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Last Updated: 14/04/2023

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REYFILM - Miami Video Production Services

We are a Miami-based video production company. We specialize in all things about video production services. We produce various projects such as commercials, promotional videos, and more. When embarking on a project, we strive for more than pure creativity. We aim to develop a winning formula for each video on the winning side of creativity and number metrics such as reach and conversions. We make videos that target the right audience and persuade them to take the desired action. Our services include Corporate Video Production, Music Videos, Business Video Production, Social Media Videos, TV Commercials, Real Estate Video Tours, Event Coverage, Interviews, and more.

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Magid is a consumer-centered business strategy and custom research company offering innovative solutions in market intelligence, product development, customer engagement, change management, and analytics-driven insights. They cater to industries like media & entertainment and travel & hospitality for data-backed decision-making support.

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Southern Patio Enclosures

Southern Patio Enclosures specializes in custom, commercial-grade patio enclosures for restaurants, cafes, and bars. Enhance outdoor spaces year-round with weatherproof screens that protect from the elements while offering a comfortable atmosphere. Our durable products are NFPA 701 Certified Flame and Fire Retardant; choose clear vinyl or sun shade material to complement your business design needs. Discover easy installation options and exceptional customer support throughout the process at Southern Patio Enclosures.

Wine Preservation Systems
8810 Commodity Circle, Orlando, FL, USA

Wineemotion USA is the authorized distributor for Wineemotion™ wine dispensers and preservation systems. Enhance customer experience with advanced wine preservation technology, ideal for wineries, tasting rooms, and commercial establishments. Experience quality service since 2003.

ForTest.com - Leak Testing for Industrial Quality Control

ForTest specializes in leak testing and leakage detection for a range of industries, including medical, aerospace, automotive, mechanical, and oligodynamic. Utilizing advanced technologies and high-resolution measurements to optimize test cycles while minimizing errors due to thermal variations within product components. Their extensive experience backed by innovation since the 80s & 90s era changes and continuous expansion in new sectors ensures leading solutions industry-wide.

Training Consultants

TrainSmart, a leading corporate training firm with over 25 years of experience, offers tailored solutions such as On-the-Job Training and Employee Onboarding. Dedicated to enriching employee skills across industries, our services aim for better performance and enhanced productivity in organizations worldwide.

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Acoustics Consultants UK - Bristol and London

ParkerJones Acoustics offers expert acoustic consulting services for various industries, handling noise and vibration issues from planning to construction. Based in Bristol, London, and Glasgow with international experience, their approach is friendly yet comprehensive while providing clear reports tailored to clients' needs across the UK.

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Nick Garrett Traditional Signwriter

NGS Sign Lettering & Sign Writing offers London's best sign painting and mural art services. Specializing in house numbers, office wayfinding, shop signs, and gilded signage with a modern twist on traditional styles for over 25 years. Expertise includes elegant hand-painted lettering tailored to businesses or homes looking to make an impression through exceptional craftsmanship by experienced artists Nick Garrett and Seraina of the NGS team.

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Hallmark Labels

Hallmark provides bespoke label and merchandising solutions to help retailers and fashion brands stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Our range includes self adhesive labels, woven labels, swing tags, branded hangers and all manner of printed packaging.

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Floor Tape Store

The Floor Tape Store offers high-quality floor tapes, applicators, and accessories for operational excellence. Enhance your workspace with 5S training material, Mighty Line products, customized floor signs, color-coded visual control tape & social distancing solutions.


News curated by influencers around the world.

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Ottawa Printing

OttawaPrint.com offers quick, affordable printing services, including banners, business cards, gift cards, and booklets. Enjoy free delivery across Canada and the US (non-remote areas), design assistance options, and secure payment processing for a convenient user experience.

Poshmark Virtual Assistants - Poshmark Sharer

PoshmarkSharer.com is the top-rated automation-free solution to closet management and virtual assistants for your Poshmark closet. All services are done by hand, making us compliant with Poshmark’s “Terms of Service”.

We offer:

  • Monthly virtual assistants
  • Following
  • Self-Shares
  • Community Shares
  • Unfollowing
  • Cross Listing
  • Custom Packages and more.


