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31 Days of Orvieto: Day # 3

08/03/2015 01:41:29 AM

Day #3 of “31 Days of Orvieto” highlights the ARTISAN. Our friend Steven Brenner of Cross-Pollinate & The-Beehive has made a film showcasing Orvietano (Roman by birth) Federico Badia, a young man who creates handmade shoes and other lea > read more

31 Days of Orvieto: Day #2

08/02/2015 06:41:30 AM

DAY #2 of “31 Days of Orvieto” is entitled INSPIRATION. Roman-based artist Roman-based artist Kelly Medford is a frequent visitor to our town. Other great artists who’ve found their muse here: J.M.W. Turner, Umberto Prencipe and > read more

31 Days of Orvieto: Day #1

08/01/2015 15:04:44 PM

As some of you may know, during the entire month of July, I created a Facebook Project called, “31 Days of Orvieto”.  About half-way through the month, however, I suddenly realized that many of Orvieto or Bust’s followers are not o > read more

The Sicilian: Remembering My Father

06/21/2015 04:18:16 AM

Originally posted on Orvieto or Bust::Luke Joseph DeBella: 1917 – 2004 As the 10-year anniversary of my father’s passing comes and goes, I have been thinking a lot about him and of the legacy he left behind.  To say that he was my role model > read more

Lollo & Me

04/06/2015 11:20:56 AM

> read more


01/07/2015 07:25:46 AM

*Oops! Yesterday, I accidentally published the following Italy Book Tours review ahead of scheduled release and had to take it down from the site!  For the followers of this blog who got a erroneous notification, I apologize profusely!  Here it is& > read more

Vicolo World War III

12/01/2014 11:48:33 AM

There’s never a dull moment on my little vicolo…. (Read Vicolo Wars and Vicolo Wars: The Sequel). > read more

Book Review: The Gondola Maker by Laura Morelli

11/09/2014 05:28:54 AM

“From the author of Made in Italy comes a tale of artisanal tradition and family bonds set in one of the world’s most magnificent settings: Renaissance Venice.”  > read more

Top 8 Survival Tips for The “Language-Challenged” in Italy

07/24/2014 10:05:03 AM

Tip #1:    Point and grunt. Tip #2:    Always have Google Translate open on your phone and a copy of the “Alfabeto Fonetico” in your wallet. My name spelled out this way is Torino-Otranto-Napoli-Imola. Domodossola-Empoli-Bologna-Empoli-Livorn > read more

Vicolo Wars: THE SEQUEL

03/24/2014 17:35:21 PM

  THE SAGA CONTINUES… (Read Vicolo Wars here). Since declaring war in my little alley things have gone from bad to worse.  Remember the plants that I couldn’t water when motorcycles were parked underneath the windowsill? Not a problem > read more

The Last Olive Harvest in Italy

11/24/2013 16:37:09 PM

Paolo and Elizabeth needed help harvesting their olives. The window of opportunity was closing and with rain in the forecast, this was possibly their last chance for raccolta delle olive. Temperatures have dropped considerably in Umbria and a chilly > read more

La Passeggiata d’Orvieto

11/04/2013 07:41:19 AM

The clock tower bells ring out to announce it’s six o’clock. I jump up, grab my coat, obligatory scarf and run out the front door towards the main street of town! No one loves Sunday passeggiata (evening stroll) more than I do!   All over Italy > read more

Artist Kelly Medford is Taking It To The Streets

09/04/2013 15:29:05 PM

It goes without saying that painters of landscapes love the out of doors, but for one American-turned-Roman resident, Plein air painting isn’t only a passion it’s a way of life. Riding around the Eternal City on her “tricked out” bicycle R > read more

Vicolo Wars

08/05/2013 15:22:00 PM

I live on a quiet little vicolo (alley) just off the main piazza in town. It’s very private – the entrance to my apartment is the only one on the lane. No cars are allowed to drive down this street, however, foot traffic, motorcycles and scoo > read more

Don’t Call Me “Expat”

07/26/2013 11:34:30 AM

I don’t like the word “Expat” –  it feels exclusionary, divisive and, dare I say it, a bit elitist.  I never liked being a member of a clique in school either, preferring to spread myself around, hopping from one social and ethic circle > read more

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