MVP of Yesterday for April 16 is… Johnny Cueto

Johnny Cueto struck out a career-high 12 and gave up just 3 hits in a complete game shutout against the the Pirates yesterday, goo..

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MVP of Yesterday for April 16 is… Johnny Cueto

04/17/2014 20:11:47 PM

Johnny Cueto struck out a career-high 12 and gave up just 3 hits in a complete game shutout against the the Pirates yesterday, good for MVP of Yesterday!

MVP of Yesterday for April 15 is… Giancarlo Stanton

04/16/2014 16:47:59 PM

The MVP of Yesterday was Giancarlo Stanton, who went 2-4 with 5 RBIs, a HR, and a walk. This makes him the first two-time winner of the MVP of Yesterday in 2014! Standings after jump: Standings: Giancarlo Stanton: 2 Scott … Continue reading 

MVP of Yesterday for April 14, 2014 is… Dan Uggla!

04/15/2014 21:05:41 PM

Dan Uggla had two homers, including a game-winning GRAND SLAM in the 9th. So he’s the MVP of Yesterday. Standings after jump: Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee Gordon: 1 Seth Smith: 1 Alejandro De Aza: 1 Freddie Freeman: 1 … Continue read

MVP of Yesterday for April 13, 2014: Kyle Lohse

04/14/2014 20:08:40 PM

The Milwaukee Brewers are the hottest team in the earliest stretch of baseball, and Kyle Lohse was hot last night, throwing 8.2 innings of 4-hit ball with 9 Ks. That’s why he’s the MVP of Yesterday. Standings after the jump: … Conti

MVP of Yesterday for April 12, 2014: Giancarlo Stanton

04/13/2014 22:09:27 PM

Giancarlo Stanton had two HRs and three RBIs yesterday, good enough for his first MVP of the year. Standings after the jump: Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee Gordon: 1 Seth Smith: 1 Alejandro De Aza: 1 Freddie Freeman: 1 … Continue reading 

MVP of Yesterday for April 11, 2014 is… Andrew Cashner

04/12/2014 21:27:27 PM

The MVP of Yesterday was Andrew Cashner of the Padres, who threw a 1-hit shutout of the Tigers. Standings, as always, after the jump: Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee Gordon: 1 Seth Smith: 1 Alejandro De Aza: 1 Freddie … Continue reading ͛

MVP of Yesterday for April 10 is… Justin Upton

04/11/2014 20:22:04 PM

Justin Upton narrowly beat out Jose Abreu for yesterday’s MVP, going 3-4 with 3 RBIs and 2 HRs in a Braves loss to the Mets. Yes, you can lose to the Mets and still be able to win MVP of … Continue reading →

MVP of Yesterday for April 9, 2014 is…. Ervin Santana

04/10/2014 21:03:56 PM

Ervin Santana threw 8 innings of 3-hit ball last night with 6 strikeouts as he picked up his first win as an Atlanta Brave. So, he’s the MVP of Yesterday! Standings after the jump: Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee … Continue reading U

Coming Soon: First Impressions of OOTP Baseball ’15!

04/09/2014 21:52:09 PM

Sometime soon, my first impressions of OOTP Baseball ’15, which is due out later this month:

MVP of Yesterday for April 8, 2014 is… Ryan Braun

04/09/2014 21:45:03 PM

We here at the MVP of Yesterday office (AKA my recliner) do not care about whether a player is, was or may one day use steroids. We only care about who the MVP of Yesterday is. So, to the displeasure … Continue reading →

MVP of Yesterday for April 7, 2014 is… Troy Tulowitzki

04/08/2014 20:02:01 PM

In a abbreviated schedule yesterday, Troy Tulowitzki wins the MVP of Yesterday. He went 3-3 with a HR. Standings after the jump; Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee Gordon: 1 Seth Smith: 1 Alejandro De Aza: 1 Freddie Freeman: 1 … Continue reading

MVP of Yesterday for April 6, 2014 is…Yu Darvish

04/07/2014 20:20:15 PM

Yu Darvish returned from the DL  yesterday. He then proceeded to throw 7 shutout innings with 7 hits allowed and 6 strikeouts. Which isn’t bad work, really. (Standings after the jump) Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee Gordon: 1 Seth … Co

MVP of Yesterday for April 5, 2014 is… Nolan Arenado

04/06/2014 20:07:31 PM

Nolan Arenado of the Rockies was 3-4 with two home runs and 3 RBIs yesterday, making him the MVP of Yesterday.

