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Mark Urso is an author and musician. He writes about girls battling dragons, music and writing, and the universe and everything theory! Urso's book “A Candle Lit” talks about alcoholism and is supported by strong open-minded interconnections.
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How 2 Bloody Write Good (or, Funny Is The New Serious!) (Free Song! “Where The Goblins Go”) (Free Movie! “Sir Robin”)

These days it’s hard to make it all work on a writer’s salary. But studying the great authors, it’s clear needing a day job is nothing new. For example, some of history’s greatest wordsmiths worked as lumberjacks, as evidenced by the ...

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing (or, Not The Best Apple Pie Recipe!)

I don’t really know what a blog is supposed to be about, except I did see the movie with the girl who blogged about Julia Childs, and enjoyed it. But, and I imagine I’m not alone, throughout the movie I never really “got” how the blogger ...

“I Write About” (A Bunch of Words)

I don’t really write about politics … I write about disloyalty. I don’t write about advertising … I write about misrepresentation. I don’t write about the wonderful Universe … I write about journalistic elaboration and bait. I don’t ...

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