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Artie's Eight by Frame Destination

Artie's Eight take a step inside the minds of successful artists and photographers to learn what inspires them, how they got to where they are and everything else along the way.

Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Centerpiece of the Jim Linderman blog network. A blog about surface, wear, form and authenticity in art, antiques, design and photography. Dull tool and dim bulb were the only swear words his father ever used. Items from the Jim Linderman collection of vernacular photography, folk art, ephemera and curiosities. Weird, wonderful, wicked, smart, essential and DAILY.

World of Irises

The primary source of information about iris flowers for iris lovers. It includes photos, varieties, propagation techniques, and gardening ideas from The American Iris Society.

Vicki Brown Designs

Crafty pursuits of a knitting artist ranging from socks and shawls to sweaters and cardigans. All about yarn designing and techniques to inspire beginner and expert crochet projects.

Bite-Size Business for Actors with The Actors' Enterprise

Bite-Size Business is a program created to help actors navigate the business in a way that is fun, empowering and educational.

A Heart A Day

A blog of love. A blog of hate. An image a day. (Well, let's see how long I can keep that up...). Except for the weekends. Always a heart. Yet always not just that.

Thought Changer

Thought Changer offers ideas and discoveries that empower consciousness, creativity, mindfulness, inspiration, wisdom, and personal success.

Black Amethyst Tattoo Gallery | St. Pete Tattoo | St. Petersburg Tattoo

Black Amethyst Tattoo is a St Pete tattoo shop providing an art-first approach in a gallery setting. We promise you a comfortable, enjoyable, tattoo experience!

Voice Dictionary Daily Def

Let's get wordy!® Graphic and text definitions as defined by Voice Dictionary, an #Android application. Follow @VoiceDictionary or search for #DailyDef #DailyGFXDef #LetsGetWordy

Quilts SB - A Quilting Adventure

Quilts SB is our portfolio and journal of our working and progress in the area of quilting and fabric art. Quilts SB presents and follows the creation and lifespan working of each quilt. It is also a Portfolio of almost all quilts we have created and/or designed and made.


Showcase of Paola De Giovanni's timeless and spellbiding b/w and colour photographs

Thoughts on Tai Chi

A personal blog, a diary or notebook, about the Chinese martial art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan). 30 years of experience in this art is expressed in a blog that was listed in 20017 as the 13th top Tai Chi blog of the top 25 best blogs on the internet.

Nerd-girls, Romantics and Time-Travelers

Husband and wife writers share favorite reads, film reviews, Jane Austen inspired books, novels, and interviews of celebrities for the nerds and romantics.

Brixton Book Group

The South London Pub based Brixton Book Group

Writer On Art

I write for art. To build bridges between the artist and the viewer. Texts that you want to read, because they get to the point. Art is often difficult to grasp. And complicated texts filled with -isms just don’t help. Art is a message. And as a message, it wants receivers. I try to be a translator of this message. From Art to Language. From Art Language to Language. The audience is reading.

Professor Horners Art Class

Provides art tips, tricks and tools for the emerging artist

Just Follow The White Rabbit

A fun way to discover wonderful visual art: just click the rabbit to find the most amazing and inspiring artworks. Are you ready for a trip to Wonderland? Just follow the White Rabbit....

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