Discovering new and relevant blogs can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in the proverbial haystack. However, exploring different perspectives and engaging with unique content is crucial to broadening our understanding of our world. This guide will teach you how to find a blog that resonates with your interests using various methods and strategies.

How to Find a Blog: Your Comprehensive Guide


It’s never been easier to find blogs on topics you’re passionate about, but with countless resources available, it can be challenging to know where to start. That’s where this step-by-step guide comes in! We’ll explore various ways of finding relevant blogs catering to your preferences.

What is a Blog?

A blog (short for “weblog”) is an online platform where individuals or organizations post articles, images, videos, or other content related to specific topics or themes. Blogs are typically updated regularly and feature posts arranged in reverse chronological order.

Why is it Important to Find Relevant Blogs?

Exploring diverse voices within your chosen subject areas allows you to:

  • Stay up-to-date with industry trends
  • Gain insights from experts
  • Discover hidden gems that aren’t widely known
  • Engage with like-minded communities
  • Develop connections within your interest area
  • Create opportunities for collaboration, networking, or learning

Ultimately, finding blogs that align with your interests can enrich your life personally and professionally.

How to Use Google Search to Find Blogs

Google is an excellent starting point in your blog discovery journey. Here are some strategies to make finding new blogs even easier:

  1. Enter specific keywords: Use targeted phrases like “best tech blogs” or “top fashion blogs 2021” to receive a list of popular options within that niche.
  2. Use search operators: Combine operators like ‘inurl’, ‘intitle’, and quotes (“”) to pinpoint blogs. Example: inurl:blog intitle:"travel tips" will return results with the words “travel tips” in the title and the URL containing ‘blog’.
  3. Search by topic: Type "topic keyword" + blog in the search bar (e.g., vegan recipes + blog) for a more focused approach.
  4. Leverage Google Trends: This tool can help you identify trending topics within specific niche bloggers are talking about.

Finding Blogs on Social Media Platforms


Twitter is an incredible resource for discovering new content. Utilize hashtags, keyword searches, Twitter lists, and suggestions from the platform to find relevant blogs. Here’s how:

  1. Explore hashtags: Type specific keywords or phrases, such as #marketingblog or #travelblogger, in the search bar to locate bloggers in your niche.
  2. Check out Lists: Find Twitter users with curated lists of bloggers within specific categories for quick and easy access.
  3. Use Twitter suggestions: The platform may suggest accounts to follow based on your interests or those you’re already interacting with.


Similarly, Facebook can also be a treasure trove when searching for high-quality blogs:

  1. Find Facebook Groups: Join topic-specific groups where members often share blog posts related to that subject.
  2. Search by keyword: Use the search function on Facebook to look up terms alongside “blog” (e.g., eco-friendly lifestyle blog).
  3. Follow public pages: Keep an eye on blog recommendations from popular pages within your interests, as they may share inspiring content.

Using Blog Directories to Discover Blogs

Blog directories are compilations of various blogs across numerous categories, designed to make browsing and discovery easy – essentially the digital equivalent of Yellow Pages for blogs! Examples include Bloglovin’ and OnTopList.

You can search within different categories while discovering new blogs, ranked or sorted by the number of followers, popularity, recency of posts, or other criteria.

Utilizing RSS Feed Readers for Blog Discovery

Furthermore, RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds readers, providing an effortless way to follow multiple blogs in one place and stay up-to-date on new content. Examples include Feedly and Inoreader. Users can search for blogs within the platform, browse specific categories, and subscribe to individual feeds. As you discover interesting blogs through other methods discussed here, add them to your feed reader for streamlined updates.

How to Find Blogs through Blogging Awards

Another method is through blogging awards. Many industries recognize exceptional bloggers with annual awards such as The Webby Awards. These accolades highlight top-performing bloggers in various niches and can be useful for discovering quality content that may not appear on mainstream lists.

Using SEO Tools to Find Relevant Blogs

SEO Tools to Find Relevant Blogs

On the technical side, SEO tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or Moz offer detailed insights into competing websites’ backlinks. By investigating where industry leaders source their information or who’s linking to them, you can discover relevant blogs within your sector.

The Role of YouTube in Blog Discovery

In addition, many bloggers also maintain a YouTube channel alongside their blogs. These channels can help you find talented bloggers who cover multiple formats.

  1. Search by topic: Input relevant keywords or phrases in the search bar to discover YouTubers covering related topics.
  2. Look for video descriptions: Check if there are links to full blog posts within the video description, leading you back to the blogger’s website.
  3. Subscribe and follow: you’ll receive notifications on future video uploads – another opportunity for blog discovery.

Tips to Follow Blogs Effectively

  1. Keep your RSS feed reader organized with categories and folders.
  2. Set aside time each week or month for discovering new blogs.
  3. Unfollow inactive or irrelevant blogs to declutter your feed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Searching for Blogs

  1. Relying solely on popular lists – explore lesser-known sources as well.
  2. Ignoring social media-based content creators who might have high-quality blogs.
  3. Focusing too much on quantity over quality when following blogs.


In conclusion, with so much valuable information waiting to be discovered, finding a blog that aligns with your interests is essential to personal and professional growth. Through targeted Google searches, social media platforms, blog directories, RSS feed readers, blogging awards, SEO tools, and YouTube channels, a world of inspiring content is just a few clicks away. Remember to follow blogs effectively and avoid common mistakes; appreciation for quality over quantity will ensure your reading list stays fresh and relevant. Happy blog hunting!