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The Diversity Baseline Survey: What Happens Next?

02/10/2016 06:45:30 AM

Since its release, the Diversity Baseline Survey (DBS) has become the most visited blog post we have ever produced. The DBS has been widely read and written about, and has opened up a renewed interest in how to improve staff diversity. In this follow > read more

Using Media Literacy to Examine Diversity In Literature

02/08/2016 09:39:00 AM

In this guest blog post, Media Literacy Expert Tina L. Peterson, Ph.D., shares ideas for thinking about diversity in books through a media literacy lens. > read more

Remembering Francisco Alarcón

02/04/2016 11:09:47 AM

Authors and artists remember beloved poet and teacher Francisco X. Alarcón. > read more

Author/Illustrator Lulu Delacre Take Us Behind the Art of ¡Olinguito, de la A a la Z! / Olinguito, from A to Z! : Descubriendo el bosque nublado / Unveiling the Cloud Forest

02/03/2016 07:30:12 AM

Author/illustrator Lulu Delacre shows us her art process for her new picture book, ¡Olinguito, de la A a la Z! / Olinguito, from A to Z! : Descubriendo el bosque nublado / Unveiling the Cloud Forest. > read more

Year of the Monkey: Books and Activities for Chinese New Year

02/01/2016 07:00:14 AM

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, shares favorite books for Chinese New Year which falls on February 8th. > read more

Cover Design 101: A sense of mystery

01/28/2016 09:33:19 AM

In this post, we share the process for picking the final cover for our upcoming YA novel, PERFECT LIARS. > read more

Where Is the Diversity in Publishing? The 2015 Diversity Baseline Survey Results

01/26/2016 06:00:30 AM

At the beginning of 2015 we decided to conduct a survey to establish a baseline that would measure the amount of diversity among publishing staff. We believed in the power of hard numbers to illuminate a problem that can otherwise be dismissed or swe > read more

Perseverance: Four American Performers of Color Who Found Success Abroad

01/25/2016 10:00:31 AM

The lack of diversity in the Oscars is part of a long history of discrimination against artists of color in the United States. Many people of color traveled to other countries where they would be free to perform their art. Here we look at the stories > read more

Behind the Scenes of Publishing’s First Diversity Baseline Survey

01/21/2016 10:10:02 AM

Next week we will release the results of the first Diversity Baseline Survey, which looks at diversity among publishing employees. Here we share a behind-the-scenes look at how the survey was created and how we got the industry to join in. > read more

Announcing our 2015 New Voices Award Winner

01/19/2016 14:40:26 PM

LEE & LOW BOOKS Announces the Winner of Our 2015 New Voices Award Contest > read more

Remembering Children’s Author Andrea Cheng

01/14/2016 12:35:35 PM

We remember author Andrea Cheng, whose award-winning books explored the world through a lens of sharp observation coupled with deep empathy. > read more

2016 APALA Literary Award Announced

01/12/2016 11:15:46 AM

Here are all the winners of the 2016 APALA Literature Award, given by the Asian Pacific American Library Association. We're excited to have two books on the list! > read more

Dive Into Reading!

01/07/2016 07:30:28 AM

Dive into reading with new early chapter books from LEE & LOW BOOKS! > read more

Star Wars in Perspective: The Diversity Gap in Sci-Fi Movies

12/17/2015 11:36:22 AM

To celebrate the release of Star Wars, we revisit our study on the diversity gap in sci-fi and fantasy movie blockbusters. > read more

Diversity 102: Using Scholarships to Diversify Publishing

12/16/2015 06:00:49 AM

In this interview, Jason Low of Lee & Low Books and Cathryn Mercier of Simmons College discuss how scholarships can help diversify the publishing world. > read more

How to Create a Schoolwide Program to Celebrate Student Writing and Heritage

12/14/2015 06:50:52 AM

We are so excited to share this school's example of creating a schoolwide program to celebrate heritage and culture through an artist study. This elementary school in San Francisco selected Juan Felipe Herrera to study for Latino Heritage Month and t > read more

Book List: 11 Children’s Books About Human Rights

12/10/2015 07:30:13 AM

These books explore issues of human rights throughout the world and highlight some of the great leaders who have worked to protect them. > read more

Creating a Classroom Community: What I Like Most About My Classroom is Who I Share It With

12/07/2015 07:00:00 AM

In the first post of the Teach Voices Lindsay Panko, a recent graduate and first year special education sixth-grade teacher, shares her experience and discusses what is important in creating a supportive classroom community. > read more

Holiday Gift Recommendations: 18 Children’s Books for Every Kid On Your List

12/03/2015 10:25:29 AM

LEE & LOW BOOKS offers books for every person on your gift list! > read more

Turn a Blanket into a Scarf! Book-Inspired DIY Projects

12/02/2015 10:44:16 AM

We share some DIY projects readers can do with items around their house, inspired by MAYA'S BLANKET. > read more

Who Is Ira Aldridge?

