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Meandering thoughts of a wandering blonde abroad in Asia. Updates about all sorts of fun and interesting findings including: travel, history, culture, art, law, business, fashion, cooking, and more.
Added: March 20, 2017
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Door #Warmers – Life Up North

?#Changchun (my home city in #China ) just started putting up these red ‘door’ warmers for the winter.  Supposedly, it’s so that our hands don’t freeze to the door handle. ?????  If your doors need anti-freeze mechanisms, It’s time ...

Business Symbols & Abbreviations

Common Business, Economics, and Finance Symbols & Abbreviations     Symbol & Abbreviation Meaning ? Change or Difference (?Q means the change in Quantity Demanded from time 1 to time 2 + Plus, Rise, Goes Up, Increases, Add – Minus, Fall, ...

#Business and #Economics: Business Vocabulary with Chinese Translations (Update)

I’ve added new terms to the list of Business Vocabulary. Don’t forget, the Chinese translations come from the Chinese students rather than professional translators. While I believe they are accurate, you may want to consult professionals ...

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