MVP of Yesterday for April 4, 2014 is… Charlie Blackmon

04/05/2014 13:28:40 PM

6-for-6! 5 RBI! A HR! Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies had a career day yesterday!

Bizarre Baseball Culture: Captain America in a Golden Age Tale

04/04/2014 21:50:05 PM

In Bizarre Baseball Culture, I take a look at some of the more unusual places where baseball has reared it’s head in pop culture and fiction. With the upcoming release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, now is the best … Continue reading

MVP of Yesterday for April 3, 2014 is… Chris Colabello

04/04/2014 21:46:38 PM

Chris Colabello had the game of his MLB career yesterday, batting in 6 of the Twins’ 10 runs in their 10-9 victory over the White Sox.

Tomorrow: Bizarre Baseball Culture with Captain America!

04/03/2014 22:43:09 PM

Tomorrow: Bizarre Baseball Culture returns with the first of two installments featuring Captain America, just in time for the release of his new movie!

MVP of Yesterday for 4-2-2014: Mark Buehrle

04/03/2014 19:27:57 PM

Yesterday, Mark Buehrle went 8.2 IP while giving up just four hits, one walk, and striking out 11. So he’s MVP of Yesterday.

MVP of Yesterday for April 1, 2014: Freddie Freeman

04/02/2014 16:09:28 PM

Freddie Freeman was 3-3 with two HR yesterday, giving him his first MVP of Yesterday of the year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be just the first of many. Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee Gordon: … Continue reading →

MVP of Yesterday for March 31, 2014: Alejandro De Aza

04/01/2014 21:00:39 PM

With two HRs and 3 RBIs, Alejandro De Aza of the White Sox is the MVP of Yesterday. Sorry for the late posting…. real life gets in the way sometimes. Stupid real life responsibilities. Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee … Continue reading

MVP of Yesterday for March 30, 2014 is… Seth Smith

03/31/2014 10:38:31 AM

Seth Smith had only one AB yesterday, but his home run helped open the floodgates against Brian Wilson, paving the way for the Padres’ victory. Standings: Scott Van Slyke: 1 Dee Gordon: 1 Seth Smith: 1

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 10): Predictions for the Season, without any further explanations (except one)

03/30/2014 12:46:48 PM

It’s time. Who will be the division winners? Who will win the World Series? Time to see my predictions… without further explanation (except for one).

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 9): Predictions for Awards without any further explanations

03/26/2014 21:20:52 PM

To predict awards is often even harder than to predict the actual results of the season. So I’m going to just get this out of the way quickly, without any explanation. So you can try to guess why I’m going … Continue reading →

Coming up this week: International Opener possibilities, previews and… Bizarre Baseball Culture?

03/24/2014 21:10:54 PM

Coming this week: An article on possible locations for future international openers, more previews for the upcoming season and, maybe, if you are good and behave (and I can find the time), you will get the great gift of Bizarre … Continue readi

MVP of Yesterday for March 23, 2014 is… Dee Gordon

03/23/2014 12:52:56 PM

Last night’s/today’s game between the D-Backs and Dodgers was hardly a shining example of baseball. Ryu did great but only lasted five innings, Yasiel Puig had to leave the game with an injury… so I’ll go with Dee Gordon, who

MVP of Yesterday for… March 22, 2014 is… Scott Van Slyke

03/22/2014 16:49:58 PM

Yes, it’s time to start up the old MVP of Yesterday Machine. Well, due to time differences, it is actually today, but, anyway, the first MVP of Yesterday is Scott Van Slyke, who went 2-3 with 2 RBIs, both from … Continue reading →

