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Top 21 Copyright Law Blogs of All Time

11/21/2016 06:00:00 AM

According to Justia Blawgsearch, here are the top 21 copyright law blogs of all time by popularity:1.  IPKat2. Plagiarism Today3.Chilling Effects Clearinghouse4. Chicago IP Litigation Blog5.Recording Industry v. The People6. Likelihood of Confusion > read more

Seventh Circuit - The Doctrine of Merger & Bar in Music Copyright Law - No Splitting Claims

11/19/2016 15:14:00 PM

From YouTube bootleg?In Syl Johnson v. UMG Recording, Inc., the U.S. Court of Appeal for the Seventh Circuit dealt with the question of whether musician Syl Johnson could sue in 2016 over sampling of his song Different Strokes where he'd entered > read more

Association of Corporate Counsel of New Jersey: Museum Night With Nazi Looted Art & Copyright Litigation Handbook

10/06/2016 09:46:00 AM

Adds intrigue and mystery to > read more

Art Law & Litigation Conference - Federal Bar Association - Miami November 29-30 2016 - Join Us!

09/04/2016 12:15:00 PM

The South Florida Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Law and Federal Litigation Sections of the Federal Bar Association, is launching the first annual FBA Art Law and Litigation Conference on Wednesd > read more

ArtLaw: Profiting From The Holocaust? Legal & Ethical Controversies Over Nazi Art Looting - Wayne State University Sept 14

08/28/2016 14:21:00 PM

I Love Antitheses - Egon Schiele - Stolen From Fritz GrunbaumProfiting from the Holocaust? Legal and Ethical Controversies over Nazi Art LootingSeptember 14, 2016 | 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. > read more

On Demand Video Available - Ray Dowd - Copyright Law: What The Practitioner Needs To Know

08/20/2016 13:46:00 PM

Copyright Law - CLE Now Available For DownloadCopyright Law: What the Practitioner Needs to Know$245.00Live Broadcast on July 7, 2016This course > read more

Copyright Society of the USA - Kickoff of Annual Meeting 2016 in Boston

06/12/2016 11:25:00 AM

I am on the Cross-Sound Ferry going from Orient Point, Long Island to New London CT on my way to Boston for the Annual Meeting of the Copyright Society of the USA > read more

Aesop's Fables and the First Circuit: Are Photographs of Sex Trafficking Victims An Exception To Copyright Law?

06/06/2016 06:00:00 AM

Allusion > read more

US Senate To Hold Hearings on Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act

06/03/2016 16:27:00 PM

Next Tuesday, June 7, the Senate Judiciary's > read more

Copyright & Vocals: Can An Employer Put An Employee's Voice In A Video Game?

05/23/2016 06:00:00 AM

In Lewis v. Activision Blizzard, Inc., --- Fed. Appx. ---- (December 18, 2015) dealt with the question of whether voiceover > read more

Copyright & Music: Proving Infringement With Indirect Evidence

05/19/2016 06:00:00 AM

In Guzman v. Hacienda Records and Recording Studio, Inc., > read more

Killer Copyright Trolls: Can't The Jane Does Of The World Make Them Pay?

05/16/2016 06:00:00 AM

> read more

Copyright in Film Parody: Brandishing Fair Use As A Sword, Second Circuit Finds Improv Version Of Point Break Copyrightable

05/12/2016 06:00:00 AM

In Keeling v. Hars, --- F.3d --- (2d Cir. October 30, 2015), the Second Circuit considered the question of whether the author of a live improvisational > read more

Copyright & Photography: Photographer's Stock Agency Can Sue For Infringement - Ninth Circuit

05/05/2016 06:00:00 AM

??Minden Pictures - Stock Photography > read more

Copyright Law: Sound Engineer's Claim of Music Ownership Time-Barred

05/02/2016 06:00:00 AM


Copyright Law: Seventh Circuit Slaughters True Crime Writer On Motion To Dismiss

04/28/2016 06:00:00 AM

When a plaintiff sues you for copyright infringement but does not attach the allegedly infringed materials to the complaint, but refers to the materials in the complaint, can you move to dismiss the complaint under Rule 12(b)(6) of the Federal Rules > read more

Copyright Law: What the Practitioner Needs to Know - Sign Up Today!

