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Regular guy, techie at heart.

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Regular guy, techie at heart.
Added: August 19, 2011
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Sony Gives In, The Hackers Win

Sony Pictures has decided to pull “The Interview” from theaters after the hackers released a physical threat, referencing 9/11, which caused the theaters to pull the movie first and then let Sony pull it second. For now the movie “T

Elf On The Shelf A Surveillance State Conditioner? Really?!?

Elf on the Shelf. The seemingly harmless Christmas fad that has taken the country by storm, made the inventors multi-millionaires and make everyone else sit back and say ‘It’s so stupid it’s brilliant…. bastards.’ For th

Binary Blogger Evolution For 2015

As Binary Blogger begins to expand in 2015 to a more blogging atmosphere the aspect that I have held back from is more Op-Ed posts. That will slowly change. My goal was to be more about the person Binary Blogger rather than a news aggregator. A reaso

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