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 8): Everything you wanted to know about the opening series in Australia but didn’t ask

03/19/2014 17:21:05 PM

So, it won’t be long before the 2014 MLB Regular Season starts… in Australia. Yes, this year, it starts in Sydney, Australia. You may or may not have questions about this, but I don’t particularly care what you think, so … Con

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 7): Best Case/Worst Case for… the NL EAST (with Getty Images)

03/18/2014 21:49:35 PM

We reach our last installment of Best Case/Worst Case… with, of course, sometimes irrelevant images from Getty. Here we go: Atlanta Braves: Best-Case Scenario: World Series. I mean, look at that pitching staff! Look at the young hitters! They s


03/17/2014 22:26:25 PM

Tomorrow, come to the Baseball Continuum for the NL East Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios!

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 6): Best Case/Worst Case for… the NL CENTRAL (with Getty Images)

03/16/2014 13:13:42 PM

Oh, boy, the NL Central! It’s time for another round of Best Case/Worst Case. And, since the Cubs are in this division, you know there’s going to be a worst case. And, of course, they all have at least vaguely-connected … Continue r

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 5): Best Case/Worst Case for… the NL WEST (with Getty Images)

03/12/2014 19:05:29 PM

We went from East-To-West for the AL, but we’ll be going West-To-East for the NL, so… who is ready to learn what could go right and wrong in the NL West? And who wants to see some vaguely-related images from … Continue reading ͛

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 4): Best Case/Worst Case for… the AL WEST (with Getty Images)

03/09/2014 20:56:32 PM

Today, we look at the AL West, and what could go right… and what could go wrong. Complete with Getty Images that may or may not have anything to do with the actual team. Here we go: Oakland Athletics Best-Case … Continue reading →

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 3): Best Case/Worst Case for… the AL CENTRAL (with Getty Images)

03/08/2014 12:45:40 PM

We continue our big preview of the MLB Season by looking at the best-case and worst-case scenarios for the AL Central. And, what’s more, that includes Getty Images, no matter how irrelevant the picture is. Detroit Tigers Best-Case Scenario: Who

2014 SEASON PREVIEW (PART 2): Best Case/Worst Case for… the AL EAST (with Getty Images)

03/08/2014 10:31:26 AM

What’s the worst that can happen? What’s the best-case scenario? In Best Case/Worst Case, we find out what those worst and best case scenarios are. Tonight… the American League East. And it’s accompanied by things from the now

The 2014 MLB Season Preview (Part 1): In Which We Set Our Scene

03/05/2014 22:32:00 PM

Last time we saw Major League Baseball- not counting Spring Training- the Red Sox had won the World Series. And now, we begin again. When the Dodgers and Diamondbacks kick off the season in Australia, baseball, as it always has, … Continue read

This Week on the Baseball Continuum

03/02/2014 13:50:19 PM

This week on the Baseball Continuum, I’ll be starting my season preview and also do some other stuff. Cool, right?

This is cool.

03/01/2014 20:13:17 PM

Okay, this is cool. It could help change how fielding statistics are done, too!


02/27/2014 21:12:52 PM

‘Nuff said.

Drawing Conclusions from Spring Training: Josh Reddick solves the whole world’s problems

02/26/2014 19:28:39 PM

As Spring Training games happen, I will have this feature, in which I humorously jump to crazy conclusions based on what has happened in the Spring Training games. These are not meant to be serious. Today, Josh Reddick solved all … Continue rea

HUMOR: Drawing Conclusions from Spring Training

02/25/2014 20:15:07 PM

As Spring Training games happen, I will have this feature, in which I humorously jump to crazy conclusions based on what has happened in the Spring Training games. These are not meant to be serious.