04/23/2016 15:26:00 PM

> read more

Copyright Law In Cleveland's Kitchens: Sixth Circuit Says Recipe Book Not Copyrightable

04/21/2016 06:00:00 AM

In Tomaydo-Tomahhdo, LLC v. Vozary, --- Fed.Appx. --- (6th Cir. October 20, 2015), the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit considered the claims of a Cleveland restaurant Tomaydo-Tomahhdo owner > read more

Are The Turtles Certifiable? Music Industry To Litigate Pre-1972 Public Performance Right @ New York Court of Appeals In Albany

04/18/2016 06:00:00 AM

On April 13, 2016, the United States Court of Appeals for the > read more

Can Copyright Law Stop an Abusive Blogger From Attacking Her Landlord?

04/14/2016 06:00:00 AM

In > read more

Designer Catfight: Will SCOTUS Tackle Warring Cheerleaders?

04/11/2016 06:00:00 AM

> read more

Copyright Litigation By The Numbers: Over One Million Views & Strong International Audience

04/09/2016 11:35:00 AM

> read more

Copyright Law & Sports: Football Players Can't Stop NFL From Distributing Films Of Performances

04/07/2016 06:00:00 AM


Copyright Law & Feature Films: Screenwriter's Copyright Infringement Claim Trumped By Film Producer's Lawsuit

04/04/2016 06:00:00 AM


Copyright Law & Live Music: Default Judgments and Unreasonable, Irrational Statutory Damages

03/31/2016 06:00:00 AM

THIRD CIRCUIT - COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT - STATUTORY DAMAGES - DEFAULT JUDGMENTS - MUSIC LAWIf a defendant in a copyright infringement litigation simply defaults by not showing up in court, is the plaintiff limited to recovering minimum statutory damag > read more

Copyright Law v. Trademark Law: Website Developer Can't Snooze On Cybersquatting Claims

03/28/2016 06:00:00 AM

Since the dawn of the commercial internet in the late 1990's, the relationships between website developers and corporations > read more

Art Law: Have The Greeks Lost Their Marbles?

03/25/2016 08:52:00 AM

> read more

Copyright Law & Dance: Can Mom Sue Music Copyright Holders Who Block Her YouTube Video Of Dancing Baby?

03/23/2016 06:00:00 AM

NINTH CIRCUIT - COPYRIGHT LAW - FAIR USE DOCTRINE - DMCA - DIGITAL MILLENIUM COPYRIGHT ACT - TAKEDOWN NOTICES - COPYRIGHT TROLLS - MUSIC LAW - VIDEOS - YOUTUBE In Lenz v. Universal Music, 801 F.3d 1126 (9th Cir. Sept 14, 2015), the Ninth Circuit cons > read more

Copyright Law and Choreography: From The Lawnmower Dance To Bikram Yoga

03/20/2016 16:11:00 PM


Federal Circuit On Slants and Redskins: Trademark and Copyright Registrations Versus The First Amendment

03/05/2016 18:06:00 PM

TRADEMARK REGISTRATION - COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION - FIRST AMENDMENT - FREE SPEECH - REGISTRATION OF SCANDALOUS MARKSIn 2006 when I was working on the first version of my book Copyright Litigation Handbook, I went to Washington, D.C. for a tour of the C > read more

Copyright Infringement Online: New Report on Pleading Prima Facie Copyright Claims Under The Charming Betsy Doctrine

02/28/2016 16:59:00 PM


Justice Scalia's Penguin, the Batmobile and the Death of Umberto Eco

02/24/2016 06:30:00 AM


Books Books Books - Is The Google Books Case The Most Important Copyright Case In Our Lifetime?