11/19/2015 10:26:23 AM

Who is Ira Aldridge? We share a brief biography of an amazing man whose name should be better known. > read more

Happy Birthday Isamu Noguchi!

11/17/2015 11:22:06 AM

LEE & LOW BOOKS remembers Isamu Noguchi on his birthday. > read more

Help Save a Life At Our Bone Marrow Registry Drive in NYC

11/13/2015 15:37:20 PM

Join Lee & Low Books at the the Bone Marrow Registry Drive in NYC's La Casa Azul bookstore November 21, 2015. > read more

Celebrating National Adoption Month With a New Picture Book

11/12/2015 11:42:20 AM

In a guest post, author Nancy Tupper Ling discusses the origins of her new picture book about adoption, THE STORY I'LL TELL. > read more

Is Staff Diversity Training Worth It?

11/11/2015 08:00:50 AM

We sent a select number of LEE & LOW staff members from different departments to an "Undoing Racism" workshop, held by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond. > read more

Simmons College and LEE & LOW BOOKS Establish New Scholarship

11/04/2015 09:46:53 AM

Simmons College and LEE & LOW BOOKS Establish New Scholarship dedicated to bringing a wide range of voices into books for children and young adults, and to providing students access to careers that diversify the field of children’s literature. > read more

“¿Qué es deportar?”: Teaching from Students’ Lives

11/02/2015 07:05:07 AM

We are so excited and honored to share this one educator’s example of why books featuring characters like her students belong in her classroom and curriculum. In this guest post, Sandra L. Osorio describes using books that captured her students' bi > read more

Book Title Mashup: Lee & Low Edition

10/29/2015 11:57:36 AM

Lee & Low presents book title mashups of Lee & Low and Tu Books titles. > read more

Digital Illustration Up Close: Behind the Art of Amazing Places

10/28/2015 12:47:49 PM

Illustrator Christy Hale Takes Us Behind the Art of AMAZING PLACES. > read more

Thirteen Scary YA Books: Diverse Edition

10/22/2015 08:00:55 AM

A list of thirteen YA horror novels, all featuring diverse characters or by diverse authors. > read more

Recap: Diversity at New York Comic Con

10/15/2015 09:57:40 AM

LEE & LOW staff reflect back on their New York Comic Con experience. > read more

6 Key Points from the UK Study on Diversity in Publishing

10/14/2015 12:31:42 PM

A new study looks at diversity in the UK publishing industry. In this post we break down 6 important points from the study and how they relate to us. > read more

Rethinking Columbus Day

10/08/2015 12:47:17 PM

We offer some thoughts on reframing the Columbus Day holiday. > read more

Shadra Strickland and Sally Derby Discuss Their New Book, Diversity in Publishing, and More

10/07/2015 08:00:17 AM

In this blog post, we interview the author and illustrator of SUNDAY SHOPPING about their creative processes, the children's book publishing industry, and encouraging children to write more. > read more

Connecting Teens With the Authors They Love

10/05/2015 07:22:04 AM

When teen readers take over the Lee & Low conference room, we have the chance to talk and ponder all things KILLER OF ENEMIES. > read more

Reflections on Undoing Racism

10/01/2015 10:39:39 AM

Two LEE & LOW staff reflect on their experience at an "Undoing Racism" workshop. > read more

Creating a Market for Diverse Books: An Interview With First Book CEO Kyle Zimmer

09/30/2015 09:59:20 AM

In the newest installment of our How We Did It series, we interview Kyle Zimmer, CEO of First Book, about how her organization has created a new market for diverse books. > read more

Salt Lake Comic Con 2015: M.K. Hutchins & Valynne E. Maetani’s schedules

09/23/2015 10:02:43 AM

M.K. Hutchins and Valynne Maetani's schedules for Salt Lake Comic Con. > read more

Infographic: The Diversity Gap in the Emmys, 2015

09/21/2015 09:48:45 AM

Our new infographic looks at the Diversity Gap in the Emmy Awards after last night's momentous wins. > read more

