Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen again!!

As you well know from regular reading of this blog, I like the TMNT franchise, well parts of it, always have since the days of the..

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen again!!

04/03/2014 17:16:09 PM

As you well know from regular reading of this blog, I like the TMNT franchise, well parts of it, always have since the days of the old palladium RPG (which is how I got into it in the first place) So other turtles fans will be pleased to hear that th

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Fantasy Coins from Fantasy Coin on Kickstarter

04/03/2014 15:55:21 PM

While I have the time off from sculpting and modelmaking tonight, I thought I’d catch up on doing some posts, this time a crowdfunding spotlight article featuring some rather nice coinage from Fantasy coin LLC. These lovely looking tokens are i

Clown News: Creepy Staten Island clown, Manchester and Cambridge Clowns also on the loose!!

04/03/2014 13:47:15 PM

Cannibals and Corpses (No, it’s not a Roleplaying game, or a band. It’s real!)

04/03/2014 07:03:07 AM

Following on from this weeks finale in The Walking Dead, what with their suspected terminus cannibal types, I thought I’d take it upon myself to guide you to a few choice real world tales of flesh munchers and cadavers. On the theme of people e

The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 16; A

04/02/2014 14:09:36 PM

So, firstly my apologies for not posting the links to this seasons Walking Dead finale, busy as usual with life things! Anyway, here’s the link you have been waiting for, the end of the road for the splintered group, Terminus lays ahead! http:/

The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 15; Us

03/24/2014 12:42:49 PM

So, almost at the end of this season of zombie survivor drama, The Walking Dead, so here I am with this week’s latest installment. After last week, of which I was quite impressed with compared to some of the previous episodes in the recent week

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Zed or Alive: Zombie skirmish ruleset by Rust Devil Games Kickstarter

03/19/2014 18:32:14 PM

As you know, I’m into zombie wargames, so this caught my eye, its called Zed or alive from Dust devil games and they currently have a kickstarter campaign to fund its creation. Yes, I know, there are quite a few zombie skirmish rulesets coming

Another letter to “S” (Further adventures in blogland…)

03/18/2014 21:01:08 PM

I have fleeting moments these days when it comes to my time on the web, much of it now is spent replying to messages and updating what needs to be done, so as it were, this post is the latest in the long line of my adventures (and misadventures) agai

The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 14; The Grove

03/18/2014 08:51:40 AM

So episode 14 is upon us, not long I fear until the season finale, I’m hoping that this end of season 4 finishes with a little more of a flourish than these past few episodes, but I aint given up on the series just yet! I don’t want to gi

Crowdfunding Spotlight: The Legends of the Wulin Board-Game Kickstarter

03/15/2014 15:13:57 PM

Another interesting campaign over on Kickstarter, is the boardgame The Legends of the Wulin. I do enjoy a good boardgame now and again, and I am always partial to stuff based on ancient China and it’s legends (and fantasy kin) Although it looks

Crowdfunding Spotlight: 28mm Zombie & Survivor miniatures by Atomico on Kickstarter

03/15/2014 15:00:02 PM

Now, these 28mm figures I think are delightfully old school, and I must admit they exhibit a sort of naive quality that I do actually like! Its a new KS project by Atomico, a new name that I’ve not heard of before. OK, so they’re kind of

The walking Dead: Season 4: episode 13: Alone

03/10/2014 09:25:17 AM

Here’s this weeks latest link to episode 13 of The walking Dead. Remember to make sure your pop up blockers are on so it won’t mess with your viewing! http://www.tubeplus.me/player/2136259/The_Walking_Dead/season_4/episode_13/Alone/ As ev

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Greebo miniatures Hand of death on Indiegogo

03/09/2014 19:40:14 PM

I’ve mentioned Greebo miniatures before on here, and just thought I’d highlight their latest campaign. The Hand of Death, mainly being composed of Rats and Turtles for use in fantasy football type games, are lovely little figures, heavily

Brainstorming: Grinning Skull digest anyone?

03/09/2014 13:51:44 PM

Just taking a brief respite in my sculpting and model making to say something…So, this has been rattling around in my head for a while, ignore the title of the post, that just implies the basis of the idea rather than the outcome, so to speak.