02/20/2016 05:30:00 AM


Copyright Law - Proposed Beijing Treaty Would Reverse Garcia v. Google (Innocence of Muslims)

02/18/2016 05:30:00 AM

On February 10, 2016 President Obama sent the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances to the Senate for ratification. > read more

Books for the Blind? Tell Your Senators To Ratify the Marrakesh Copyright Treaty!

02/15/2016 05:30:00 AM

On February 10, President Obama finally submitted a very important treaty worthy of support to the U.S. Senate for ratification. > read more

Trade Secret Theft Versus Copyright Infringements: Beware of Differing Statutes of Limitations

02/10/2016 06:00:00 AM

COPYRIGHT LAW - TRADE SECRETS - STATUTES OF LIMITATIONS - ACCRUAL - CONTINUING WRONG DOCTRINEAllied Erecting and Dismantling Co. in action Erecting and Dismantling Co. v. Genesis Equipment & Manufacturing, I > read more

Is A "Prevailing Party" Really Entitled To Attorneys Fees Under the Copyright Act? SCOTUS To Decide

02/06/2016 06:00:00 AM

$2 Million In Pro Bono > read more

Creativity, Copyright Trolls and Proposed Changes To The Copyright Act's Statutory Damages Provisions

02/01/2016 06:00:00 AM

?Department of Commerce Recommends Changes To the Copyright ActThe Department of Commerce's Internet Task Force on Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy has issued a White Paper on Remixes, First Sale Doctrine and Statu > read more

Seventh Circuit: Water Scientist Gagged By Lobbying Group's Bogus Copyright Injunction

01/27/2016 09:00:00 AM


Screen Shot Smackdown At Second Circuit: Defective Pleadings In Software Copyright Infringement Claim

01/24/2016 12:11:00 PM

SOFTWARE > read more

Federal Court Statistics On Intellectual Property Litigations: Copyright Litigations Increase By 25% 2014-2015

01/19/2016 06:00:00 AM

> read more

You Snooze You Lose: Rapper 50 Cent Gets "I Get Money" @ Second Circuit On Belated Copyright Infringement Claim

01/18/2016 12:14:00 PM

Simmons v. Stanberry14-3106-CV, 2016 WL 187997 [2d Cir Jan. 15, 2016]COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT – MUSIC LICENSING – STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS – COPYRIGHT OWNERSHIPThe Second Circuit Court of Appeals considered the issue of whether a plaintiff’s copy > read more

How Did Adobe Systems Lose A "Slam Dunk" Copyright Infringement/Software Licensing Case? The Ninth Circuit Clarifies Burdens Of Proof On The First Sale Doctrine

01/10/2016 16:16:00 PM


Dunnington's 75 Last Minute Year-End Tax Saving Tips For 2015

12/20/2015 19:22:00 PM

Dear Friends, Family and Clients, Each year Congress changes provisions in the laws affecting taxpayers. > read more

Austria's Holocaust Denial: Judge Korman and DA Morgenthau Were Right: Dead City III and 80 Other Artworks By Egon Schiele Were Stolen From Fritz Grunbaum

11/18/2015 15:00:00 PM

Egon Schiele's Dead City III - Stolen from Fritz GrunbaumIn 1998, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau seized Egon Schiele's Dead City III from the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. > read more

Join Us November 20 - 2015 Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution Institute in NYC

11/10/2015 09:19:00 AM

8th Annual Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution InstituteFriday, November 20, 2014 9:00 AM – 9:15 AM > read more

Dunnington Partner & Copyright Litigation Handbook Author Raymond J. Dowd To Speak At Federal Litigation Conference In Washington DC

10/25/2015 22:03:00 PM

The Federal Bar Association's Federal Litigation Section is holding its annual Federal Litigation Conference in Washington D.C. starting tomorrow with a cocktail party hosted by Chip Molster at > read more

