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When You Need READ NEXT During Reading of INDEXED Files in COBOL

INDEXED files cam be access in 3 ways (Refer previous post). There are key difference on the options especially how they support differenct file options. Below is the complete list file options. Continue reading →

3 Ways of Reading VSAM Files with START and READ NEXT

You can read VSAM files in COBOL with 3 ways. Sequential Reading, Random reading and Dynamic reading. Access Modes: Sequential read – Only sequentially you can read. First you need to give START command to establish a key. Then READ NEXT ...

4 Most Popular Technics for Managing Storage with GETMAIN and FREEMAIN in CICS

4 Most searched Technics on how to manage storage using GETMAIN and FREEMAIN commands in CICS. CICS makes working storage available within each command-level program automatically, without any specific request from the application program, and ...

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