Character Day: Taking a Look at the Traits Needed to Do What’s Right

09/17/2015 07:00:20 AM

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, shares favorite books that will spark conversations centered on leadership, love, kindness, social responsibility, perseverance, fairness, and teamwork for Character Day, September 18. > read more

New Voices Award Winners on Revising Your Story

09/16/2015 08:00:55 AM

Past New Voices winners talk about the the revision process when writing a story. > read more

Get to Know this Year’s Women and POC Emmy Nominees

09/15/2015 11:21:08 AM

An introduction to this year's Women and POC Emmy nominees. > read more

Intergenerational Activities for Grandparents Day

09/10/2015 07:00:56 AM

Intergenerational program ideas and resources to do on Grandparents Day and all year long. > read more

Final Call: Two Contests for Unpublished Writers of Color

09/09/2015 12:15:26 PM

Don't miss the submissions deadlines for our annual writing contests for unpublished authors of color. > read more

Marketing 101: The Best Social Media Platforms For Authors

09/03/2015 11:42:35 AM

In this Marketing 101 post, our Marketing Director shares advice on which social media platforms are best for authors and how to choose the right fit. > read more

Diversity Baseline Survey Update: #BigFiveSignOn and Survey Deadline

09/02/2015 11:28:57 AM

An update on the Diversity Baseline Survey and the #BigFiveSignOn hashtag > read more

8 Ideas for Educators to Get Students Excited About the Public Library This School Year

08/31/2015 07:00:04 AM

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, shares ideas for teachers to introduce and excite students to public libraries to kick off a literacy-rich school year. > read more

The Opposite of Colorblind: Why it’s essential to talk to children about race

08/27/2015 07:15:30 AM

Tu Books Publisher Stacy Whitman discusses why avoiding discussions of race with young people can do more harm than good and shares some of the research supporting the need to address race with children openly. > read more

How I Created the Ink and Ashes Personality Quiz

08/26/2015 11:05:11 AM

Our summer intern talks about how she created a personality quiz to go with our first YA mystery novel, INK AND ASHES. > read more

How a Writing Contest for Students is Changing the Immigration Narrative

08/24/2015 07:00:49 AM

In this guest post Claire Tesh, Senior Manager of Education at the American Immigration Council, discusses the mission of the Celebrate America Writing Contest and how it has helped to shape the immigration narrative. > read more

Diversifying Your Back-to-School Reading

08/20/2015 13:56:51 PM

In this guest post from the Lee & Low archives, professor Katie Cunningham discusses ways to diversify Common Core recommended texts. As we gather resources to begin the new school year, Katie's post is a good reminder that each year offers a fresh o > read more

10 Reasons to Read Diversely + Poster Giveaway

08/19/2015 11:15:16 AM

10 reasons to read diversely. > read more

Two Authors Share What “Voice” Means To Them

08/13/2015 11:32:33 AM

Two New Voices Award winners share what "voice" means to them. > read more

Interview: Monica Brown on Her New Book Maya’s Blanket

08/11/2015 13:54:47 PM

Author Monica Brown talks about the inspiration behind her new bilingual picture book, Maya's Blanket. > read more

The Other Side of Quiet – An Intern’s Perspective

08/06/2015 09:00:56 AM

Our summer intern talks about her experience interning at LEE & LOW BOOKS. > read more

Books for Children and Educators About Kindness

08/05/2015 15:12:02 PM

We share Professor Sylvia Vardell's list of recommended books for children and educators about kindness. What would you add? > read more

The Right Read Aloud for the Classroom Community You Want This Year

08/03/2015 07:00:38 AM

Our Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, explores the power of the right back-to-school read aloud to inspiring meaningful connections and creating a safe, welcoming, reading-first space. > read more

Spotlight On: REFORMA’S Children in Crisis Project

07/24/2015 07:33:32 AM

Learn about REFORMA's Children in Crisis Project, which puts books into the hands of detained children who have crossed the border. > read more

8 Books to Celebrate International Friendship Day

07/20/2015 07:00:05 AM

Literacy Specialist, Veronica Schneider, shares 8 books and various activities to celebrate International Friendship Day. > read more

New Spring and Fall Releases from LEE & LOW BOOKS and Tu Books!