Who Should Profit From The Holocaust? Nazi Looted Art in US Museums

10/18/2015 20:42:00 PM

The University of Toledo College of Law and the Toledo Jewish Community Foundation of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo present > read more

Join Us! Swearing In New SDNY Federal Bar Association Chapter Officers October 6

09/28/2015 15:28:00 PM

> read more

U.S. Copyright Lawsuit Filings Increase By Over 10% In One Year, Double Since 2010

08/04/2015 10:07:00 AM

Source - U.S. Courts - Federal Judicial Caseload Statistics?According to the latest annual report on Judicial Business found at, for the period 2013-2014, filing of copyright cases increase 10.2 percent for the year ending Septembe > read more

Top 10 Countries Reading Copyright Litigation Blog: Welcome France To #2

07/31/2015 06:00:00 AM

France has recently moved to #2 in readership of Copyright Litigation Blog. > read more

Congratulations To Top 40 Most Popular New York Law Blogs Of All Time

07/06/2015 06:30:00 AM

According to Justia BlawgSearch, there are 302 blogs focusing on New York law. > read more

Congratulations To Top 25 Most Popular Copyright Law Blogs Of All Time

06/29/2015 07:00:00 AM

Justia's Blawgsearch Ranks the "Most Popular" > read more

Congratulations To Top 25 Most Popular Intellectual Property Law Blogs of All Time

06/22/2015 11:31:00 AM

Justia's Blawgsearch Ranks the "Most Popular" intellectual property law blogs. > read more

Raubkunst/Stolen Art Alert in Vienna: Austrian State Treaty of 1955 Requires Austria To Return Nazi Looted Art, Austrian Politicians Continue To Lie

06/07/2015 17:53:00 PM

Egon Schiele's Dead City III - Stolen from Fritz Grunbaum?Austria's Shameful Disregard of Its Continuing Treaty > read more

From Murder to Museums: Recent Cases and Ethical Considerations in Nazi Looted Art

05/27/2015 15:58:00 PM

Museums have recently been criticized by the Jewish Claims Conference in a report here for ethical lapses: promising > read more

Care About Clean Water? Learn About Oyster Farming This Saturday May 23

05/18/2015 08:25:00 AM

Join us this Saturday morning May 23 at 9 am in Westhampton Beach NY > read more

Art Law: From Murder To Museums - Recent Nazi Looted Art Cases - May 14 2015

04/26/2015 17:12:00 PM

Girl With Black Hair by Egon Schiele - Stolen From Fritz Grunbaum(currently at Oberlin College)THE NEW ROCHELLE BAR ASSOCIATIONInvites Members to attend a FREE 2 Credit CLE CourseFROM MURDER TO MUSEUMS: Recent Nazi Looted Art CasesWith Speakers:Hon. > read more

European Fordham Law Alumni: Program In Paris on Nazi Looted Art June 26-27

04/20/2015 15:43:00 PM

I will be speaking on June 27 on Nazi art looting at the Sorbonne Law School > read more

Nazi Art Looting Program At Colorado Supreme Court - May 7, 2015

04/01/2015 09:57:00 AM

> read more

The Second Circuit, Nazi Looted Art, and Why Museums Are Letting ISIS Flourish

03/15/2015 13:28:00 PM

Camille Pissaro - La Bergere Rentrant des MoutonsThe United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has remanded a case against the University of Oklahoma brought by a Jewish woman seeking the return of a painting by Camille Pissaro that had b > read more

Nazi Looted Art: Cases, Ethics and Law - March 24, 2015 Westchester Women's Bar Association

03/09/2015 06:00:00 AM

Nazi Looted Art: Cases, Ethics and Law Presenter: Raymond Dowd, Esq. > read more

List of Law Librarians on Twitter

03/02/2015 06:00:00 AM

Baker, Brian L. @brianlbakerAhlbrand, Ashley @AshleyAmesAllison, Jennifer @jenellen1214Ballard, Terry @terryballardBassett, Cindy @LibrynthBeatty, John @johnny42Beitz, Janelle @jkbeitzBlackaby, Dan @dblackabyBlaine, Anna @annacb33Boone, Tom @tomboon > read more

