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How to Workout to Burn Fat and Lose Weight

What good is fat burning and weight loss information if you don't apply it in your workouts?  If you want to change your body's identity to lean and toned, start making needed changes.  For a full lifestyle program, start my FREE 10-Day ...

5 SECRETS For Weight Loss and Your Dream Body

You won't get weight loss and build your dream body without burning major fat. Successful fat loss and lasting weight loss are processes that take time for you to accomplish. You will have failures and make many adjustments along the way. ...

5 Dumbbell Workout Fat Burning Tricks

You can burn major fat using a pair of dumbbells. Be prepared to go beyond using 5 and 10 pound dumbbells to make progress and start shaping your body better and faster!I hear this phrase often, "I don't have any equipment to workout with." ...

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