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Regular guy, techie at heart.
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Peeple, dubbed Yelp For People, Is Terrifying

There’s a new app on the horizon called Peeple┬áthat is going to put everyone in the spotlight whether you want to or not. Peeple allows you to rate other people like a restaurant or an online purchase. The creators claim that Peeple focuses on

Google Project Soli Will Change How We Interact With Everything

Google from the outside is looked at by the majority as a search engine. The one simple page everyone goes to with a search box to find websites. Like any leading technology company Google experiments and expands their offerings into new areas such

How To: Maximize Microsoft Outlook Features To Minimize Email Time

Email is out of hand. Admit it, you get more email than you actually read or you spend far too much of your day filtering through them to get to the ones that are actually important. Most people in the business world use Microsoft Outlook but very fe

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