List of Law Libraries On Twitter

02/23/2015 06:00:00 AM

> read more

This Thursday! Looting and the Plunder of Cultural Heritage at the National Arts Club - NYC

02/22/2015 19:33:00 PM

Girl With Black Hair (Egon Schiele 1911) - Stolen From Fritz Grunbaum, Now at Oberlin CollegeThanks to the Archaeology Committee of the National Arts Club, I will be speaking at this wonderful event on Thursday with two esteemed colleagues, I hope th > read more

Cravath Partners and Columbia Law Feature Copyright Litigation Handbook In Innovative Copyright Dispute Course

02/18/2015 14:16:00 PM

My attorney editor Elizabeth Stull has published a wonderful post here on the Legal Solutions Blog about the Columbia Copyright > read more

Tonight - Federal Bar Association SDNY - Town Hall on Criminal Justice System

02/12/2015 12:35:00 PM

Town Hall on: Restoring Confidence in the Criminal Justice System in the Wake of Michael Brown and Eric Garner > read more

Six Copyright Law Resources For the Non-Copyright Practitioner

02/03/2015 11:47:00 AM

In updating Copyright Litigation Handbook this year for 2014-2015 (now available for purchase here), I came across a number of copyright law > read more

Crimmigration: When Criminal Law Hits Immigration Law - Federal Bar Association SDNY

02/02/2015 18:13:00 PM

THE FEDERAL BAR ASSOCIATIONSouthern District of New York ChapterAnd Immigration Law SectionCordially Invites You to a Truly Educational CLE CRIMMIGRATIONExperts in immigration and criminal law will provide immigration attorneys with a thorough and wo > read more

Dunnington Partner Raymond J. Dowd to Keynote NYS Bar Association Trusts & Estates Event

01/14/2015 16:19:00 PM

> read more

75 Last Minute 2014 Year-End Tax Savings Tips from Dunnington

12/13/2014 12:27:00 PM

> read more

Saving Mona Lisa: Nazi Art Looting and The Great Treasures of The Louvre

12/07/2014 14:21:00 PM

Nazi Art Looting Revealed: Book Review: Saving Mona Lisa: The Battle To > read more

Art Law Event Of The Year This Friday!

11/19/2014 14:32:00 PM

7th Annual Art Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice InstituteFriday, November 21, 2014, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Member Price: > read more

Pretrial Practice in the Southern District of New York - Thurgood Marshall Courthouse

11/10/2014 14:48:00 PM

> read more

Brandeis Association Selects Dunnington Partner Raymond J. Dowd To Commemorate 76th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

11/06/2014 11:43:00 AM

Egon Schiele's Town on the Blue River - Krumau (1910) > read more

Can A Jewish Man Imprisoned In Dachau Concentration Camp Transfer Valid Legal Title To A Schiele Painting?

11/03/2014 06:00:00 AM

Egon Schiele's Seated Woman With Bent Left Leg (1917) > read more

Morgenthau Thanked For Recovery of Rare Stolen Schiele Painting - Museum of Jewish Heritage

10/31/2014 17:00:00 PM

New York, NY—Following a historic restitution settlement regarding the Stadt am Blauen Fluss -Krumau > read more

76th Anniversary of Kristallnacht: Murder, Mystery and Masterpieces: Ethical Implications of WWII Stolen Art

10/22/2014 16:24:00 PM

The Brandeis Association and the Queens Women’s Bar Association > read more


10/17/2014 06:30:00 AM

New York, NY (MMD Newswire) October 16, 2014 - Christie's auction house today announced the upcoming November 5 evening Impressionist and Modern auction of Town on the Blue River (1910) an extremely rare watercolor landscape by the Austrian artist Eg > read more

Federal Civil Practice CLE Program @ SDNY - May 5

04/30/2014 10:23:00 AM

Federal Civil Practice CLE Program SDNY - May 5 > read more

George Grosz: Cultural Enemy Number One of Hitler and the MoMA - Tomorrow Night National Arts Club!

