Breyer's Toppings

Wow! It's good to be back posting! Our new team member Patrick inspired us to get back to it and in the process we found this post..

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Breyer's Toppings

04/07/2014 00:00:00 AM

Wow! It's good to be back posting! Our new team member Patrick inspired us to get back to it and in the process we found this post written but erroneously never posted! Our apologies. Sometimes life gets in the way of ice cream! Well, at least in the

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Flavor

04/03/2014 07:00:00 AM

I recently traveled up to Vermont to spend some time with the Ben & Jerry’s team. There are many things that I would like to share with Scoopalicious readers about my Ben & Jerry’s trip but a personal high of my ice-cream expedition was being ab

Scoopalicious is Growing! Welcome, Patrick!

04/03/2014 06:00:00 AM

A few months ago, you may have read a great post by our guest blogger Patrick. A while back, when we realized we were letting a bunch of great events in New York pass us by (um, like meeting Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, for instance), we realized we di

Am I dense? Or is it this recipe?

01/08/2014 21:08:00 PM

I hate to come back to this blog on a negative note, but with two kids under three, I don't make a lot of ice cream anymore.When I do make ice cream, I want it to work.Twice, I have used chocolate ice cream recipes from Scoop: 125 Specialty Ice Cream

Nutty the Water Skiing Squirrel Presents...Scotchy Scotch Scotch

10/27/2013 18:16:00 PM

Tina and I are always bummed when we get invited to events in NYC on such short notice. We missed Ben & Jerry's events with Jimmy Fallon and with Tina Fey. When we heard about this latest B&J unveiling, we decided we need to get someone to this event

Happy National Ice Cream Day!

07/21/2013 21:48:00 PM

I know we have been a little slack about posting daily for National Ice Cream Month. A lot has changed over the years from when we started this blog and we wish we could post more often -- but alas, it is what it is. But we aren't going to get away w

America's Best Cities For Ice Cream

07/18/2013 09:13:00 AM

Does your favorite city make the list? This Travel & Leisure article on America's Best Cities For Ice Cream comes out with perfect timing as we all travel the country this summer and making stops at all the best local ice cream shops. I was pleasantl

New Orleans Ice Cream Company

07/05/2013 22:27:00 PM

Way back in October or November I got samples from the New Orleans Ice Cream Company. Then I had a baby. Then it was the middle of winter and even though I am a New Englander who likes ice cream year round, I thought it would be more appropriate to w

Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Treats!

07/04/2013 14:59:00 PM

If you're like me, you are off to a Fourth of July dinnertime picnic and you still haven't made dessert. And it's hot!No worries! Here's a list of recipes that look pretty promising! Some are quick and easy, others you might want to start thinking ab

David Lebovitz''s Live-Chat + Awesome Tips Graphic

07/03/2013 13:19:00 PM

Total bummer....I checked Facebook too late to learn about this great online event with David Lebovitz, author of The Perfect Scoop, one of our favorite recipe books. The Washington Post hosted a live-chat on all things ice cream with him, and who be

Happy National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

07/02/2013 08:16:00 AM

Who makes this stuff up. We don't but are glad they exist. So yesterday apparently was National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day and we missed it:( I think we were too excited about it being the first day of National Ice Cream Month. Well we here have

Happy National Ice Cream Month!

07/01/2013 22:49:00 PM

Ah...the day of the year we look forward to every year...the kickoff to National Ice Cream month! So the past years we've made a commitment to post every day of this oh so important month. This year might be a little different since its been a busy y

Another Sucre Shop Giveaway

06/21/2013 21:02:00 PM

Last week I was looking in a box of stuff that still hasn't been unpacked since we moved in January. I know, I know...if I haven't used it yet, I probably don't miss it or need it. But here's the thing: opening the box was like getting a birthday pre

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