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mote – Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter

03/06/2014 19:20:32 PM

Next in on Crowdfunding Spotlight, is Mote, a virtual tabletop, brought to you lucky people by Idle Ideas Inc. Now, I’m quite old school when it comes to my gaming, but I do appreciate new ideas that might come to revolutionise wargaming in fut

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tabletop Taverns Kickstarter

03/06/2014 18:51:21 PM

While my rather poor internet connection allows and I’m on a roll, I want to tell you about the third installment of the successful Tabletop towns range of folding card scenery. I’m a huge fan of paper models for wargaming, so this new ca

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wargames Bakery Stencilis

03/06/2014 18:18:02 PM

You might remember Wargames Bakery and their last KS campaign, with their base stamps and their groovy name, and this time they are back with another new addition to the many stencils that are available on the market. Even so there are quite a lot of

Mini Sculpting: 28mm Ettin/2 headed troll; Fnar-frag the two faced!

03/06/2014 13:29:11 PM

Ok, you’re going to have to forgive my net connection, it’s not great at the best of times, but like I have told you before, I promised to show you some stuff I have been working on. This is a personal WIP for my WFB orc and gobbo army, m

The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 12; Still

03/05/2014 12:12:46 PM

So here’s this weeks link to episode 12 of this seasons The Walking Dead. This time i can’t tell you much about it (as I still haven’t seen it, so don’t give me any spoilers!) As usual, stick your pop up blockers on, and enjoy

A quick update to let you know I’m not dead….

03/05/2014 11:57:24 AM

I just wanted to give you a little update, recently I haven’t had enough free time to be updating and posting here at the grinning skull, due to my commitments, bad internet connection, a turbulent personal life and other contributing factors i

The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 11; Claimed.

02/24/2014 13:17:53 PM

While I get a brief break in my busy schedule, here I am with this weeks dose of zombie survival fun, The Walking Dead. I’ll not tell you anything if you haven’t seen it already, there will be no spoilers from me about this weeks instalme

The Walking Dead: Season 4: Episode 10; Inmates.

02/17/2014 10:34:17 AM

Here’s your chance to catch up with the fourth season of The walking dead, and the latest episode: Inmates. As ever below you will find the link to the video. Note: once again I warn you to get your pop up blockers to max, phasers set for stun

THE WALKING DEAD Season 4: Episode 9 – After –

02/12/2014 19:18:00 PM

As ever, I’ll post up the latest episode links to AMCs “The Walking Dead” (I bet you thought I’d forgot?) It’s great to see the return of this, the second half to this latest season, not too bad an episode this time, but

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Bio Syndrome Kickstarter

02/05/2014 12:32:46 PM

Everyone likes something for free? Right? Well, I’d like to draw your attention to this KS for the Biosyndrome skirmish rules. For those who don’t already know anything about BioSyndrome, it’s a currently free set of skirmish wargam

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Wonderlands Project Shark Day Miniature on Indiegogo

02/05/2014 07:37:20 AM

I am quite a sucker for weird and outlandish miniatures, and this project over on Indiegogo falls into that perfectly. Based on these lovely pictures by artist Maxim Verehin, I do hope that the miniatures that are getting sculpted can do justice to t

The Walking Dead returns on the 9th Feb!

02/05/2014 05:42:54 AM

I really hate TV in general, too much crappy reality stuff and repeats, but a shining beacon of decent entertainment is due to return soon for the next part of it’s fourth season , yes you’ve guessed it: The Walking Dead is back on the 9t

What do you do when you’ve lost your hobby mojo?

02/05/2014 05:15:53 AM

No matter what lately, I haven’t been able to focus on all aspects of the hobby (I mean miniature wargaming, not the “GW” hobby!) I think that it’s been due to recent illness with my knee trouble, general awfulness and now som

Stories of Suspension, and Suspicion of Spammers…(and the “S” word…)

02/05/2014 04:42:29 AM

Ok, I thought I’d just clear up the reasons why this blog got taken down last week. I’ve had a lot of people ask just why it happened and the story behind it, so for what it’s worth, let me tell you before I draw a line about itR

Project Brainstorming: Dynasty Warriors 15mm; Can it be done?

