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Carmichael Woman Dies After Fiery U-Haul Crash

08/26/2021 14:54:52 PM

Three Attorneys Recognized Among The Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch List for 2022

08/19/2021 13:37:29 PM

Six Attorneys Recognized Among The Best Lawyers in America for 2022

08/19/2021 13:33:00 PM

Over 2,000 COVID-19 Employment Lawsuits Filed in the United States

08/17/2021 16:10:47 PM

Peloton Recalls 125,000 Tread and Tread+ Treadmills

08/10/2021 16:15:55 PM

Wildfire Season Is Here and It Is Intense

08/04/2021 15:39:43 PM

Dixie Fire Checklist: How Do Residents & Property Owners Prepare for Evacuation or Loss?

07/30/2021 15:12:56 PM

California State Employees Must Show Proof of Vaccination

07/27/2021 16:47:01 PM

PG&E’s Plan to Bury Power Lines Shows the True Benefits of Lawsuits

07/23/2021 10:54:04 AM

PG&E says its Equipment May be Linked to Massive Dixie Fire – Patrick McNicholas Speaks with Bay Area’s KTVU

07/22/2021 15:32:40 PM

Did PG&E’s Equipment Start the Massive Dixie Wildfire?

07/22/2021 13:39:39 PM

Associate Michael Kent Selected as a 2021 Southern California Rising Star by Super Lawyers

06/08/2021 18:45:51 PM

LAPD Officers Vindicated with Judgments by the City of Los Angeles Over “Blue Flu” Accusations

05/28/2021 17:37:59 PM

McNicholas & McNicholas Selected as Finalist for National Law Journal’s 2021 Elite Trial Lawyers

05/17/2021 19:16:56 PM

Experienced Attorneys Explain Pain and Suffering Awards

05/11/2021 17:30:48 PM

Report to Congress Shows Popular Baby Foods Contain Toxic Metals

05/04/2021 17:02:29 PM

Sun-Maid Growers of California Facing Wage and Hour Lawsuit

04/27/2021 17:39:52 PM

KFI AM 640 Reports on McNicholas & McNicholas, LLP’s LAPD Retaliation Lawsuit

03/12/2021 13:06:38 PM

Employment Law Changes in 2021

02/16/2021 21:56:32 PM

Chest Injuries from Car Accidents

02/09/2021 17:52:35 PM

What If There Were No Witnesses to My Car Accident?

02/03/2021 10:34:14 AM

MyNewsLA Features Lawsuit Over “Blue Flu” Accusation; Veteran LAPD Officer Sues City of Los Angeles

01/28/2021 16:40:00 PM

Do Guardrails Really Help Stop Truck Accidents?

01/26/2021 18:04:56 PM

McNicholas & McNicholas Case Ranked Top 50 Labor & Employment in the U.S. by

01/25/2021 17:18:28 PM

Waymo’s Driverless Cars Are Hitting the Road – But Are They Safe?

01/20/2021 13:36:52 PM

The Connection Between Algorithmic Bias and Employment Discrimination

01/13/2021 17:50:54 PM

FDA Issuing Warning Letters to Companies Selling Fraudulent COVID-19 Treatments

01/05/2021 22:16:15 PM

Family of Pilot Killed Fighting Wildfires Sues Aircraft Company

12/30/2020 12:08:30 PM

Have You Seen “Chippie” Hanging Out in Traffic?

12/16/2020 17:47:29 PM

Lawsuit Filed: Former LAPD Officer Sues City of Los Angeles for Violating California Labor Code Involving Illegal Gang-Related Demands – Featured in La Opinion

12/04/2020 17:19:15 PM

Pursuing Catastrophic Injury Damages for Chronic Pain

11/05/2020 15:28:50 PM

McNicholas & McNicholas LLP Named 2021 “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News – Best Lawyers®

11/05/2020 13:13:42 PM

Teenagers Who Vape Are at Higher Risk for COVID-19

10/28/2020 13:27:41 PM

Benchmark Litigation Recognizes McNicholas & McNicholas in 2021 Benchmark California Guide

10/28/2020 12:29:51 PM

Smoke and Ash Inhalation Often Comes with Catastrophic Burn Injuries

10/21/2020 12:57:20 PM

What You Need to Know about Big-Rig Blind Spots

10/13/2020 17:04:13 PM

Matthew McNicholas and Patrick McNicholas Named Among The Recorder’s 2020 California Trailblazers

10/12/2020 20:09:32 PM

Why Is It So Hard to Sue Amazon for Defective Products?