TwitchplaysPokemon, Fan Managing, and the wisdom (?) of the crowd

02/24/2014 21:33:19 PM

Over the past few days-okay, almost a week now- I have been (stupidly) riveted to the tale of “TwitchPlaysPokemon”. It is a social-experiment/massive-game in which tens of thousands and sometimes over a hundred of thousands all trying to

Bizarre Baseball Culture: Stuart Taylor time-travels to the days of the Knickerbockers (only not really)

02/23/2014 14:38:51 PM

In Bizarre Baseball Culture, I take a look at some of the more unusual places where baseball has reared it’s head in pop culture and fiction. Man, I wish I had a time machine to take back all those claims … Continue reading →

The Andrelton Simmons deal is genius

02/20/2014 20:12:33 PM

When is it alright to pay a 248/.296/.396 hitter at least 58 million dollars for seven years? When he’s Andrelton Simmons, who’s bat is secondary but who’s defense is beyond the realm of mortal man. Yes, the Honkballing shortstop fo


02/19/2014 22:47:38 PM


What’s coming this weekend?

02/14/2014 22:14:07 PM

This weekend, there will be the long-awaited time-travel Bizarre Baseball Culture. Totally. I swear. It is really going up this weekend, perhaps by noon tomorrow, perhaps by tomorrow night, at latest Sunday. In addition, in the spirit of the Olympics

Some minor movement in post-2014 Caribbean Series Continuum Baseball Rankings

02/13/2014 20:13:10 PM

The Caribbean Series is included in the Continuum Baseball Rankings because it’s between the champions of leagues, and usually are primarily made up of players from those countries anyway (the Asian Series isn’t included because the Austr

OLYMPICS CONTINUUM: What was Team USA’s Best Slugging Percentage? You’d be surprised…

02/11/2014 21:50:30 PM

It’s time for OLYMPICS CONTINUUM. Today, I was just thinking: “How can you measure what team has had the best Olympics?” There are several methods, of course, and technically the Olympics aren’t even about winning or losing, o

Sorry for the lack of posts lately

02/10/2014 14:41:53 PM

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been very busy. Look for at least one tomorrow!

The All “Share-My-Birthday” Team

02/07/2014 16:29:38 PM

Today is my birthday. So, in honor of that, here is the all “Share-My-Birthday” team: Starting Pitcher: Earl Whitehill, Burt Hooton, Juan Pizarro (can also relieve), Scott Feldman Relief Pitcher: Dan Quisenberry, Dave Borkowski, Brad Henn

Ralph Kiner: A Great Player For Some Horrible Teams

02/06/2014 18:45:19 PM

Ralph Kiner, who passed away today, was a great player who played for some really bad teams. In his ten seasons, only twice was his team above .500. He never played in the postseason, and only once did he come … Continue reading →

(D-Backs) Pitchers and Catchers Report!

02/06/2014 09:02:30 AM

Due to their early season opener in Australia, the Arizona Diamondbacks start Spring Training a little early, with pitchers and catchers reporting today!

Some interesting articles you should look at…

02/05/2014 19:30:04 PM

As I work along on the next Bizarre Baseball Culture, I’ve been distracted by some great baseball articles along the way. Check them out: Over at Slate: William Edward White was the son of a slave, but he was of … Continue reading →

“Bizarre Baseball Culture” still under construction

02/04/2014 22:20:35 PM

The next installment of “Bizarre Baseball Culture” remains under construction. I know I said it’d be out today- Tuesday- but I guess I underestimated the time it would take me. Either that, or it was not I who posted that … Co

Message from the Future

02/03/2014 19:19:41 PM

Hello! This is your blogger speaking to you from THE FUTURE to tell you that tomorrow there will be a new BIZARRE BASEBALL CULTURE involving TIME TRAVEL! Be excited.

The Oh-Crud-I-Forgot-To-Write-This-Until-The-Last-Minute Super Bowl Prediction

02/02/2014 17:11:52 PM

By all accounts, the weather in NJ will be fine, so I’m going to go with Manning and the Broncos tonight. Once, in the past, I would have gone with the defensive advantaged team, but the NFL has changed, and … Continue reading →

For the Super Bowl, here’s George Carlin again with “Baseball and Football”

02/02/2014 14:34:02 PM

This is at least the third time I’ve posted this, but it’s still funny.

