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31.  Fitness Date Club Blog

Fitness Date Club Blog

”Energy for Your Body & Soul(mate)”
A newly opened blog on Fitness Date Club will have articles about training tips, fitness activities, nutrition, wellness, and more. So whether your fitness passion is yoga, running, bodybuilding, cycling, or some other exercise activity, you are more likely to find a workout partner or a life partner on this online dating site than just about anywhere else. If you are focused on living an active, healthy life, what better way is there than to have a significant other who feels the same way.

32.  Smelling Salts by Jump Start

Smelling Salts by Jump Start

This blog provides news and reviews on popular smelling salts and supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals. Learn more about testosterone boosters or energy products.

33.  NinjaWarriorX


NinjaWarriorX documents my journey in becoming a Ninja Warrior. I will write down everything I learn during my training. You will see tips for improving grip strength, mobility, and balance, and mastering certain obstacles amongst many others.

34.  PB Works

PB Works

Everybody benefits from an active and healthy lifestyle. PB Works is here to help guide you towards achieving your true health potential. From exercise strategies to diet and medical tips, the blog is an easy and free source of useful information. All articles are written by expert researchers and/or health experts in the particular field. You can become a stronger, more resilient physical specimen by adding to your fitness knowledge.

35.  Jim's Trek

Jim's Trek

Biking, journey and travel blog by a 67-year-old adventurer.

36.  5K and Counting

5K and Counting

Stay inspired and motivated to run faster, stronger, and longer. This running blog shares experiences, race tips, training, and running gear reviews to get you informed about the world of marathons and racing.

37.  Over The Hill Fitness

Over The Hill Fitness

We are a new healthy lifestyle blog focusing on adults 40 and over. Join us as we share our own journey and others.

38.  Rxd Sleeves | Compression Sleeves and Wraps Resource

Rxd Sleeves | Compression Sleeves and Wraps Resource is an informational resource and product review blog about all things compression sleeves and wraps. Whether you want compression sleeves or wraps for recovery, squats, running, Olympic lifting, power-lifting, or for all-around general use, we can help you find what's best for you. Our goal is to provide you with quality reviews and information on compression sleeves so that you can make the most informed decision when buying online or in person. Other types of compression garments we review include but are not limited to Compression shorts, Compression tights, compression wrist wraps, Compression elbow sleeves, and Compression socks. Hope to see you there!

39.  DirtyTrailShoes


Dirty Trail Shoes aims to inspire you to start running. Find equipment reviews, race reports, tips, and analysis.

40.  No Excuse Girl

No Excuse Girl

A health and fitness blog sharing the latest nutrition tips and workouts to give you the body you've always wanted. NoExcuseGirl takes a common-sense approach to a healthy lifestyle and believes that with motivation, dedication, and consistency, you can reach your fitness goals and achieve your desired results. Leave your excuses at the door and NoExcuseGirl will lay out the plan that you need to give you a beautiful, healthy physique.

41.  Inside Body Building

Inside Body Building

Find the information you can use to build an impressive body from one of the best bodybuilding blogs. Discover natural bodybuilding supplements to help you get jacked and tips on how to regain your muscles.

42.  Stay Fit n Young

Stay Fit n Young

Blog dedicated to helping others achieve fitness. Let us build a fitted and better world.

43.  Irene Pastore Fitness at

126 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003, USA
Irene Pastore Fitness at

Irene Pastore Fitness is a remote personal training, a group class website, and an educational blog that covers a wide range of health and fitness topics. The blog is written by Irene Pastore, Certified Personal Trainer, and health educator. Relevant blog categories include easy-to-prepare recipes,fitness motivation, recommended exercise equipment, aging, fitness quotations,exercise injury prevention, weight loss, how to, prenatal, and more.

Outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to the Hiking Accident Prevention Series, where they learn how to prepare for safe back country journeys. The blog is free and open to all visitors.

44.  Workout Nutrition to Boost HGH and Test Hormones Naturally

Workout Nutrition to Boost HGH and Test Hormones Naturally

An informative blog on how to increase human growth hormone and testosterone levels the natural way with workout and bodybuilding supplements. Safe products for fitness and bodybuilding: peptides, boosters, sprays reviewed and compared.

45.  Couch To Runner

Couch To Runner

A running-related blog about my personal progress from couch potato to marathon runner. Here I will talk about my training, providing tips, motivation, and advice for both new and experienced runners along the way.

46.  Get Jacked At Home -

Get Jacked At Home -

I'll Show You Exactly How I Build Muscle At Home!

47.  The New Basis

The New Basis

Make lasting changes to your health and fitness with this personal training blog. The New Basis helps with weight loss, disease management, sport-specific or tournament preparation.

48.  Chasses 'n Lattes

Chasses 'n Lattes

Chasses 'n Lattes is a blog that promotes a healthy mind and body through dance and fitness.

49.  MudRuckr


MudRuckr is a site about Functional Fitness. Functional Fitness is about preparing you for everyday life.
This is not a site about bodybuilding or being king of the gym. Instead, we explore fitness as a lifestyle.
We promote participation in Obstacle Course Races and other endurance challenges.
At MudRuckr we are also fans of Functional Fitness and other workout programs that are geared toward total body workouts.
This site is for active people that want to get outside and enjoy a healthy life.

50.  Fit Bob

Fit Bob

The Premier Website Guiding You In Developing Healthy Behaviors.

51.  What Is The Best Workout Equipment For Home

What Is The Best Workout Equipment For Home

At The Workout Equipment, we provide you with the best workout equipment, supplements, diets, exercises, reviews, and more. Helping you get fit is our goal.

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