07/16/2015 10:59:48 AM

A round up of the spring and fall 2015 releases from LEE & LOW BOOKS and Tu Books > read more

Two Authors Share Their Favorite Tools to Plot a Story

07/15/2015 10:00:32 AM

Past winners of LEE & LOW BOOK's New Voices Award share their favorite tools to plot a story. > read more

New York City Teachers: How Do You Discover Diverse Literature For Your Students?

07/13/2015 07:00:47 AM

For those in New York City education, here is an opportunity to share your experiences teaching and searching for culturally relevant and responsive curriculum and books! > read more

Diversity Baseline Survey Update: Which Review Journals + Publishers are On Board?

07/09/2015 13:34:39 PM

An update on our Diversity Baseline Survey, a project that seeks to evaluate diversity among publishing staff and reviewers. > read more

ALA 2015 Recap: Wins in Diversity

07/08/2015 12:00:44 PM

A recap of Lee & Low at the 2015 American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference in San Francisco. > read more

Lee & Low Books named Indie Publisher of the Year 2014

07/02/2015 12:16:35 PM

We are thrilled to announce that LEE & LOW BOOKS was named Indie Publisher of the Year 2014 by Foreword Reviews. > read more

10 Myths about Teaching STEM Books and How You Can Teach STEM in Your Classroom Now

06/29/2015 07:00:31 AM

Join Lee & Low Books and Anastasia Suen, Founder of the STEM Friday blog and award-winning children’s book author, for a discussion on how to teach STEM in your classroom starting this fall. We are participating in Share My Lesson's Summer of Learn > read more

Pride Month: Fifteen LGBTQ-Themed Books for Readers of Every Age

06/25/2015 12:37:42 PM

Fifteen LGBTQ books to celebrate Pride Month! > read more

Come meet LEE & LOW BOOKS at ALA 2015!

06/23/2015 11:51:15 AM

Check out LEE & LOW BOOK's schedule for the American Library Association conference in San Francisco. > read more

The Perfect Picture Book for the Last Day of School

06/22/2015 07:00:36 AM

We've gathered some of our favorite Lee & Low titles to conclude and celebrate a year’s worth of reading with your students. Let us know what you recommend (any book!) and your final reading tradition! > read more

INK AND ASHES Blog Tour Round Up

06/19/2015 10:34:41 AM

A round up of the INK AND ASHES blog tour. > read more

Authors of Color: Submit Your Manuscript to the New Visions Award!

06/18/2015 10:42:03 AM

The third annual New Visions Award for unpublished writers of color is now open. > read more

What does Juneteenth Celebrate?

06/17/2015 10:29:17 AM

This year marks the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth, the holiday that commemorates when slaves in Texas first learned that they were free. > read more

Using Picture Books to Teach and Discuss Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera with Students

06/15/2015 07:00:40 AM

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, models an author study unit for teachers to introduce and explore the life and children's works of the 21st U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera. > read more

Marketing 101: How to Prepare for Your First Conference

06/12/2015 12:26:27 PM

This post is part of an ongoing series at The Open Book answering questions about book marketing and publicity. With the 2015 American Library Association (ALA) conference just around the corner, many first-time authors are probably starting to get > read more

How to Turn a Quiet Author Event into a Big Success

06/10/2015 09:58:49 AM

In a guest post, librarian librarian Jane Levitan of Guest Bloggerthe Martinsburg-Berkeley County Public Libraries and author/illustrator Lulu Delacre give their takes on a quiet event that turned into a great success. > read more

2015 Diverse Summer Reading Book Lists K-8

06/08/2015 07:00:45 AM

LEE & LOW BOOKS releases Diverse Summer Reading Book List suggestions for Grades K-8. > read more

Interview: Nikki Grimes on Writing Poetry

06/04/2015 09:19:19 AM

Award-winning author Nikki Grimes talks poetry and writing Poems in the Attic. > read more

Student Book Review: Seeds of Change

06/02/2015 07:00:19 AM

In this guest post, Ruben Brosbe’s third-grade students from P.S. 368, The Hamilton Heights School in New York, NY review Seeds of Change. > read more

Out today: Ink and Ashes

06/01/2015 12:16:32 PM

Happy book birthday to INK AND ASHES, Tu Books' new mystery novel. > read more

Case Cracked: The Process of Editing Mystery Novels

05/29/2015 07:30:45 AM

TU BOOKS publisher Stacy Whitman talks about editing mystery novels. > read more

Five Authors Share Their Favorite Writing Prompts

05/27/2015 11:50:00 AM

Past New Voices Award winners share their favorite writing prompts. > read more

Why We’re Asking Publishers to Join Our Diversity Baseline Survey

05/21/2015 06:00:43 AM

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that over the past few years we’ve released a series of infographics about the diversity gap in different industries including publishing, film, television, theater, and politics. Our infographic > read more

How to Read With Your Rising First Graders and Kinders This Summer

05/18/2015 07:00:04 AM

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, models how parents can read with beginning and soon-to-be readers starting kindergarten and first grade in the fall. > read more

Submit Your Picture Book Manuscript to the New Voices Award!