Famous For Something Else: Russell Wilson

02/01/2014 12:43:38 PM

As amazing as it seems, I have never had Russell Wilson of the Seahawks as a “Famous For Something Else” entry. Oh, I had a post in which I put up his minor league numbers, but it wasn’t a “Famous … Continue reading U

Quick Aside

01/29/2014 21:36:53 PM

In the next few days, there will be some football stuff leading up to the Super Bowl… but also a Bizarre Baseball Culture!

Random Video: Albert Pujols was/will be on Sesame Street for some reason

01/28/2014 13:55:42 PM

Albert Pujols will be on Sesame Street this week, apparently. Would have made more sense two or three years ago, but, hey, Albert’s a good guy who does a lot of charity work, so why not? How did he do? … Continue reading →

Book Review: “The 34-Ton Bat” by Steve Rushin

01/27/2014 11:17:12 AM

The 34-Ton Bat: The Story of Baseball as Told Through Bobbleheads, Cracker Jacks, Jockstraps, Eye Black, and 375 Other Strange and Unforgettable Objects isn’t the first book of it’s kind. By which I mean, it is not the first book to R

Out of the Park 15 is Coming!

01/24/2014 20:52:26 PM

You know my love of OOTP 14, but now, another version of Out of the Park Baseball is coming. And this time, it’ll have 3D ballparks, 3D balls-in-play, international leagues with REAL players for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Cuba, Netherlands &

The USA returns to first in late January Continuum Rankings Update

01/24/2014 20:34:53 PM

It’s the Continuum Baseball Rankings! Thanks to good performances in basically every tournament that wasn’t the WBC, the United States went to number one in the IBAF’s world rankings, and that helped them also move to the top in the

Quick Aside on Continuum Rankings

01/23/2014 22:34:45 PM

New Baseball Continuum Rankings will be up on Friday! (This was just an aside, since I hadn’t posted anything yet today.)

Tanaka signing sets up what could be an Apocalyptic year for the Yankees

01/22/2014 16:29:10 PM

The word “apocalypse” does not, technically, mean the end of the world. It instead means “uncovering” or the revelation of something. In that truest sense, the New York Yankees have set themselves up for an apocalyptic year in

A Change in The Continuum Baseball Rankings method

01/21/2014 16:48:09 PM

As I mentioned yesterday, the latest installment of the Continuum Baseball Rankings is coming up. However, there will be one major difference: I will not be taking into account the number of MLB players and Win Shares for each country, … Contin

Alex Rodriguez is not a popular guy

01/21/2014 14:28:50 PM

So, we all know Alex Rodriguez isn’t very popular in the MLB office, but how unpopular he was amongst his fellow players hasn’t been very clear until now. Oh, there had been “sources” about how disgusted they were, and some &#

What’s Coming Up This Week on the Continuum…

01/20/2014 21:25:55 PM

Okay, so, this coming week: There will finally be a book review of Steve Rushin’s The 34-Ton Bat. I’ve been saying it was coming for awhile now, but now I will make sure it finally happens! An article on the … Continue reading ͛

My 2014 Blogathon Post is Up!

01/19/2014 21:00:56 PM

Well, guess there won’t be a book review today. But, guess what? You still have stuff of mine to read, as my entry to the Blogathon at Old Time Family Baseball is now up! Be sure to check out the … Continue reading →

Heads Up! Old Time Family Baseball’s blogathon has begun!

01/18/2014 14:12:49 PM

Just a heads up that Old Time Family Baseball‘s yearly blogathon to raise money for Doctors Without Borders has begun. If you don’t know about it, what happens is that Michael Clair, for 24 hours starting at 11 AM Eastern … Continue

Predictions for tomorrow’s AFC and NFC championship games

01/18/2014 13:47:01 PM

Well, here are my predictions for tomorrow’s NFL games. Who will go to the Super Bowl? In the latest super-epic-deathmatch between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, I think Manning will win. However this isn’t a game between Manning and Brady

Coming this weekend on the Continuum….

