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Forays into running, healthy eating and losing weight
Added: September 28, 2012
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#Janathon Day 19 – The Frosty Run

Basically I spent a lot of this morning whinging about Janathon. I changed into my running kit to take the Pugs to the park with the plan of doing my normal routine of getting back from our walk and immediately going back out for a run. I complained ...

#Janathon Day 18 – The Day Something Went Ping

As of today, there are only 2 weeks left of Janathon so that’s great for you guys, just 2 more weeks until you can stop hearing about how I went out for a really boring 10-minute run or learned how to use a cross trainer. So, today was a ...

#Janathon Day 17 – The One I’m writing in the Car

I have to say I’m terribly proud of myself today. I’d had a lovey spa afternoon yesterday, followed by some wine and lovely dinner at the Malvern Spa and I woke up all snuggly buggly in a big comfy bed with a view over the Malvern Hills. ...

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