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Meandering thoughts of a wandering blonde abroad in Asia. Updates about all sorts of fun and interesting findings including: travel, history, culture, art, law, business, fashion, cooking, and more.
Added: March 20, 2017
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Definitely #KPOP Star Material!

There is no way on earth you can convince me that this little #Korean guy and his pouch are not the #CUTEST things you’ve seen today. I mean the dude comes with hat, pouch, little shoes and all. ???? He is seriously #adorable and now proudly ...

Iced #Chocolate ?

Iced #Chocolate at #CaffeBene ? in Changchun, #China! Love the #Art in this Cafe, the paintings are pretty ?

#Tech Smart – Using #Didi in China

SUCCESS! I finally tried using #Didi for the first time this week! In the US, we have #uber but China has a program called #Didi as their alternative. ???? I really enjoyed it actually! You put in your pick-up spot and destination. It finds ...

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