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Added: March 20, 2011
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It’s Crazy-Amazon-Algorithm time again!

I have a new book coming out. Seriously. I do. More info to follow shortly… Completists among you may now wish to pick up a copy of my old book. Well, I’m going to make it easy for you. Here. You. Go.... Read More ›

It would be funny if it were true that 11% of Americans think HTML is an STD. But it isn’t. (True, that is. Or an STD.)

Venereal disease is hilarious. At least you would think so judging by the way it gets covered in some media stories (especially the soft and fluffy “And Finally…” stories that go viral towards the weekend). Another good trope is th

Not Safe For Work…

…so wait until you get HOME from work before watching this guy’s reaction to a weird looking fish: It’s a sunfish (mola mola) and, to be sure, it does look pretty weird. Here it is in all its glory courtesy... Read More ›

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