10/06/2020 17:01:29 PM

Crushing Injuries Related to Vehicle Collisions

09/16/2020 11:31:25 AM

Two Employment Cases Ranked Top 50 Settlements in California by

09/11/2020 13:16:10 PM

Lawsuit Filed: Officer Alleges Retaliation for Refusing to Comply with LAPD’s Illegal Gang-Labeling Quotas – Los Angeles Times Interviews Matthew McNicholas

09/10/2020 16:34:55 PM

What Are Wage and Hour Violations?

09/08/2020 15:00:11 PM

When Is a Broker or Shipper Liable for a Truck Accident?

09/02/2020 13:49:34 PM

$2M Settlement Secured on Behalf of Driver and Passenger in Semi-Truck Accident

08/24/2020 16:11:43 PM

Six Attorneys Recognized Among The Best Lawyers in America 2021

08/20/2020 05:00:38 AM

UPDATE: California Court Says Uber & Lyft Drivers Are Employees, Not Contractors

08/13/2020 17:49:59 PM

Wrongful Termination May Not Be What You Think It Is

07/28/2020 16:04:24 PM

Should the 40 Hour Work Week Be a Thing of the Past?

07/14/2020 16:16:18 PM

A New Study Shows Hope for Improvement for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

07/09/2020 15:09:42 PM

Patrick McNicholas Named Among Daily Journal’s Top Plaintiff Lawyers

06/19/2020 09:33:17 AM

Car Insurance “Coronavirus Rebates” – Who Is Really Profiting?

06/15/2020 16:42:02 PM

The Coronavirus Pandemic – What Your Landlord Can and Cannot Do

06/09/2020 18:02:49 PM

Los Angeles Firefighters and Discrimination: Know Your Rights

05/19/2020 17:16:47 PM

Burn Injuries and the Road to Recovery

05/12/2020 17:23:58 PM

Courtney McNicholas Named Among Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2020 Top Women Lawyers

05/05/2020 21:19:27 PM

The California Fair Employment and Housing Act – What You Need To Know

05/05/2020 15:03:46 PM

KFI-AM Interviews Matthew McNicholas On Illegal Ticket Quota Lawsuits

04/07/2020 11:59:41 AM

KNX Interviews Matthew McNicholas On Lawsuit Alleging City of Los Angeles Knowingly Exposed Its Attorneys to Typhus

04/07/2020 11:58:46 AM

What Is the Difference between a TBI and a Concussion?

03/17/2020 15:04:23 PM

How Can I Prove I’m Being Discriminated Against Because of My Age?

03/11/2020 13:31:23 PM

My Car Was Hit By a Car, But the Other Person Got Hurt; What Happens Now?

03/03/2020 16:33:55 PM

The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, CBS News, New York Post and More Report on McNicholas & McNicholas LLP’s Lawsuit Against Delta Air Lines

02/28/2020 12:20:00 PM

McNicholas & McNicholas LLP’s Case Named Among Daily Journal’s Top 5 Appellate Reversals of 2019

02/25/2020 21:19:58 PM

California Leads the Way in Protecting Hairstyles in the Workplace

02/25/2020 11:22:32 AM

Los Angeles Daily News Reports on McNicholas & McNicholas LLP’s Discrimination Lawsuit Against Riverside Fire Department

02/21/2020 19:01:25 PM

Whittier Daily News Reports on $3 Million Settlement in Illegal Ticket Quota Retaliation Case

02/20/2020 19:03:11 PM