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10 Ways Leaders Aren’t Making Time for their Team Members (Infographic)

Performance planning, coaching, and review are the foundation of any well-designed performance management system, but the results of a recent study suggest that leaders are falling short in meeting the expectations of their direct reports. ...

4 Ways to Lower Stress in 4 Minutes or Less

Lowering your stress level—it’s a fact of life many coaching clients want to address. The sheer busyness of people’s day-to-day work lives causes many to feel stressed out, overwhelmed, and ill equipped to deal with situations that come ...

New Boss Might Not Like You? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine, I am a senior manager in a global company and have been here fourteen years. About two years ago, I spoke with my boss about being promoted to director level. She told me neither she nor her boss thought I was ready for promotion ...

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