Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Centerpiece of the Jim Linderman blog network. A blog about surface, wear, form, and authenticity in art, antiques, design, and photography. Dull tool and dim bulb were the only swear words his father ever used. Items from the Jim Linderman collection of vernacular photography, folk art, ephemera, and curiosities. Weird, wonderful, wicked, smart, essential and DAILY.

December 06, 2009
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Angels Folk Art Watercolor painting "Christ the Lord is Risen" Handpainted postcard dated 1914

Wooden Lumberjack at the Snohomish, Washington Grange State Fair 1936 Folk Art Sculpture Real Photo Postcard

African-American Yard Show Folk Art in the Black Eden Idlewild, Michigan Black History 1915 RPPC Collection Jim Linderman


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