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Marketing With Google Alerts

03/03/2015 08:57:40 AM

Google Alerts has become one of the most powerful building blocks for my business over the last few months. It does take a bit of time and effort just like any strategy, but by knowing how to effectively use it and set up quickly will yield amazing > read more

Aspire To Freedom

01/16/2015 17:58:40 PM

Did you know in each and everyone of us there is the power to aspire to freedom? Freedom from what you might ask… What about the freedom of being able to retire and only work if you choose to. How much better would you feel about going into wor > read more

WordPress Settings and Plugins for 2015

01/07/2015 14:37:17 PM

When it comes to WordPress the amount of plugins and custom features you can do with it can be overwhelming. Each year I like to review what plugins I use and see what basic settings I have changed to further help my blog grow. Basic settings for you > read more

Planning For Your 2015

01/03/2015 18:03:11 PM

A new year is here and if your anything like me you put forth some rather large goals to accomplish. Be it to lose weigh, make more money, find love or whatever it might be without a plan you can pretty well kiss those 2015 goals goodbye! It’s > read more

A Leaders Average Day

12/15/2014 16:13:49 PM

What can I say I love info graphics and when I saw this one I wanted to share it with all of my readers so enjoy! > read more

Keeping Track Of Your Customers

12/06/2014 08:35:20 AM

When running a business online it’s important to know your income and where your customers area. However finding this data is pain stacking and could even cost your thousands of dollars to either hire someone or have it programmed into your cur > read more

Is TSU The New Facebook?

10/30/2014 14:25:32 PM

Over my 10 years of working online there have been a number of social networks that have come and then gone. Many remember me from way back in the days of Yuwie a social network that payed you based on interactions, positing and inviting others to th > read more

What Can Click Funnels Do For Me – The Ultimate Review

10/14/2014 07:05:03 AM

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get hands on with the beta of the Click Funnels system and first impressions where awesome. After spending months building, tweaking, creating, driving traffic and just all around messing with the program day af > read more

Do Most People Get It?

09/08/2014 13:04:05 PM

Over the last few months helping people build their business to the next level one thing has continued to come up. I wanted to share this with you because I have a strong feeling that most people online keep running into brick walls and just don̵ > read more

Your List Could Be Larger Then You Think

08/28/2014 14:44:48 PM

Everyone is always talking about how the money is in the list. While this is true, since that statement was made many things have changed. The biggest of these changes being social networks and blogging. While you can use both of these platforms for > read more

Rapid Downline A Powerful Marketing and Income Tool

06/07/2014 17:34:54 PM

Recently I launched a site called Rapid Downline which is my own version and custom built algorithm designed to show members of it where the best converting and sales generating traffic sources are. Each week the report runs and based on point values > read more

Smart Affiliate Investments Payoff

05/08/2014 16:26:00 PM

Many of you reading this blog are already bloggers yourself or are affiliate marketers. You most likely are making a decent amount of money each month but if you changed a few things in your investment strategy you might be doubling or maybe tripling > read more

Empire Avenue Introduces New Currency

12/07/2013 19:09:11 PM

As many of you might know already that I am a huge Empire Avenue fan. This site has really helped me become more social and make wonderful connections that I would not of made otherwise. It continues to add on new features that are just exploding my > read more

The Strategic Integration Method

10/10/2013 15:27:27 PM

Any business knows that their website is one of their greatest assets. Unlike most assets your website is an asset that continues to grow in value as your business grows. This being said the importance of having your social marketing tied into your w > read more

Social Search Optimization

09/28/2013 09:48:24 AM

 As the title says this post will go over social search optimization and how your interactions of social networks can improve your results in search engines. In fact many cases of live feeds on search engines that deal with they keyword being search > read more

Why Pay For Tracking When The Best is FREE

09/17/2013 13:04:31 PM

Many people end up tracking their results with some type of third party software or tracking service. They use these services for tracking sign ups, visitors to sites, conversion rates and more. Often these services cost a good deal of money and lack > read more

6 Digital Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2013

09/10/2013 08:10:48 AM

2013 is hot with social networks and business have flooded the market to get there share of members to come to their business. Here is a list of 6 main networks and marketing tactics to look out for this year. 1. Yahoo! – Yup Yahoo is starting > read more

6 Tips To Writing Content That Will Be Shared

08/26/2013 12:08:53 PM

This year is all about content but maybe not content you might be used to. This is high quality content that is designed to be shared and spread across the world. Content such as videos and infographics are designed to be shared and done so easily. C > read more

Online Marketing Optimize in Complex and BOOMING times

07/22/2013 15:03:32 PM

You may be surprised but the internet is still booming! Online marketing is catching on more and more as a part time job or a full time job. Every day new companies and small business find some way to come online and start selling their products. As > read more

Creating Social Media Substance Strategies

06/28/2013 09:29:01 AM

With social media here to stay and an increasing number of websites coming out that promote social engagement there is a need for building a strong social media substance that helps promote your business. You might have seen some people just randomly > read more The Social Network For Internet Marketers

05/03/2013 16:12:42 PM

One thing I noticed while on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks is people really hate being sold to. Most use these services to keep in touch with family and friends and really don’t care nor want to hear about what your sellin > read more

One More Power Traffic Method For Bloggers

04/20/2013 12:14:23 PM

Any blogger knows it takes time and commitment to build a strong following for your blog. It’s honestly a full time job along with being creative and coming up with ways to grow your following. Sure it’s easy to set up a Facebook fan page > read more

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