04/29/2014 17:45:00 PM

National Arts Club - 15 Gramercy Park South NYCWednesday, April 30, 8:00 PM a Roundtable / Young Members eventGeorge Grosz, Cultural Enemy Number One of the Nazis: A Legacy in Art and Law George Grosz was tried twice in Germany for his art, once for > read more

High Profile Securities Law Decisions - Chief Judge Preska and Free CLE at K&L Gates 4/25

04/15/2014 16:10:00 PM

The Securities Law and Federal Litigation Sections, along with the Southern District of New York Chapter of the Federal Bar Association presentRecent High Profile Securities Law DecisionsRegisterSpeakers:Hon. Loretta A. PreskaChief Judge, Southern Di > read more

How Powerful Are Women In The Law? Join Us And Find Out!

04/08/2014 09:08:00 AM

Women in the Law: Power and Progress July 2014 Conference - Washington DC by Ray Dowd Join us on July 11 and find out! More information at > read more

German Prosecutors To Be Honored at SDNY For Counterterrorism - Join Us February 25

02/19/2014 09:18:00 AM

> read more

Join SDNY Chief Judge Preska In Celebrating The Rule of Law February 25

02/14/2014 15:36:00 PM

February 25, 2014: SDNY Rule of Law Awards Eventby admin on January 28, 2014The Southern District of New York Chapter and the Federal Litigation Section are honored to present the:Rule of Law Awardto two German attorneys, Alexander von Stohl, Sr. > read more

Intellectual Property and Fashion Law: Be There February 7, 2014 NYC

01/28/2014 11:48:00 AM

> read more

Merry Christmas To All

12/25/2013 16:58:00 PM

Find Ray Dowd at Dunnington Bartholow & Miller LLP Copyright Litigation Handbook (West 6th Ed. 2012) by Raymond J. Dowd Purchase on and Westlaw (Directory: COPYLITIG) > read more

Nov 22 The Art Law Event of the Year: NYCLA Art Litigation & Dispute Resolution Institute - Sign Up Now

11/12/2013 15:44:00 PM

For more information on this program, or on NYCLA, click here.To download a registration form, click > read more

Art Law: Murder, Mystery & Masterpieces: The Ethical Implications of World War II Stolen Art

11/06/2013 11:42:00 AM

Murder, Mystery & Masterpieces:The Ethical Implications of World War II Stolen ArtNovember 8, 201312:00 PM - 2:00 PM > read more

Join Me This Weekend: International Law Weekend NYC Panel on Careers in International Art Law

10/22/2013 18:23:00 PM

> read more

Murder, Mystery & Masterpieces: The Fate of World War II Stolen Art at the Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, TN

10/16/2013 09:15:00 AM

> read more

Evidence in Copyright Litigation CLE

10/09/2013 16:00:00 PM

> read more

The 5th International Conference on Looted Art in the Czech Republic

10/04/2013 15:36:00 PM

The 5th International Conference on Nazi > read more

92 Twitter Lists Following Copyright Litigation Blog @raydowd

10/02/2013 06:00:00 AM

There are 92 Twitter lists following Copyright Litigation blog @raydowd. > read more

Copyright Law - Second Circuit - Will Ghost Rider Renewal Rights Come Back to Haunt Disney At Trial?

09/30/2013 06:00:00 AM

Copyrights in Characters, Literary Works, Collaborative Works, Work-for-Hire, Assignments of Copyright, Renewal of CopyrightsGary Friedrich Enterprises LLC v. Marvel Characters, Inc., 2013 WL 2477056 (2d Cir. 2013) > read more

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