Copyright Litigation Blog

Copyright Litigation Blog

Copyright Litigation Blog
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Top 21 Copyright Law Blogs of All Time

According to Justia Blawgsearch, here are the top 21 copyright law blogs of all time by popularity:1.  IPKat2. Plagiarism Today3.Chilling Effects Clearinghouse4. Chicago IP Litigation Blog5.Recording Industry v. The People6. Likelihood of ...

Seventh Circuit - The Doctrine of Merger & Bar in Music Copyright Law - No Splitting Claims

From YouTube bootleg?In Syl Johnson v. UMG Recording, Inc., the U.S. Court of Appeal for the Seventh Circuit dealt with the question of whether musician Syl Johnson could sue in 2016 over sampling of his song Different Strokes where he'd entered ...

Association of Corporate Counsel of New Jersey: Museum Night With Nazi Looted Art & Copyright Litigation Handbook

Adds intrigue and mystery to

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