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Added: December 06, 2012
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Swift 1.2 and Xcode 6 Beta 2 – The best update yet!

The big news in the Swift community is the release of Swift 1.2, featuring some awesome features. Apple wrote about that a bit here, this was before they released Xcode 6.3 Beta 2, which came out today. But it contains … Continue reading →

Core Animation Swift Tutorial – Animatable Properties

This tutorial series requires a basic understanding of UIView hierarchy. If you are new to iOS development, you might want to begin with Developing iOS Apps Using Swift first. When you first hear about Core Animation, you might think it … Conti

Should I learn Objective-C or Swift first?

“Should I learn Objective-C or Swift first?” I get asked this question a lot. Sometime’s people will also ask about learning C or C++ first. So, I want to take a moment and give you the low-down on how I … Continue reading →

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