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Regular guy, techie at heart.

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Regular guy, techie at heart.
Added: August 19, 2011
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Business Travel And Staying On The Health Plan

If you travel for business then you are familiar with the lifestyle and difficulty of it, especially if you are physically working toward improvement. Whether it is weight loss, training, or eating for your health. Out and about, traveling from city

Active Directory flaw impacts 95% of Fortune 1000 companies

Aorato identified a new threatening flaw within Active Directory that enables attackers to change a victim’s password, despite current security and identity theft protection measures. Read the full article. The post Active Directory flaw impact

21 Windows Administrative Tools Explained

Windows is packed full of system tools, and many of them are in the Administrative Tools folder. The tools here are more powerful and complex, so they’re hidden where most Windows users won’t stumble across them. Read the full article. The post 2

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