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Added: December 06, 2012
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Using Equatable and NilLiteralConvertible to re-implement Optionals in Swift (Part 2)

A few weeks ago I did a little thought experiment on how we might re-implement Swift’s optional type by using the Swift enum. If you haven’t read that yet, you can read it here. In this post, we’re going to … Continue reading

Swift’s Nil Coalescing Operator In Xcode 6 Beta 5

I was just updating my tutorial series on developing iOS 8 apps in Swift, and I was looking at this bit of code: var name = result["trackName"] as? String if !name? { name = result["collectionName"] as? String } The code … Continue reading U

Re-implementing Optionals using Swift’s powerful enum type.

If you’ve been messing with Swift much lately, you may have noticed that enum’s do much more than they did in Objective-C, or in most other languages for that matter. In the WWDC videos discussing Swift, one of the presenters … Cont

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