Visit PoshmarkSharer.com for even more customer reviews.

“ These virtual assistants are AMAZING and valuable to your Poshmark business. Not to mention that this is a tax deduction possibility if you are filing taxes on your Poshmark sales, as it is an operating expense. You can't go wrong with hiring a virtual assistant. These are NOT bots; they are humans that share one by one, no different than moms that have their kids do it for chore money; using a virtual assistant is amazing for growing your posh closet and selling MORE items. Their weekend warrior package was one of my favorites. I have tried this service and was very happy with it. “ B. Zara

“Love this package (Monthly silver), I have had more sales than ever! Try it out; you won’t be disappointed” - @GirlCaveCentral

“ I don’t know how you guys did it, but I made 12 sales today and had tons of offers” -Trisha. R (Weekend Warrior)

“ This package paid for itself within the first day! I made 11 sales totaling $744. I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. I highly recommend this service. I’m a customer for life. I don’t think I can share on my own ever again! I don’t know how you guys did it, but thank you. “ - Mary Cashel

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Cleveland Service Agency

Need prompt reply, REAL-TIME E-notification of job status? Prior military and law enforcement professionals have been offering Legal Process Services for nearly two decades. In business since 2000, Licensed & Insured Private Investigators since 2003, our specialty is Professional Process Servers. We have offices in Cleveland, Ohio, and Asheville, North Carolina. Satisfaction guarantee, FREE skip trace available. We serve the nation's top law firms, government entities, and others who must serve the process anywhere in the USA. We can handle high-volume oil pipeline notification servers and real estate foreclosure process services.

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Montreal Printing

Montreal Printing is an online printing website that allows quick and easy ordering of your printing jobs. With instant pricing available for Business Cards, Plastic Cards, Booklets, Banners, Trade show displays, and more.

Oz Building Maintenance

Oz Building Maintenance is an expert in managing repairs and maintenance needs for commercial, property, and industrial clients in Sydney.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching in Australia offers personalized and strategic guidance to entrepreneurs and professionals, aiding them in achieving business growth and unlocking their full potential. Using a mix of proven methodologies and modern techniques, the service offers flexible coaching sessions, including group and 1-on-1 virtual options. By partnering with their coaches, clients gain a strategic advantage, confidential advice, and consistent support on their path to success.

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Company Funding Options

Company Funding Options offers a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to UK business funding solutions. Specializing in loans and financial products for growth or restructuring purposes, their expert team helps businesses navigate various funding options efficiently and confidentially. Experience tailored support with ease today.

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1801 Green Rd, Pompano Beach, FL 33064, United States

BlankPlasticCards.com offers a vast selection of USA-made, high-quality PVC plastic cards in various colors and finishes. Explore metallic and fluorescent designs or choose from magnetic stripe variations for diverse applications like membership identification.

Industrial Demolition

Industrial Demolition Services (IDS) is a renowned Australian company specializing in demolition, deconstruction, and decommissioning. With over 40 years of experience, IDS offers top-notch services to various industries while emphasizing environmentally friendly practices and recycling initiatives for diverse projects across Australia.

Money 4 Machinery
Pottery Road, Southwick, Sunderland, UK

Money 4 Machinery is a dedicated buyer of used plant and machinery, offering hassle-free transactions for various equipment types from top manufacturers. Their fast-paced process accommodates fleet owners, private sellers, banks or financial institutions with free valuations and prompt response times to make selling your gear simple and efficient.

SoCal Sights

Discover SoCal Sights, an insider's guide to Southern California showcasing the region's unique attractions and hidden gems. Explore itineraries, support local businesses, and connect through innovative social networking solutions. Experience SoCal like a true local.

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General Contractor Looking for Subcontractors

LookingForSubs.com connects licensed General Contractors with skilled subcontractors in various trades and specialties. With a focus on quality, the platform verifies licenses and references to ensure smooth project collaborations for all construction needs.

Stock Buyer UK

We purchase clearance stock, surplus stock, excess stock, old stock, short-dated stock, damaged stock, and much more.

We offer same-day payment & collection of stock within 48 hours.

If you need to clear your warehouse, office, or unit, please get in touch.