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Added: December 19, 2012
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Blood Sugar, Weight Gain and (Pre-)Diabetes

Do you know how your body regulates fat storage and weight? Did your doctor ever tell you how your body works so you could understand how you gain weight and/or why you have some health issues like diabetes? Yet, how could we possibly know ...

How to Know If Your Thyroid Is Underactive

There’s an organ that can cause weight gain and health issues when it starts to be underactive (or hyperactive): the thyroid. Many women would love to lose some weight but don’t really know their thyroid (and not their diet) is the #1 issue. ...

20 Signs Your Digestive System Needs Support

The digestive system is the #1 place to look at when we want to either be and stay healthy, or lose weight. Yes, really. I can’t tell you how many times losing weight, having better skin, getting rid of pain comes down to fixing the gut, first. ...

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