01/28/2014 17:19:00 PM

So, this year I have quite a few ideas for new settings for my wargaming projects, since this is 2014 , I thought I’d get the ball rolling and start getting my arse into gear sorting my lists of aquisitions in order, and to see if these plans a

Arisen from the ashes….we’re back!! You can’t keep a good skull down!

01/28/2014 08:25:36 AM

Well, hello everyone. Finally we’re back! Just a quick post. My apologies to all of you for the brief break, it would seem like the WordPress people have seen fit to unsuspend the blog (following all that S-E-M-A-L-T nonsense) and see things fo

Social Traffic: Five Ways to Make Posts More Shareable

01/27/2014 10:00:46 AM

What blogger doesn’t feel a twinge of envy reading a runaway viral success story like Seth’s — 26 million views? Whoa! We may not all be viral sensations, but we can make sure our posts are primed for sharing. Shareable content is

Starting 2014 Off Right: Blogs on Fitness and Healthy Eating

01/24/2014 10:15:21 AM

One of the strengths of WordPress.com is the community — a global network of users, learning from one another and supporting each other. Earlier this month, Michelle shared blogs within the mental health community, and we’ll continue to h

A letter from Semalt. (Further adventures in blogland…)

01/20/2014 12:07:53 PM

You might remember my recent letter to semalt.com in my previous post, and the concerns that many of you out there in blogland and beyond had for the recent hits from their site on many of our sites. I’m glad to say, that they have been good to

For sale: 15mm Black Dog Salvage Co. model terrain up for auction!

01/18/2014 18:21:11 PM

Some time ago, you may recall (If your a regular reader that is…) that I showed you a 15mm sci-fi building terrain piece entitled “The Black Dog Salvage company” which I made for games of the free wargame, Salvage Crew. Due to lack

It’s competition month: Get involved in the Pendraken Painting Competition 2014!

01/16/2014 19:12:21 PM

It must be miniature painting competition month, as well as Dropship Horizon having a comp, The pendraken guys also have the yearly Pendraken painting competition too! Whilst it’s not 15mm scifi, this time it’s 10mm figures from their ran

Dropship Horizon Blog Launches Titanium Dropship 2014 ; 15mm sci fi miniature painting comp!

01/16/2014 18:51:50 PM

For those of you out there into 15mm sci-fi, Dropship Horizon have launched their comp for 2014. There are loads of 15mm companies putting up stuff as prizes, so if you think your skills at painting and modelling in 15mm with a science fiction flavou

Dear Semalt.com….what would you write?

01/16/2014 13:15:56 PM

There seems to be more activity on many websites regarding the infamous Semalt.com today, and along with many others I actually received some mail from my personal manager. (remember that I’m a bright spark that in the attempt to gather info ab

Seven things I miss about LARP…

01/10/2014 14:36:40 PM

Now what seems like an age ago, I used to LARP (live roleplay, LRP for the purist!). For years, week after week, come rain or shine, snow or winds, we would all cogregate in our meeting spot each weekend to travel up to the local woods in which we us

Well, New year and back to business as usual…

01/09/2014 09:46:00 AM

Hello all, I’m back now,and hoping to get concentrate on getting things back on schedule here on the blog. I’ve been taking it easy on the net, so I hope you aint’ missed me too much! I hope that Santa brought you lot some good stuf

The Problem with Semalt is…What f#*k is it?

01/02/2014 21:01:01 PM

Over these few days, according to my stats here on wordpress, I have been receiving visits from a referrer by the name of Semalt.com. So why the big deal? Well, not that I’m too bothered, more curious than anything really, I thought I’d c

Wishing you all, a festive Yuletide and a prosperous New Year!

12/26/2013 09:58:49 AM

I’d just like to take a moment out of my festivities, to wish you all out there a great Xmas/Yule/whatever the hell you celebrate it as!, and a great new year! Sure, things aren’t great for many of us economically, nor can it be said that

Crowdfunding Preview: Achtung! Cthulhu Skirmish game KS from Spartan Games!

12/21/2013 18:16:36 PM

For those who aren’t familiar, Achtung! Cthulhu is  the WW2 era combined with the mythos of HP Lovecraft and his contemparies. Up till now it’s been focused on the RPG side of things, but news is 2014 will see the release of the skirmish

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