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Added: October 26, 2009
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Latent expectations

Unshed tears Unspoken fears Half-baked conversations Simmering speculations Feelings which were Buried beneath the mundane Forgotten smidgen of Pleasure and pain They lay strewn And crumpled In the creases Of time that Flows between us They ...

Why should we let our men cry

There’s this sensitive video’s been floating around on What’s app and social media about how right from childhood boys are told not to cry. It is a short clip, but it compels you to think about how years of being conditioned to hold back ...

The refusal to change

Something that I haven’t quite able to fathom is the Indian obsession with maintaining status quo. We will go all out to endure misery as long as it is familiar misery. The moment the possibility of change looms large in front of us, we retreat ...

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