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Booze Blogger Tips: Drinkstagramming vs. Blogging

I've been saying I would start this series for a while now, and instead of waiting for a website re-design (or whatever other excuse was holding me back), I'm just going to start.  Today.The purpose of this Booze Blogger Tips series is to offer ...

Indian Summer with Glenfiddich

Indian Summer is one of my favorite times of the year, those extraordinary warm days at the beginning of fall when it still feels like summer, but just a bit more pleasant.  The heat has broken, but the sun is still bright and warm, and the ...

Campari America Spirited Connections Interview Series: Natasha David

My latest for the Campari America #SpiritedInterview series is about an issue that I care deeply about, and selfishly have a lot of curiosity about.  As a young woman in the spirits industry who would like to have a family one day, I have ...

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