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Schar Gluten Free Goodies

Just A Few BitsEveryone who was a fan of DS Gluten Free will no doubt be very aware of the name change to Schar, it's just taken me forever to get around to writing what I think of both the goodies they sent me and the various supermarket ...

Silly Yak Gluten Free Pastry

Best Discovery In YearsI'm just going to pretend that there hasn't been a gap of nearly 8 months between posts if that's okay. I'd rather not think about why I've been absent and tell you about something lovely instead. Cool?So ...

Gluten Free Halloween Brownies

Clutter Of Spiders (Thankfully Plastic)It might seem a bit odd, but these Halloween Brownies started out being developed as Halloween Ghost Meringues. How? You might ask.Well. It all started fine, I separated the first egg by transferring the ...