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Regular guy, techie at heart.

Regular guy, techie at heart.
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How To Build A Training Program For HIPAA And IT Security

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are the laws an regulations in the United States for the health care industry. Composed of many parts or titles, the title that applies to IT Security is Title II Administrative ...

Breaking Down The Critical Security Controls: CSC 6 – Audit Logs

The next control in The Breaking Down The Critical Security Controls series is CSC 6, Management, Monitoring and Analysis of Audit Logs. As we work down the list by now we have inventories of hardware and software, consistent configurations, ...

What I Learned This Week – 11/18/16

Another week of vast information consumption, headlines, breach reports, security bulletins and client concerns. Learning everyday in the security consulting business or you are left behind quickly. Unless you stay on top of the failures of ...

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