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Mark Urso is an author and musician. He writes about girls battling dragons, music and writing, and the universe and everything theory! Urso's book “A Candle Lit” talks about alcoholism and is supported by strong open-minded interconnections.
Added: July 19, 2017
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Amazon, The Big Engine That Can’t

Sometimes when a company says they have great customer service, they don’t. They may, though, have a hopeful program in place that aims to have great customer service, based on the fact they have bad customer service. Often this effort will ...

New Gig, Westerly RI, Oct. 16, 2017

Hi everybody! You are hereby formally invited! Come see me play and sing a bunch of awesome songs at a great new winery with interesting and unique fare in downtown Westerly, RI. I’ll be performing from 6-8 at the Tapped Apple, 37 High Street, ...

Apple and the New Cloud 9 Operating System (or, What’s My Password Again?)

Do you have an Apple iPhone or computer? Does it ask you for your “account password” too often and for no good reason? Is it, like many, stuck, and you dread the Fort Knox password-problem-process? You are not alone. Even the stalwart Android ...

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