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The Best Types of Life Insurance (AND One You Should Avoid)

In an effort to provide more content around life insurance (and insurance in general), I wanted to get the help from one of my good friends and he provided. Today’s post is from Chris Huntley, who not only writes about life insurance, helps ...

To Refinance or Not to Refinance? That is the Question!

We have 5 kids and live in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house. That may seem a bit tight to you and let me tell you that most days, it is! Therefore, we’ve been talking about our options to add another room onto the house, along with tearing down ...

Our First Trip to Sandals Montego Bay, Jamaica (But Certainly Not Our Last)

Who said blogging doesn’t amount to anything? Well, I can tell you that blogging not only changed my life by allowing me to pursue a passion of mine, but also let’s you travel the world! Win-win if you ask me. My wife and I got to spend ...