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Regular guy, techie at heart.

Regular guy, techie at heart.
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What Happens To Your Data When A Company Goes Bankrupt?

Bankruptcy is a part of business world. It happens more often than you think and when it does everyone seems to focus on the business impacts of a closure but I think about something different, the data. You can search the internet for bankruptcy and

Everyday 30 Day Exercise Challenge – Day 16/17

Ouch. That’s what I say now. I did something wrong over the weekend during my sets that is causing my great pain. I mentioned before pains in my knees and hip. I didn’t stretch enough and pushed too hard, didn’t listen to my body an

Microsoft stops AV updates for XP, exposes 180 million machines

Microsoft Windows XP is supposed to be dead and gone. Hanging on to life by a thread of support from Microsoft long after the planned End of Life and yet 180 million PCs still run it. The risk of doing so just got more dangerous as Microsoft killed s

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