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Grapes & Grains

Grapes & Grains is an international community and blog dedicated to food, drinks, arts, and culture. The blog shares interesting topics on food and beverages from around the world, emphasizing pairing, history, culture, and traditions.

A Sweet Alternative

Healthy gluten-free recipes with plenty of paleo, vegan, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free options.

easy and surprising recipes for everyone

Your Dream Coffee

Your Dream Coffee is the perfect place to get your coffee fix! I've got all the latest and greatest coffees, as well as all the classics that you know and love.

ThermoJo Cooking Adventures With Her Thermomix

Learn all about having fun and cooking successfully with your Thermomix. Thermojo shares all her cooking adventures with you.


ThermoKitchen is your online Thermomix specialist Australia-wide. Sharing Thermomix recipes, tips, and tricks.

Meat Barbecue Catering

The Grillman Catering offers a variety of menus for small and large events. We provide quality meat for events, including hot toppings, including fresh salads, and of course, drinks and desserts. Here you can enjoy a variety of quality meats made directly on the grill and served together with hot additions suitable for quality meat. On our site, you can enjoy a variety of quality meat grills and recipes. For more information about the service we offer for events, contact us through the website, and we will be happy to make you available. The Grillman team is an expert at catering Asado for events.

We provide services for all types of events; weddings, parties, birthdays, conferences, social gatherings, and family gatherings. We adapt a rich meat menu designed according to the event owner's budget for every event.

The catering team is managed by an expert meat chef who works together with 5 professional teams providing our grilling services.

Grillman Catering is considered Israel's leading caterer for grill events on fire. Our menus include everything you need for a good meat meal; Professional staff, fancy serving buffets, perishable utensils, and of course, a lot of quality meat accompanied by hot toppings, fresh salads, drinks, and desserts. Contact us today and get a quote for an event in good ministry.

Fresh Recipes

Recipes group, all with delicious recipes. Place your recipe with photos and a clear description. Preferably in English so that everyone can read it. If you have friends with good cooking tips. Invite them out so you can share experiences with others

 The Southern Lady Cooks

A blog about southern cooking and the south with lots of recipes, quotes, and home cooking

The Would-be Brewmaster

A blog about home brewing beer, the highs, the lows, the hangovers.


Quick and easy recipes using healthy, seasonal, mainly vegetarian ingredients. Lots of inspiration on how to use herbs, spices, edible flowers, and other natural flavorings to make fantastic meals and impress your family and friends.


A recipe site with a collection of fresh, homemade, and easy to make recipes.

The Bachelor's Cookhouse

The Bachelor's Cookhouse is written by Theo Bachelor, a food blogger who loves to share his recipes. His recipes are filed according to specific completion time, believing

that there is always enough time to feed oneself something good.

In a hurry? At The Bachelor's Cookhouse, it is easy to find recipes prepared in under 15 minutes. Or, if you are in the mood for a more extended fusion of flavors, some dishes can be prepared in under an hour or more.


Catering Online is all about saving you money and spreading a bit of kindness. I'm hoping to encourage caterers to help others and save you money when cooking. I share recipes that I love and give my honest opinion on catering-related products and services that I have used. My blogs range from recipes to food poverty. A section of my website called 'Caring Caterers' showcases those caterers who help the homeless and less fortunate.

The Blegger

A guide where we review the best bars & pubs in Madrid, Spain, basically a beer blog.

The Fast Recipe Food Blog

The Fast Recipe aims to offer homemade fast food recipes suitable for busy people trying to feed a family in a healthy, tasty, and budget-friendly way.

Ben VIveur

Ben Vivieur is a blog written by a renowned author, critic, and gourmand, Benjamin Nunn. It is full of strong opinions and commentaries about the food and drink industry.

Restaurant reviews are brutally honest, whether about a newly opened pub or a savory discovery. Beer is a celebrated topic, with the articles mainly being about brewing, breweries, festivals, and nostalgia. There's a yearly award for the best pub in London as well.

This Model Eats a Lot

The profession disapproves, yet the love for food never dies. Join me in the relentless pursuit of culinary pleasure. And bring a napkin.

Nine for Dinner

Nine for Dinner is all about giving tips, tricks, and recipes needed for feeding a family. Whether your household is big or small, this blog provides valuable information about kitchen tips, grocery savings, menus, and children's favorites. There are many interesting posts to read, such as the blogger's food musings, favorite cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and fun anecdotes.

A must-read for the modern homemaker.

Lilikoi and Lemongrass

Delicious, simple plant-based recipes while living, learning, and loving on Maui Hawaii

Afternoon Tea4Two

A blog on tea, coffee, chocolate & cakes, and all things homemade including vintage and modern…


Flaevor is a recipe website focused on everyday cooking, mixing international flavours using herbs, spices, sauces and marinades. Classic recipes are given a modern twist along with the development of new exciting flavour combinations. Flaevor also features a herb, spice and ingredient directory along with ‘how-to’ cooking instructions and techniques.

The Coffee  Bean Menu

The Coffee Bean Menu is our little blog about coffee, coffee beans, where they are grown, what great beans are from various regions, and just anything related to coffee and coffee beans.

We've put a lot of work into this site over the years and hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor!


Jaggerware LLC

Planet Doppio - The Coffee Metablog

The most interesting coffee articles from the most exciting coffee blogs in the world.


cheap homecooked food in manchester, uk

Cookie and Kate

For those obsessed with food, join Cookie and Kate for recipes that are easily organized for everyone to access. Kate and her dog, Cookie, live in Kansas City and focus on this food blog as a full-time deal. If Kate's food photography doesn't reel you in, her approachable recipes will.

You'll find food recipes for each meal and can even search by diet for gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and more. Everything is focused on nutrition and health while making meals delicious and fun. With natural and sustainable food plus versatile recipes to adjust to your needs, this food blogger and cookbook author is one to follow.

Minimalist Baker

The Minimalist Baker is a cooking blog that keeps recipes simple for everyone. With meals with 10 ingredients or less, one-bowl recipes, or dinners that take 30 minutes or less to prepare, it takes a minimalist approach to food preparation with delicious results.

The essential food blog for beginners and experienced cooks who need new inspiration for healthy and easy meals. Lauded for being an approachable place for family recipes for all meals and desserts, there is a focus on plant-based options. No fancy ingredients, lengthy recipes, or expensive kitchen gadgets are required.