05/15/2015 10:51:09 AM

Submissions for the 2015 New Voices Award are now open. > read more

Pinterest Roundup: 100’s of End-of-the-Year DIY Ideas for Teachers & Students

05/11/2015 07:00:01 AM

100's of Pinterest DIY ideas for end-of-the-year gifts for teachers and students. > read more

Tu Books Announces Winner of New Visions Award Contest for Writers of Color

05/07/2015 11:45:47 AM

Tu Books announces winner of 2014 New Visions Award, The Amaterasu Project by Axie Oh. > read more

Illustrator Shadra Strickland Takes Us Behind the Art of Sunday Shopping

05/05/2015 10:30:22 AM

Illustrator Shadra Strickland takes us behind the scenes for the art from Sunday Shopping. > read more

Help Your Students & Families Find the Best Summer Learning Opportunities

05/04/2015 07:00:21 AM

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, discusses summer slide and the role educators can play in helping families find the right academic programs to continue the learning achievements from the school year. > read more

President Obama Announces ConnectED Library Challenge and #BooksforAll Project

04/30/2015 09:43:17 AM

President Obama announces two new efforts to strengthen learning opportunities by improving access to digital content and to public libraries: new eBooks commitments and the ConnectED Library Challenge. > read more

What is Día de los niños/Día de los Libros? 5 Questions for Pat Mora

04/29/2015 09:09:49 AM

We ask author Pat Mora 5 questions about Día de los niños/Día de los libros. > read more

Celebrate and Teach About Baseball with Toni Stone

04/27/2015 07:00:18 AM

Our Senior Literacy Specialist, Jill Eisenberg, shares several teaching ideas and resources to kick off the new baseball season and celebrate the tenth of anniversary of Catching the Moon with young readers. > read more

Poetry Friday: Dreaming Up

04/24/2015 10:11:00 AM

April is National Poetry Month, so we're celebrating by sharing a poem every week for Poetry Friday. This week's poem is from Dreaming Up: A Celebration of Building, written and illustrated by Christy Hale. > read more

Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday with Ira’s Shakespeare Dream

04/23/2015 10:01:47 AM

Celebrate William Shakespeare's birthday by learning about Ira Aldridge, a celebrated Shakespearean actor from the 19th century. > read more

Reading for the Earth: Ultimate Earth Day Resource Roundup

04/20/2015 07:00:22 AM

5 Earth Day reading collections from Lee & Low, and hands-on Earth Day lessons, activities, games, and other resources to bring the outdoors into your classroom. > read more

Poetry Friday: Song in My Heart

04/17/2015 10:18:45 AM

April is National Poetry Month, so we're celebrating by sharing a poem every week for Poetry Friday. This week's poem is Song in My Heart from I AND I. > read more

Meet Our New Visions Award Finalists: Part III

04/16/2015 10:05:44 AM

We introduce our final two New Visions Award finalists, Yamile Saied Méndez and Axie Oh. > read more

Interpreting César Chávez’s Legacy with Students

04/13/2015 07:03:13 AM

In this guest post, Sara Burnett at the American Immigration Council offers strategies and resources to enrich your classroom with the legacy of César Chávez. > read more

Poetry Friday: Family Garden

04/10/2015 10:39:46 AM

April is National Poetry Month, so we're celebrating by sharing a poem every week for Poetry Friday. This week's poem is Family Garden from POEMS TO DREAM TOGETHER. > read more

Meet Our New Visions Award Finalists: Part II

04/09/2015 15:48:29 PM

Last month we announced the six finalists for our 2015 New Visions Award. The Award recognizes a middle grade or young adult novel in the sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery genres by an unpublished author of color (our first New Visions Award winner, In > read more

Book Marketing 101: What to Put On Your Author Website

04/08/2015 13:55:01 PM

In our latest Book Marketing 101 post, our marketing director shares tips for what to include in your author or illustrator website. > read more

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