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Quick Guide to the Umbraco Source Code

Just a quick and belated cross-link to an article I recently had published on the 24 Days in Umbraco website. Looking at the Umbraco source code from the perspective of someone considering code contributions to the open-source project.24days.in/umbr

Unit Testing Entity Framework with Effort

Previous posts in this series Rich Domain Models and Entity Framework.A CQRS Implementation with ASP.Net MVC and Entity Framework.Introduction to the series. Introduction In my previous post I discussed steps I've been taking with recent application

Umbraco Mapper with Nested Archetypes

Following a previous blog post I got a comment asking about dealing with mapping nested Archetypes to a view model using Umbraco Mapper. As I noted in response, it's not that straightforward - the flexibility of the Archetype package means really yo

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