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Fotofun The Two Forms of Fotofun! Regular, and Real Photo Postcard LAUGH YOUR HEAD OFF

One of my favorite finds is Fotofun!  There were for regular snapshots and one which produced real photo postcards (of a sort)  Both are pretty scarce.  Those of you manipulating photographs might be surprised to know W. J. Glassmacher ...

Surfa-Tone Tex Products Mid-Century Modern Wall Slurry! Antique Color Chemical Soup for the Wall.

It's SURFA-TONE the Rubber Paint!  In the "antique color" series here, I generally tell a bit of company history, but a brief search is all it took to learn there are too many variations of the "Tex" name in companies.  This one was based ...

Risky Risque Sequential Real Photo Postcards

Risky Risque Sequential Real Photo Postcards circa 1940