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Local Notifications in iOS 8 with Swift (Part 1)

This post compatible with Xcode 6.2 Local notifications are a simple way to display information to your user even when your app is in the background. They allow you to display an alert, play a sound or badge your app’s … Continue reading U

Local Notifications in iOS 8 with Swift (Part 2)

This post compatible with Xcode 6.2 In part 1 of this series, we created a simple to-do list application that used local notifications to alert users when to-do items were overdue. This time, we’re going to build on that the … Continue readin

Fun with CAShapeLayer

CAShapeLayer is a specialized subclass of CALayer that draws itself using the shape you define via the path property. path is an instance of CGPath. We could leverage the convenient UIBezierPath APIs to create a path, and then retrieve the … Co

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