide: Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB – Introduction The Ferrari 488 GTB brings you monstrous turbocharged perfection, with the unmistakable essence and racing DNA of the legendary Italian Brand. It features a mid-engined V8, smaller in size than the 458’s engine, ...

Wieviel kostet es einen Ferrari in Italien zu mieten?

Die Kosten variieren je nach Automodell und dem Besitzer der Mietwagenfirma. Unter anderem beeinflussen Faktoren wie Fahrzeugalter und Qualität der Wartung den Preis. Deshalb ist es am besten über eine Preisspanne zu sprechen. Um einen Ferrari ...

How much to rent a Range Rover in Europe?

Each car is built for a specific purpose, and it is sometimes difficult to discern which one suits your needs best. Particularly if you’re looking for a safe and practical vehicle that will go anywhere and be everything you need it to be while ...

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