01/17/2014 11:24:59 AM

This weekend on the Continuum: A Book Review! Predictions (which will probably be wrong) on the NFL Playoffs And perhaps more!

$30.7 Million Dollars a year….

01/15/2014 18:59:37 PM

For $30.7 million dollars, you make enough money (before tax) each year to…. Stockpile 1697 pounds of gold a year Stockpile over 52 tons of silver (short tons) Make a little over three times the annual nominal GDP of the … Continue readin


01/14/2014 14:26:39 PM

In this, the 25th official installment of “Bizarre Baseball Culture” (“Rockets Rigby” was something of a prologue), I don’t really look at anything new, so much as look at some things that keep popping up in the series.

Because Nobody Asked For It: Baseball Stuff From My Disney Vacation

01/12/2014 16:14:21 PM

When most people are at Walt Disney World, they take pictures of castles, characters, rides and palm trees. And I did do that. But, as a person with a new camera and a burning urge to use it and a … Continue reading →

The Alex Rodriguez Suspension/NFL Prediction Awkward Combination Post

01/11/2014 13:56:43 PM

Okay, so, I was going to make my picks for the NFL playoffs this weekend, but then Alex Rodriguez finally received his steroid suspension from the arbitrator, a one-year ban, which is lower than the 211-game ban MLB had originally given … Cont

Greg Maddux as a Minor Leaguer… VIDEOS

01/09/2014 17:25:49 PM

Thanks Youtube! While looking up “Greg Maddux“, I found video of him as a 19-year-old in 1985 with the Peoria Chiefs. THREE VIDEOS OF IT, to be exact. So, while I haven’t watched these yet, here are all three, for … Continue r

My hypothetical HoF ballot: The Justifications

01/08/2014 18:55:15 PM

So, yesterday I had my hypothetical Hall of Fame ballot. So, here are my justifications for them: Greg Maddux is the greatest control pitcher of the expansion era, if not any era. He was the best fielding pitcher of his … Continue reading ͛

My Hall of Fame Ballot (if I had one)

01/07/2014 17:08:08 PM

If I had a Hall of Fame ballot, this is who I’d vote for: Greg Maddux Frank Thomas Craig Biggio Tom Glavine Tim Raines Mike Piazza Barry Bonds Edgar Martinez Jeff Kent Fred McGriff Come back tomorrow for my justifications!

Catching up on what happened to some players after some previous posts…

01/06/2014 12:26:22 PM

What happened to some of the people in previous posts? Well…. Daniel Missaki, the then-16-year-old who impressed me so much in the WBC qualifiers when he closed out Brazil’s upset of Colombia, signed with the Mariners and played with thei

Coming Up This Week on The Baseball Continuum:

01/05/2014 12:30:03 PM

So, what’s coming up in the next week? It’s like this: Pictures from my vacation last month- at least, the baseball-related things I saw on it. An installment of Bizarre Baseball Culture Some follow-up on previous articles. A book review!

Football Continuum: Short Predictions for the NFL Wild Card Round (2014)

01/04/2014 10:56:58 AM

Okay, so, it’s time for the NFL playoffs. Some quick thoughts: I like the Chiefs over the Colts today. I’m not 100% sure why. Maybe it’s just my gut. I like the Eagles over the Saints. This time, though, I … Continue reading &

Cal Ripken Scouting Report… when he was a HS pitcher

01/03/2014 13:42:09 PM

Deadspin has found a scouting report of Cal Ripken… when he was a pitching prospect in High School. Check it out.

Famous for Something Else: Vic Janowicz

01/02/2014 12:15:45 PM

Two Heisman Trophy winners have played in MLB: The most recent one was, of course, Bo Jackson. But before that, there was Vic Janowicz, the 1950 Heisman Trophy winner from Ohio State. After graduating, he pursued a baseball career, only … Conti

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