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Added: March 20, 2011
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Forthcoming: “The Point of Psychology (and How it Gets Missed)”

The Psychological Society of Ireland’s Early Graduate Group have asked me to deliver a keynote at their forthcoming annual conference. I’m guessing it is because they are “Early” Graduates that my keynote is scheduled for an

Some pieces and bits

It’s early January. That time when other people’s New Year’s resolutions mean that you get lots of emails. About really important stuff that you simply must deal with, like, immediately. These folks need a reply because they only ha

There’s not much point complaining about the science in Interstellar

There’s not much point complaining about the science in Interstellar. It’s a movie. There are actually some nice scientific touches (such as the depiction of artificial intelligence in the robots, and the basis for programming in humour a

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